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Tips for Glowing skin.

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Dark skin is a bane or one can say a curse for people craving for fair pigmentation. The reasons for dark pigmentation may be many, ranging from sunburns to heredity to skin disorders. Here are some of the best home recommended tips to lighten the complexion and skin tone. A mixture of ground almonds and Oats with honey and yogurt should be applied on the face for around 5-10 minutes and then washed with lukewarm water, to get a smooth skin.

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jaffyon Thanks for posting!

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I find a mixture of ground, unprocessed oats or even chana flour (chickpea flour which can be found in Indian food aisles at supermarkets) & plain, unsweetened, unflavored, gelatin/artificial thickener free yogurt with active bacterial cultures in it is more effective for evening skin tone, personally. Almonds are great for exfoliating - love grinding them myself in a mortar & pestle to release the maximum amount of their natural oils - but I don't find they do much for evening the skin tone, per se. Although they still are very nice when ground to a paste & added to a mask mixture, they don't do much for skin tone when still chunky.

The best yogurt for skin care is full fat, real yogurt. Check the ingredients. A best quality yogurt will always be free of any starches & thickening gums, as well as contain a very high amount of nothing but milk, cream & bacterial cultures. Think in terms of the best full fat Greek yogurt you can find. Even yogurt alone can make a great mask for people of all skin types. Yogurt & fresh, ripe mashed banana, papaya or avocado is also a great mixture. Papaya & pineapple have incredible natural enzymes in them which are great for digestion & topical application to the skin. Once again, fresh is always best. Freshly juiced carrots & lemons, or freshly decocted or steeped concentrated green tea are great too. You can even mix in some dry bentonite or kaolin clay to these mixtures. The possible combinations are endless & are spectacular for the skin. In regards to honey, fresh, raw, unpasteurized honey is far superior to regular, run of the mill honey as all the active properties in it haven't been destroyed by heat or processing. Raw honey can easily be found on Amazon, in Whole Foods, Choices, and perhaps iHerb, amongst many other online & offline stores. Great stuff for the skin. Even those of us with lighter skin tones can have pretty bad unevenness in skin texture & tone, which is one of the reasons I first started creating my own masks.

I think I'm going to slather myself in one of these masks today, actually! Yummmmm!
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For getting a glowing skin you can do this things.

  • Take honey and apply on ur face for 15 mins n wash.
  • Take tomato n rub on ur face and leave it for 10 mins then wash.
  • Take lots of fresh fruits
  • Drink lot of water and wash your face with cool water.
  • Cut orange into 2 pieces and massage it on ur skin leave it for 10 min
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I would recommend trying a skin brightening products. Their are a number of skin products that help you brighten, whiten, lighten and even bleach your skin. Using these types of products can allow anyone to get the look that they want. 

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I would advise exffoilating and moisturizing regularly, as well as drinking plenty of water.
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Hey thanks for your tips

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I have heard that a skin lightening cream called Meladerm works well and I know that lemons work a treat too!


Just mix equal parts of water and fresh lemon juice, pour it into a spray bottle and mist your face with it. Let it sit for around 20 mins (less than that if you have sensitive skin) or so before rinsing it off.


If you do this every day, you should see a gradual lightening of your skin :-)

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Most of this tread advice a homemade beauty tips. Much better to buy a skin whitening products that soothe on your skin type. Much safe and effective.

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Knowing your skin type is one of the most important skin care tip. This is important because not every skin care product suits everyone. In fact, all the skin care products specify the type of skin they cater too.

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This is great stuff! I just recently have become interested in masks I can make myself and all natural products so I really appreciate this!
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Another great natural DIY scrub I use for smooth and glowing skin is:


1 cup brown sugar

1 cup oats

1 cup olive oil


Combine all the ingredients together and apply slowly to your skin, rubbing in a circular motion. Once your complete, wash off and follow with a moisturizing lotion. Super easy and leaves your skin glowing!


Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the tips, I think tomato is also best for making skin glowing. Keep sharing such type of information in future too.

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Tips for glowing skin :


You should use these following tips :

Choker ( Leftover material when you sieve flour)
Pinch of turmeric
Raw/ Unboiled Milk
Few Strands of Saffron.

Sieve flour and extract choker from it. Add raw milk to it. The face pack is of a thicker consistency so be careful while adding milk.

Mix both well, now add a pinch of turmeric to it.

Lastly, add the saffron strands. After adding the saffron strands let it rest for 15-20 mins so that saffron gets completely absorbed.

Tada! Your face pack is ready. Put it on the face and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Wash the face by slightly scrubbing it off.

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I love all these "recipes"! Thanks guys!
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Skin is very important part of body this is the best face mask for glowing skin which we can make at home, Mix egg white and polenta flour and apply the paste on your face. Keep it for half an hour and then massage your face with warm water using your fingers. Repeat the remedy every fortnight for a glowing skin.

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Egg white and honey face mask: It works wonders, trust me. All you have to do is first mix one egg white with 1 tbsp of honey and after this, apply it evenly over your face extending it to the neck. All you get to see is a glowing bright skin.

Milk and honey mask: It is one of the best formulas to get that instant glow. Take a spoonful of honey and mix at least half cup of fresh milk in it. Now, apply this wonder mask on your face and see the amazing results.

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I have Natural Suggestion  Apply raw carrot face pack , by grinding carrots at home , over your face for 1 hour daily. Intake of 10 ml Honey mixed with 15 ml Rose water daily for 1 month,will make your face skin flawless smooth & having natural glow on face.

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Eat properly, lots of fruit, veg, fish etc. Drink loads of water. Exercise regularly. Also you should use a good exfoliant everyday and a good mask or scrub 2-3 times a week and a non oily moisturiser everyday. Wash your makeup brushes regularly and dont use very heavy foundations. Also a nice light bronzer helps.  ( I just thought that what I'm suggesting is an everyday thing and a way of life, where as the posts above are a sort of thing you would do once or twice in my opinion. )   Hope i helped! smiletongue.gif

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There are thousands of home remedies to get a glowing skin. i have some of those best tips that not only improves the color but also the overall health and they are:

1.) Drink lots and lots of water

2.) Eat fresh and healthy

3.) Yoga

4.) Spa breaks

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Thanks for sharing these tips :)

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I believe to have glowing skin you must exfoliate. Dead skin can make your face look dull. I have a video on YouTube which shows a microdermabrasion system that I use. Check it out! It has helped me a lot. I also distribute the product.


Edit: Link removed, video embedded.

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Some tips for glowing skin. Try it:-


  • Avoid all unhealthy foods that have been processed or fried, as well as those with a high fat content. Say no to potato chips, pizzas, greasy hamburgers and other similar bad food.
  • Start consuming vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your skin’s health. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish and proteins in your regular diet.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eliminate colas and other sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages, as well as coffee and alcohol.
  • Water will keep your skin hydrated and flush toxins out of your body.
  • To appear fresh and look beautiful makeup-less, make sure to sleep at least 8 hours a night.
  • Insufficient night rest will make your skin seem dull, tired and older-looking.
  • Sun protection:- When outside protect your skin with a sunscreen. Make sure you apply the sun sunscreen at least 15 min before you step out into the sun.
  • Do Exercise regularly to maintain your fitness.
  • Brush your teeth and keep good dental hygiene to have a bright smile.
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