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BEST black drugstore hair dye (black)???

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Hey all, I've been dying my hair black since early 2007... so almost 5 years.  For those almost 5 years I was using L'Oreal Natural Match (3C - I believe... whatever the blackest black was).  I would sometimes get it professionally done when I could afford it.  Anyway, ever since they discontinue Natural Match, I've been searching FRUITLESSLY for another storebrand that I like.

Any suggestions???  I absolutely HATE Feria.  it turned out blue and WOULD NOT cover my lighter roots, leaving them a blue tinge, and the rest of my hair was a blue-black in the light.  I also find L'Oreal Preference to be VERY messy.


I'm looking for a true blackest black.  I'm desperate!!!!  HELP!!

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I've been doing this for years too.  My absolute favorite for true shiny dark black is Clairol Natural Instincts, the semi-permanent one, in Midnight Black.  It is completely neutral, no purple or blue undertone in the light.  Though it is not permanent, it stays better than any permanent dye I have used.  I have used this shade for years and years with great results and long lasting color. 


DO NOT try the new Natural Instincts Vibrant collection, I have heard terrible things about it.  Just the get the old school version. I have tried every one out there, and this is still my personal favorite.  Good luck!

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I've been using Revlon's Colosilk Luminsta in Black for a few months now and I LOVE it!   I have also been dying my hair jet black for about 3/4 years.  I've tried a lot of different brands this is the only dye I really like.  It's extremely cheap, leaves my hair shiny, and it's the darkest black my hair has ever been.   Some people say it fades on them but I haven't had a problem with that.   I always get mine at amazon because it can be hard to find in stores.  I pay $4 and if you have amazon prime shipping is free!   I would suggest buying your own plastic gloves if you are going to give this a try because the ones that come in the box are very cheap and I always end up having dye on my hands.  



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I actually liked having the blue tint using loreal, but the blackest that I ever had was special effects pitch black. I only been able to find it online not in stores, but its a really good brand in my opinion.

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So I found the Natural Match 3C on Amazon... but not sure if I trust it...???

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Black is lot’s of shades darker than your natural color, I propose going to a expert as you strength mess up your hair. Oh & your hair won't look accurately how it says on the box as the model usual hair color change how glow or dark the black looks. hope I help.

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I find L'Oreal to be the best :)

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My natural hair color is black...but sometimes I like dying my hair blue black so that it would look even blacker than it really is. I don't have a particular brand though.

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