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Prom dress accessories?

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Okay, so this is my first time going to prom or anything of that nature. So I'm not entirely sure of what I'm doing :P I'm kinda going for that elegant but yet 'look at me!' kind of look. I've already got my dress and my shoes picked out. But I cant figure out what accessories to wear with it. And also, what kind of make up should i wear? Any help, girls?
Oh, and the dress is open back, if that helps (:nightmoves-6450-3.jpgsilver-prom-shoes-with-transparent-rhinestones.jpg

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Wow! What a gorgeous dress!!! You will look fabulous in it!


I would keep the makeup look in the natural tone range, golds, taupes, nudes.....

As for accesssories I would have a look for diamond like ones, a simple necklace and diamond earrings. Nothing to over the top as the dress is incredible on its own.

If you are unable to find anything with a diamond look then a very simple pearl necklace would work.

(Similar to this)



Seriously though, that dress and shoes are absolutely gorgeous! You will have to post some after pics for us!


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Oh, what an amazing dress!

I think you should have discrete jewlery, since the dress is to amazing by itself. Maybe a simple bracelet and diamond earings. 

I would not put on a necklace because of the bling which is already on the dress.

I agree with the comment above about the make up, golds in the eyeshadow would look really nice.


Hope you have a nice prom!



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Band with a necklace, so even more perfectbiggrin.gif.good luck for you

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That dress is very pageant (think Miss America pageant). It would lovely with those shoes, a large rhinestone bracelet that matches the rhinestones on the dress and large drop earrings. No necklace because it's too much. If it was a strapless dress then a necklace.

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That dress is gorgeous!!  I would wear simple earrings and a matching bracelet.

I hope your prom is amazing! ★

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Second the no necklace. Dresses with that kind of neckline don't work with necklaces... 

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