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How much money do you spend on your hair ?

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I found out that some people spent whole lotta money on hair maintenance!

I use some cheap dandruff shampoo, wash my hair twice a week.
My sister does the haircutting(3-5 inches every 3 months) !  I have some 2 year old comb! 
I have become careless about the hair, i'm too lazy to use my comb.
The winter is coming guess i should hold on with getting a big haircut! 


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I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to hair in terms of $$$.  I cut and colour my own hair.  I've been doing this since I was 13 and my sister was 12.  We'd do each other's hair.  I make my own styling wax.  I also make my own liquid castile soap which I use once a week and I use a suped up cleansing conditioner with added sweet almond oil, rosemary extract and chamomile hydrosol.  My brush is about 5 years old now. 



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Wow i thought my brush was old :D 

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I clean it, it works and why buy a new one?  I have one of those things that scoop the hair out, wash it with soap and hot water.  Oddly enough I keep looking and buy new brushes but end up going back to that one.  I end up not liking them, my kids scoop the new ones and they end up in some black hole of brushes. 

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When I was highlighting it, could be up to $250 at the salon.  Haircuts up to $90.  That's when I had a job.   Now that I just finished college with huge debt, no job, and because of taking the pill my hair is thinner than usual, I haven't even had a haircut in a year and slowly getting back to my natural color.  My Chi serum has lasted me the past 4-5 years, and not even half way through, and I buy huge bottles of Redken shampoo and conditioner...I do have Sedu blowdryer and straighter (2nd one) which were the most expensive tools ever for me...I guess all in all I spend a lot, but it doesn't look like it right now because of the bad shape its in.

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I use to pay a low amount but realized it was just not upto my standards and it was not even worth the amount I was paying.  They did a really bad job and it did not look the way I wanted it to.  So I did some digging and found places that charged about $35-40 but it included wash, cut, and blowdry.  That is what I found Ontario and went with that.


When I moved from Ontario to Manitoba, I found a salon that charged the same ($35-40 intermediate hairstylist) which included wash, cut, blowdry and straightening.  I find that paying that much is better than paying less.  If you can pay a little more to acheive better results and make your hair look better and have the look you want is much much better.

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I've never colored my hair before so I thankfully don't have to pay for much upkeep. I just get a cut every 3-4 months which runs me about $50. And I just get drugstore shampoo/conditioner.

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I will purchase appliances if they break down, but I don't buy expensive ones and they usually last a few years for me. When I used to have much more money, cuts and color were around 200 every few months or so. Now that I am poor I spend about 80 dollars on one good hair cut a year before my birthday and no more coloring because of cost. I have colored it at home but its not the same as a good pro job.

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Cut & colour I have done professionally, and I go every 5-6 weeks.
I buy salon brand shampoo, but I usually buy the big 1L bottles at Marshall's or Winners.
I use Yes to Carrots! pampering conditioner, usually buy on sale or on Optimum Points promotion at Shoppers.
I buy the Neutrogena Anti-Residue at drugstores, but a bottle of that lasts at least 6 months.
I do buy my hair mask (Biolage Hydrotherapie balm), leave-in (It's a 10!) and heat protectant (CHI Silk Infusion) at full-price, but those all last forever.

I have pretty fine hair, and it's naturally pretty straight, so I don't actually own a flat-iron. I'm hoarding Optimum Points until I can get a T3 blow-dryer, and just pay the tax, but I'm using a Con-Air right now that works fine. Combs... I'm using one from the Ethnic section that I bought for $6.99 (love 'em so much I have 3!) and I usually just buy brushes from Sally's.
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I'm pretty low maintenance actually. Neutral shampoo i bought on a promotional discount so i'm stocked until next year, a bottle of a strong nourishing oil for my lengths and weekly masks, and a heat protectant for winter. all of these products last a few months.

I have fine damaged hair, so i don't own any other hot tools than my blowdryer.

My biggest expense is the hairdresser actually, on average 35€ for just a damage control and haircut maintenance.


i have a round brush with natural bristles that my parents donated to me, and it's at least a dozen years old. It's still in very good shape.

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I'm not too high maintenance - I just need some shampoo, conditioner, anti frizz serums, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, defining serums, swimmers shampoos, heat spray....never mind

I used to be careless about my hair until I walked into this fancy hair salon and my hair looked like I was an uncombed Barbie doll. From that point I bought more hair care products and started to care. I usually spend five minutes on my hair - just load the products and go

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I get my haircut every other month to keep the shape, it's 35. I have it dyed every month b/c it has a lot of gray in it, it's 50. Before I started getting gray, I went every 3 months to just trim it and highlight it. I have tried dying my own hair and it was disastrous so I went to a salon to fix it and I use the same person all the time now. Highlights are too expensive for me anymore so I just dye it brown.

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I have my hair colored maybe once a month or 2 and spend 35 on that for a full head plus a free cut, i use dove color shampoo and condition which I love at the moment!! its ony like 1.30 each, thats pretty much all as i dont use alot of products on it. if im in the mood i buy a few treatments or serums.

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Probably too much, however this has changed lately since much of what I buy ends up sitting on a shelf, unused. I was out of conditioner and body wash last week and happened to find both at Trader Joe's for 2.49 each in a delicious citrus scent. They're just as good as other brands that are 1000x the price. I'm very excited :) 

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