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Where can I get cheap Makeup?

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Where can I get cheap makup up? I am looking for either a website or a site that offer makeup as a reward.

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as a reward for what????

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try cherry culture!

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Dollar stores have cheap makeup.  I was at a Korean dollarstore the other day Daiso.  They had really great stuff for $2 ea.


Rewards programs usually mean that you have to display Store Loyalty of some kind and earn points which entails spending lots of $$$ on what they are selling.  Some Visa points cards allow you to get preset credit cards of different denominations when you redeem visa points, you can use that to get makeup... that also means you`d have to use a visa card for purchases. 

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ELF but if you want it free/reward, I don't know any.

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Elf is inexpensive. I don't say cheap cuz that implies not good . I have used a lot of elf and like it. A great make up for the price. You can get it on line or shops. The only shops around me is target or kmart. Online....www.eyeslipsface.com.
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I agree with Elf.  It has the best quality for the price.  NYX is also affordable.

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Try Barry M, product are cheap, bright and cheerful! They still use good pigments, i like their pencils, nail polishes and loose sparkly eyeshadows.

Dont know where you live but they stock in every drugstore in the UK

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I agree with the Elf, NYX, and Barry M. I don't consider them to have a quality of being cheap. They are inexpensive though. 

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Elf and dollar stores - I bought two eyeshadow palettes for $1 each at Big Lots and they're actually quite nice!

(psssst also some dollar stores sell discontinued products at very low prices)

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agreed on those $1 palettes!  I really like those lol

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dollar stores are amazing for finding better deals, I find the little non chain ones carry some of the coolest stuff but on the otherside we do have a chain called dollarama and ir's seems each store has different stuff and I have found great 5+ eyeshadow palettes for a buck!! :)

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I'm not aware of any places that offer Make up as a reward, other then what diva was talking about. Also, if you're looking for freebies you can get bonus' when buying things. I always hear ads on the radio saying "if you buy x amount of clinique products at sears you get a bonus pack with a retail value of x".


If your looking for good bang for your buck, try eBay. You can get 120 eyeshadow palettes for less then $15 including shipping. I just bought a 28 color blush palette and it was under 9$ with free shipping.

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 Another great place to get inexpensive  make up brushes, and tons of namebrand cosmetics such as stila and smashbox, is www.thevanityshoppe.webplusshop.com  Nothing costs more than 15 dollars, and there is free shipping on every order.

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