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MAC vs. Sephora

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MAC or Sephora?

Which store do you prefer based on cosmetics selection and customer service?

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 I like both actually. Mac is kinda my first choice, but if they dont have what im looking for I'll go to Sephora. I find customer service at both enjoyable.

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Originally Posted by stevenjoseph View Post

MAC or Sephora?

Which store do you prefer based on cosmetics selection and customer service?

Cosmetic selection: Sephora as they carry not only their own line but other lines as well.


Customer service: Sephora, I've been to two in Las Vegas and of course the one in my town and each time I go in I get excellent service. At MAC I'm typically ignored.


Quality: Sephora cosmetics or MAC, MAC's shadows are better but everything else is equal. I don't buy Sephora shadows and I don't by MAC shadows or any other MAC products due to the cost. I'll stick with Urban Decay, LORAC, Kat Von D, Wet 'n' Wild, Coastal Scents and Fyrinnae for shadows.



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I think I prefer Sephora because you're not limited to 1 brand.  You get a much wider variety.  As for customer service I've never been to an actual MAC store but I did wander into the MAC section in Macy's and was completely ignored.

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I am devoted to....BOTH!!! I am a MAC addict and a MAC Pro, but sometimes I need to venture out...and MAC's primers for lips and eyes just do not suit me, so I go to Sephora because I can get primers by other companies that are better than what MAC offers for my needs....


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MACs quality has been slowly going down hill lately so I've been trying other brands more. LOVE Make Up For Ever at Sephora!  Their #92 matte purple is the most amazing purple on the market.  MUFE eyeshadows blend so incredibly well too.  Love their Aqua Creams and Aqua Liners but VERY disappointed that their highly anticipated Smoky Palette isn't going to be released in the US afterall.  Urban Decay eyeliner pencils are great too and I can't live without UDPP.

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I love MAC lipsticks,eyeshadows and many of their products but I hate the wannabe makeupartists who work there. My pet peeve are biddies who try to force their opinion on you. Alot of my darker skinned/lighter skinned african american friends said each time when they go to mac they always recommend NC45! as if all black people are to use that foundation! When you go to mac, you better know what youre buying and doing! they get intimadted when they see your face look perfection! but when you dunno what you want or what suits you..thats how they play with you. Get you some muddy/dark/orangey foundation or push thier horrible makeup skills on you.

I do makeup professioanlly, so I see through them. They dont phase me.


Sephora is great when it comes to variety but they still have biddies working the counters! AGAIN, you have to know what you wan tand what you like on yourself If youre there for a certain foundaion..GET IT! dont go there not knowing what to do! I just laugh to myself when I see some poor soul ask them what looks best on them.

Of course I dont wanna generalize, but the ones I see..are despicable. I dont even know how they got hired.

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I like both Sephora and MAC as I buy different things from each of them. I agree with the fact that some artists don't know much, but there are some knowledgeable ones at both. I find that in a lot of cases, caucasian (sorry no racism intended) girls recommend the wrong shades for me, so I tend to look out for the asian sales associates.


One of the artists at MAC recommended me the studiofix fluid and I have to admit it's my favorite and HG foundation, but I have heard that with that foundation, it's a hit or miss. The asian sales associate recommended the perfect shade for me, but I forgot my wallet that day. Next day I go back, a different artist matches me and gives me a shade too dark. Sometimes, you have to find an artist with similar skin tone or type to understand your needs.


Overall, I like different things from different stores, usually I do go makeup shopping with a brand in mind and just have to match shades.

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Sephora all the way, not only because they have excellent customer service, but because the range of things that can be found there is incredible. I love that they carry different brands, its hard going in and getting out without buying anything. Another thing is that they have a lot of items from the brands that are exclusive for Sephora, and they sell pretty cool bundle packs. I do love, MAC lipsticks and some of the eyeshadows, but recently their formulas are just not working for me, and every time that I go in I try to speak to someone and they hide from me, and if I ask for suggestions on my skin, it seems like I know much more than they do. 

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Sephora! Because they are super nice about samples :) I <3 samples! haha

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Sephora! I like their cosmetics brush.

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I get good service at both Sephora and MAC. I find MAC testers, displays and such tend to be a lot cleaner, fresher and well-kept - for that reason, MAC wins. But I do love the selection Sephora has. I also trust MAs at MAC taking a brush to my face, more so than the ladies at Sephora. In the city, there's really only one store where the ladies are consistently wearing well-applied makeup that isn't basic - the mall locations are a different story.

