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Red tint to skin

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Hey everyone!


I have a reddish tint to the skin on my face. Everywhere else I tan very easily in the summer and get really brown, except for my face. Anyone have some good makeup tips for me? Anything I've tried either didn't help me or looked ORANGE. Eek!

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Do you know if you used a pink or yellow undertone foundation?

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I'm not sure. I've tried looking for that on the bottle somewhere at the store, but I can never seem to find it.

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what colors/brands have you tried

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Try using a green tone concealer because it is best solution to hide the reddish tint on your face as green falls opposite to red in color wheel and perfectly hides it.   

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Physician's Formula is an ok, drug store line that has various colour concealers.


Try mixing a liquid green with a small amount of moisturizer.

Apply to face where you feel you have redness.

Blend well and let it dry.

Then apply your usual foundation or powder over top.

This should neutralize the red tone and make it obvious you don't have any green concealer on either.

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