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I originally posted Tutorial: How to review your Birchbox for points however that was based on the old Birchbox layout. This thread is on how to review under their new layout.


  1. Head to Birchbox's main site and log in if you're not already logged in.
  2. At the top of the page you'll see the word BOX, click that to take you to your current box and a list of any previous boxes you may have had.
  3. On that page you'll see what your box for the month contains and you can either click on each item's image to go and review or scroll down further for a list of item then click the link to go to the page and review.
  4. Look for the FEEDBACK button. Before it was more visible. If you do not see a FEEDBACK button on your item's page either you've already reviewed it OR there's a glitch. If you haven't reviewed it yet you'll probably need to contact Birchbox to correct the problem or wait a few days. Under the old layout that FEEBACK button sometimes didn't show up for several days after the month's box was in your account.
  5. Give your ratings and feedback then click SUBMIT.


For each review you do you earn 10 points. 100 points = $10 off which you can save and "stack" for further discounts on products. Right now I have - before September's reviews - 240 points and once I review September's items I should have 290 so in October once I review October's items I'll have over 300 points which means I'll have $30 to use at Birchbox.


Also remember, for every referral - those who not only sign up for an account but either subscribes to Birchbox or places an order there - you get 50 points.

(My referral is on my blog since per MUT's rules no referral links allowed.)


Hope this helps you. icon_biggrin.gif