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For Sale or Trade: meaganola's swaps (and sales!) from the box

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$10 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale or Trade:
meaganola's swaps (and sales!) from the box

Will Ship To: US only, please


Well, boxes.  Birchbox, Glossybox, Sample Society, and a couple other sources along the same lines.  All unopened and unused unless noted.  


Great trades list (for those without trade threads at the time of the swap) moved to the top!  Fantastic swaps with:  Jennabean, missionista, theredwonder, miss6baby, yanelib27, skylola123, sweeks, Becca8093, wagz379, erikalisa55, heather4602, StellaSunshine, lindsey5039, and cheetachirps!


04/11/14 Note:  I'm going to be completely revamping this thing over the next week or so.  I had a couple of friends go through The Bin where I toss my random samples, and I'm not sure of everything that they took, so I'm taking everything down except a few items that I didn't have in that stash.  I have a *bunch* of fragrance samples in particular desperately that need new homes, but it's going to take quite a while to catalog all of them.  I would be more than happy to sell these items as well since if they don't move here, I'll probably be taking them over to eBay!  Also, although I flit around the forum during the day (thanks, iPhone!), I won't be able to respond to PMs until the evening when I can use my laptop.  


And here we go!



  • Starlooks Infinity gel pot liner in Black Hole
  • Starlooks lipstick in Boss (opened to look at color.  Not used or swatched)
  • Starlooks lip liner in Cherry Cedar
  • Starlooks lipstick in Tory (opened to look at color.  Not used or swatched)
  • Starlooks lipgloss in Coy
  • Starlooks HD fluid blush in Barbie (no shade label, but it's a match for the Barbie I already had, so I'm calling it Barbie:  hot Pepto Bismol pink with no shimmer.  I love it, but I already have a tube, and I absolutely DO NOT NEED a second!)
  • Starlooks fashion lashes in FL13
  • Starlooks loose pan eye shadow in Shiny Taupe
  • Starlooks eyeliner pencil in Brown
  • BH Cosmetics Party Girl palette (opened to look at the palette, still in box, not used or swatched)



  • Starlooks Tendergloss (especially looking for the shades from the April Starbox except for Basic)
  • benefit Lollitint
  • Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliners in Corrupt, Roach, Underground, Hustle, Bourbon, Smog, Mushroom (can you tell I'm on a shimmery brown eyeliner kick?)
  • TokyoMilk Dark lip elixir in anything but La Vie En Rose (have it, love it, want other flavors!)
  • Carnival Wax samples (anything from the line, but especially 1971)
  • blush (especially cream)
  • OPI Black Spotted (apparently only available in Sephora in a few European countries, and I would be more than happy to trade multiple items for this one)





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I am going to leave you feedback from our BB trade, using this thread.  I'd love it if you would do the same!



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PM'd you satisfied.gif

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I am new to this but interested in the prince harvey perfume

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I've only been on here one day, so I only get two private messages a day and am out of them right now. I am interested in your peppermint loofah soap. I have a partial list up, it's by no means everything.....I have tons. But if there is something you see for trade or I'm ok with buying it too. Thanks, Karen
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Urgh, I somehow managed to make a new post instead of editing my starting post.  Contents of this one deleted so I don't edit the wrong thing again!

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Sent you a pmy
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I would be interested in buying some items! I tried to PM, but it wouldn't let me? Anywho, I really want the Mark lip click in petal! Also, interested in Stila all over luminizer in pink shimmer, Color Ckub blue-ming, Pacifica body butter in Mediterranean fig & MOR lip macaron in French vanilla. Please PM back! =)
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Have you found the OPI?  What countries have it?  I have a few overseas friends I swap things with once in a while and can have them look.

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There is a bunch of OPI Black Spotted on Ebay. There is one with a Buy It Now for $12.95.

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hey can you take a picture of the 2 bracelets you have?

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Sent you a PM, lady!

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