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State of Indiana: Attempts to deregulate cosmetology services

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I'm still trying to find out more information. Saw this on Nailpro's Facebook wall but apparently the state of Indiana is attempting to get rid of the cosmetology board along with the 25 types of licenses available (salon, cosmetology, nails, etc). Basically if they get rid of this then ANY ONE can open up a beauty shop and work.




Why This Is Important


In a report filed on December 16, 2011, the Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee made the following recommendation:

"Eliminate the Cosmetology and Barber Board in its entirety including each of the 25 license types (including 5 temporary license types) associated with the Cosmetology and Barber Board."

This would deregulate our industry, meaning that the hard work that professionals completed to become a licensed cosmetologist/barber/nail tech/esthetician was all for naught, allowing untrained, unlicensed individuals to render cosmetology & barber services to consumers.


Without a license many in the industry, who spent their time and money going to school, will become unlicensed which makes them unable to get professional products through their vendors (as many companies require the person to have a license). To me this is like getting rid of the medical board and letting anyone who wants to become a doctor throw on a lab coat and call themselves that. The products used in the industry CAN cause serious harm to a person if not used properly. Peroxides used to bleach and dye hair can cause severe chemical burns in the wrong hands. Straightening products can also cause chemical burns. Fungal infections can happen in the nail industry. I could go on and on.

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Oh yeah...that bodes well....

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Wow that's insane that they would even consider doing this!!!! There are honestly too many words to describe how bad of an idea it is

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The meeting took place on November 16 with a recommendation made to the Governor on December 16. I'm still looking for the December 16 report.


Final Review of Recommendations for 2011 Supplemental Report of Certain License Types for Health Finance Commission
The committee reviewed information on seven (7) boards reviewed during 2011.  Those boards are:  
  1. State Board of Health Facility Administrators
  2. Indiana Optometry Board
  3. Indiana Dietitian Certification Board
  4. Committee of Hearing Aid Dealer Examiners
  5. State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
  6. Private Investigator & Security Guard Licensing Board
  7. State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners


They divided these boards into two (2) groups; health or non-health related.  Each board will be given one of the following recommendations:   


Retain the Board

Modify the Board

Eliminate the Board


It is the committee’s hope to have the report finalized and to the Governor’s office no later than Friday, December 16, 2011.


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