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Blogs, Books, and Magazines - Oh MY!

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Ever since zadidoll and I were talking about the NEW BEAUTY magazine that ships in Test Tube, I've been wondering about other folks' "beauty reading lists". Obviously there are a zillion beauty blogs (and that's where I go to find out about new stuff, honestly), but what about books and magazines? Which ones do you dig, and why?


For me, I don't really buy too many of the beauty magazines, simply because they've gotten so very THIN on editorial, although I occasionally pick up ALLURE when I'm in the airport and REINVENTING BEAUTY when it has good coupons in it (although I HATE that all of the articles in that one are straight PR releases and boilerplate service articles).


Books, however.....I'm a bookslut. These are my favorites ON TOPIC :)


MAKING FACES/FACE FORWARD by Kevyn Aucoin - I LOVED his style of makeup. He was AMAZING (not my first beloved makeup artist, but who else here is old enough to remember Way Bandy?) and I STILL get inspiration from FF and techniques from MF.


BEAUTY CONFIDENTIAL by Nadine Haobsh - I don't really care for her blog, but this book was great at breaking down then-current items and discussing product realities.


BEAUTY: THE NEW BASICS by Rona Berg - A little outdated now, perhaps, but still a good, basic reference that I loan out to folks who are just dipping their toes into the pretty waters. I liked that it had very simple explanations of topics that can be QUITE confusing.


THE COMPLETE BEAUTY BIBLE by Paula Begoun - Again, maybe a bit out of date, but very in-depth and I learned a LOT from this one, which I still keep around for reference purposes.


And while these two are only tangentially related, they're still fun memoirs that discuss similar topics:


THE FASHIONISTA FILES by Karen Rabinowitz and Melissa de la Cruz - While primarily about fashion, there are a couple of chapters about beauty and the interplay between these two and their VERY opposite styles is entertaining.


FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE by Jean Collins - A fun little insider's look into the world of fashion/beauty editors. Yep, there ARE still gals out there who don't realize how closely tied editorial and advertising are

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I mostly stick to magazine's right now: Vogue and People Style and Redbook are some of my faves. :D

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