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Urban Decay Naked 2 (OFFICIAL)

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Rumor has it that there will be Naked 2 palette coming soon. Some sites are reporting it as coming as soon as December 1 and others stating not until 2012. No official word from Urban Decay on if there is a Naked 2 palette coming out or not.

Below the page cut are two of three pictures that I've seen online at Facebook and on another makeup forum. I do not know who took the pictures, if the palette in the picture is legitimate or a fake or when the picture was taken. I obtained these images from a Lockerz page under the user Helene who looks to be located in Brazil. Whether or not she took the photos or obtained them from someone else I do not know. So until there is official confirmation from Urban Decay take what you're about to see with a grain of salt.


naked 2 palette cover.jpgnaked 2 palette inside.jpg


Left to right:

  • Foxy
  • Half Baked
  • Bootycall
  • Chopper
  • Tease
  • Snakebite
  • Suspect
  • Pistol
  • Verve
  • YDK
  • Busted
  • Blackout


Retail: Unknown, possibly between $48 and $55.

Comes with a mini lip gloss.


Update: 11/28/11 - Urban Decay has semi-officially announced it on Twitter that NAKED2 will be coming out on December 1. On top of it as other members (see replies below) have mentioned as of 11/28/11 UD has plastered a huge banner on their website and via email about "something new" coming December 1. Well we all know it's NAKED2 that's coming! So have those credit/debit cards handy folks because it's going to be a fight getting your hands on one (or two).

More info will be posted on if there are any quantity limits along with the official price.

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If it is real, then what's the difference between the two?

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Hmmm, interesting. It will be nice if they do come out with a second, who knows how real the pictures are though.

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The only thing I like about this is the packaging....much better than the current 1

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Originally Posted by 13Bluestar97 View Post

If it is real, then what's the difference between the two?

*IF* it is real the differences are as follows:


  1. The original Naked kit came with a dual ended eyeliner (later changed to a single ended brush) and mini primer. New Naked won't have the mini primer but will have a mini gloss and a DUAL-ENDED BRUSH.
  2. Original price was $44 until the liner was changed for the brush at which time the price increased to $48. No idea if there will be a price increase if Naked 2 is legit.
  3. Colors.

    Naked (left to right): Virgin • Sin • Naked • Sidecar • Buck • Half Baked • Smog • Darkhorse • Toasted • Hustle • Creep • Gunmetal
    Naked 2 (left to right): Foxy • Half Baked • Bootycall • Chopper • Tease • Snakebite • Suspect • Pistol • Verve • YDK • Busted • Blackout

    Only Half Baked would make a return in Naked 2.

  4. Casing. Original has a cardboard case, the new one a metal case.



img_1822.jpgnaked 2 palette inside.jpg

Original NAKED (with dual end pencils) vs NAKED 2


img_1819.jpgnaked 2 palette cover.jpg

Original exterior cover (in full packaging case) vs NAKED 2 (in full packaging)

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I like how it looks like it's in a tin because my velvety case gets dust on so easily & it sucks since I'm allergic to dust. >.> The colors seem way too similar to the first one though, although it IS another neutral palette&this may be a rumored one.

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If it is real I will be buying it. I have eleventy billion neutrals, which surely is not enough for just 1 woman. ;)

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Talk on other forums and on Facebook indicates it is a legit item. Question now becomes when will it be released?

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I want it!  :-P

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Originally Posted by zadidoll View Post

Talk on other forums and on Facebook indicates it is a legit item. Question now becomes when will it be released?


I did a bit of Googling, and what I did find was that Urban Decay confirmed the palette and it has a December 1 release. I would like to know about when and where it will happen, as I am sure it will be a race to get it.

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I've been reading on other sites that as well. According to what I read Eric Jimenez, a Hollywood MUA, announced it at some event but no one has been able to provide proof (video, press release) of official UD statement. I'm now pretty sure it's not a hoax but at the same time I still would like to see official word. UD hasn't answered questions about it on their wall.