It's comparing apples to oranges, though, really. I wouldn't choose one over the other.
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honestly, i was just at MAC and Sephora yesterday, and I can say that I had much friendlier service at Sephora.  (I actually returned my MAC stuff that I had picked up.)  The MAC girls were really snotty and didn't even offer to help me with anything.  I had to ask for what I wanted to see.  At Sephora, the beauty consultants were all so friendly, especially one in particular who was trying NARS products on with me and we were talking about Illamasqua and how we wished it was sold here.  She was so sweet.  I'd rather buy from someone friendly than someone stuff up like at MAC that makes me feel like I'm not good enough to wear their products.  Don't get me wrong I like MAC products, but I'll be sticking to ordering online

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oh me too. everytime at the MAC counter i'm ignored. 

Originally Posted by Bonnie Krupa View Post

I think I prefer Sephora because you're not limited to 1 brand.  You get a much wider variety.  As for customer service I've never been to an actual MAC store but I did wander into the MAC section in Macy's and was completely ignored.


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I'd pick mac every single time!

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For sure Sephora!! SO much more selection!! Tons of awesome makeup brands, plus nail polish, hair care and skin care?? No contest for me. :) Plus I love the point perks... I've got 500 points and I'm just waiting for the perfect 500 point perk to come in store for me to snap it up!

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I agree actually Sephora has so much more choice! Used to love mac but i've realised how good sephora is!

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Though Sephora has bigger collection of products I would choose MAC because I have been a fan of them for a long time.

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Sephora all around!  I had a MAC phase, but after trying so many other great brands I realize it's more of a status symbol then anything.  The eyeshadows lack good pigment imo.

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I find each place has it's pros and cons. I can't say anything about service because that's on an employee by employee basis and is different from store to store. I find my self in Sephora more often, as that store encourages me to look around and see what is available and try new things. Going into MAC there might be a single display of the seasonal product, but everything else is pretty much the same. 


Though I couldn't live without my MAC Studio Tech foundation...

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I go to Sephora more, because it is bigger and has way more variety to choose from. I tend to only go to MAC when they have something new I want to buy. I like both places though.

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I really like both, but I definitely would have to go with Sephora. I love the variety and the girls that work at mine are so sweet and helpful!

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I would've said MAC, but I prefer Sephora. The associates at the MAC free standing store here, ignor you if you're not a fashion model, or hold a MAC pro card...This is Kansas City, there;s no reason for that. At Sephoras you're not stuck on one brand. I prefer Sephora's brushes by far. I still go to the MAC counter, and buy eye shadow if I run out of a color I use. At Sephoras I'm treated very well. 

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i love mac brushes, but the associates are pretty snooty. i do my research first, then buy from mac. as for sephora, i get to meander and play with everything. so if i had topick, sephora would be the winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!!!

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I cant say much about MAC because i dont own or tried anything from them before due to their high prices on stuff but i love Sephora a lot. There are so many things to choose from. Someday i will buy something from MAC ( probably my first thing will be a blush) but i have too many choices in sephora for less money that i tend to spend my makeup money in Sephora instead of just 1 item from MAC

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I've had nothing but good things to say about MAC, I know a lot of the girls in the local MAC store and they have always been pretty friendly when I go in to look around. The very first time I went to MAC, I didn't have an appt but they didn't care, they sat me on a chair, had a chat with me about what I wanted and went to work on me. I was blown away not only by how they talked me through each step but also showed me the steps on how to repeat the exact same results. No sales pressure but I ended up buying a couple things anyways.


I have no experience with Sephora, I just bought my first product from them online but with that purchase was a coupon good for a one hour appointment with a make up artists at Sephora so I plan on utilizing it and seeing what they do for me. 


Should be an fun time! :)

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As for make up prices, they are both pretty much the same, quality also. I love the MAC counter at Nordstroms. Those girls are amazing.

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Easy, Sephora! I like some Mac products but Sephora has so much more variety, sales, samples, & it's not limited only to cosmetics. I like some Mac but if forced to choose, Sephora.
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You can't beat MAC for their pro program. Sephora doesn't offer any pro discounts, but if I need something quick it is great. 

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Originally Posted by MkpArtist View Post

You can't beat MAC for their pro program. Sephora doesn't offer any pro discounts, but if I need something quick it is great. 

The only bad part about that is that not everyone can qualify for the Mac Pro program.


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