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zomg so gewddd

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That looks yummy!!!  I am a "bar" fanatic since I like foods I can grab when I'm on the fly. How many calories are in it??

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380! I'm not really counting calories at the moment, it's just so tasty :O

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I don't count calories either.  In fact, the more the merrier since I have trouble keeping weight on. That's a decent amount for one bar, right up my alley. I'll have to look for them now!

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Grrrrrrr..... mad.gif

Originally Posted by SassyAuburn View Post

..... I have trouble keeping weight on.



smiletongue.gif LOL!

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I know, I know..... I get NO sympathy from my friends. In fact, they will hate on me when I post Facebook status updates that I'm eating brownies or Devil Dogs or some kind of naughty food.


**sigh**  No love for the "skinny bitch".   sadno.gif



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