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Uggghhhhh....another Naked palette. Didn't like the last one at all especially the Primer Potion, returned it, so I sure won't be buying this one. Why don't they re-release Book of Shadows 2? I love the shades in that one! Or an Xmas box type thing like IT Cosmetics is doing again this year. THAT was worth buying, and I did last year. Tons of eye shadows - matte and shimmer with a good variety of colors - lots of lip products, full sized blushes/highlighters/contourers AND tester sized Bye Bye Undereye concealers for all skin tones PLUS brushes. Although the brushes are pathetic. And it comes in a gorgeous silver gift box with a flip open mirrored lid, flip down sides full of product as well as a drawer, which I put my most often used eye shadow brushes in. All for only $59! Exactly the same price as last year. I haven't yet tried anything from Urban Decay that has really wowed me.
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Just to give you an idea of where these colors were last seen in recent palettes (or if available as individual shadows) here is a table of each color and the palette it can be found in.


  83930_cowboyjunkieset.jpg 84050_rollergirlpallete.jpg 91522_blackpalette.jpg 91550_midnightemergency.jpg 91661_bookofshadows_iv.jpg 91663_nakedbrush.jpg 91669_15yearshadowtin.jpg deluxeshadowbox.jpg eyeshadowammoshadowbox.jpg sustainableshadowbox.jpg veganpalette.jpg individual+eyeshadow.jpg
Half Baked           X           X
Chopper                 X     X
Suspect   X                    
Verve   X                    
YDK                       X
Blackout             X          


Five Six of the 12 colors in NAKED 2 are not available and out of the remaining 7 six shadows only three are available for sale individually for $17.


CORRECTION: BUSTED is NOT in the Book of Shadows. The color in BoS4 is actually BUST.

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^^ Interesting. Looking at the pictures I don't think the colors in Naked 2 are undupeable, but really that won't stop me from buying it. I use neutrals a lot, even with bold colors.

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I JUST bought the Naked palette when UD had their FF sale.  Im really happy with it and now if this comes out, I am going to be too tempted to buy this one when I do NOT have the money for a second! lol.  If this is real, I do like that there seem to be more lighter colors, so I hope I am not upset/disappointed that I bought the current Naked palette when/if this second one comes out.

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I need the shades of Naked and Buck in my life.  I wish those were offered in singles, and I sure don't like that they aren't in the Naked 2. :(  Half Baked is offered every other day.  Do we really need it again?

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You say that IT Cosmetics is coming out with this Christmas-type of box? Any idea what it is called? Have been dying to try their products, and that sounds like a great start.

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i'll most likely be buying it, becuase i cant help myself.... and no longer try lol

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I will definitely be buying that if it comes out!! x 

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I believe IT Cosmetics will have it on their website again, like they did last year. It's a very sturdy box, quite big, bright/shiny silver, came with a big silver bow on it last year, too. It's got 72 eye shadows - I believe that's the correct count - a mix of 12 full sized blushes/bronzers/highlighters/contouring products, a mix of 18 pot lip glosses, the 4 shades of the Bye Bye concealer and the brushes. It's a damn good deal. Best I've ever seen, quite frankly. I've used it more than any other palette I've bought. The eye shadows are very pigmented, as are all the other products. The only thing wrong with it is the crappy brushes, as I mentioned. You should definitely check it out asap if you're interested because last year they completely sold out on the website very early, as I remember. You'll never get that many of their products for $59 anywhere else, that's for sure. It might be even lower in price for the US.
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I love the graph Zazi did for Naked 2, though....I'm too damn lazy to do that for any post haha :-)
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I'm definitely interested in that Christmas box now, but I just went through IT cosmetics' website and didn't see it :( maybe in a couple of weeks?

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this is how i feel right now. 



p.s. i miss this forum :( if verizon doesn't mess up i'll be getting my internet back tomorrow!!!

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Those are really pretty colors and I like that it includes a black shade along all the neutrals.

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If it's real i'm definately buying it!

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I have to purchase this... Common the supposed release date *IS* on my birthday! haha

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I think I'll definitely be buying this one too, it was so hard for me to get the first palette in Canada because they were always sold out so I picked it up when I went to the States. It's definitely worth the money because it's my go to palette.

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Originally Posted by Katie-Gaslight View Post




this is how i feel right now. 



p.s. i miss this forum :( if verizon doesn't mess up i'll be getting my internet back tomorrow!!!

LMAO  hurry back!!!

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Okay, I want it. I will have to pick between palette 1 and 2, then go back for the other one.


Zadi thank you for the info and graph!

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Just got an email from Urban Decay.  "Naked-something new is coming 12/1/2011"  

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