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IMATS LA: Grande Lash MD

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Grande Lash MD is a company focused on stimulating hair growth. Their formula has been made to work with eyelashes, eye brows, and even the hair on your scalp.


The eyelash growth formula...

1. stimulates dormant follicles to grow hair

2. stimulates existing follicles (which together with the previous effect doubles the appearance of volume and length)

3. nourishes lashes to strengthen the hair, giving the appearance of darker lashes

4. also works on eyebrows


My friend that I was with today (whom recently commented that her lashes are incredibly long) had originally tried to tell me she was using a really good mascara, but then finally told me that she was using a growth serum.  When I told her I wanted to stop by the Grande Lash booth, her eyes lit up, because she realized it was the same product that she had been buying on Amazon, but she hadn't been able to find it anymore.  She was explaining this to me at their booth, and the Marketing VP jumped in and said that the Amazon seller was not an authorized dealer, and he had a better discount for us at the IMATS booth anyway.


They also had an LED hairbrush that is used to stimulate hair growth for the head, but I need to follow up with them tomorrow to get more information on it.


I had a really quick day today (and delayed a bit since day 1 of IMATS means thousands of people pouring in the doors, so it's harder to get an interview when you have 100 other people waving cash and credit cards in their faces! lol) but I'll try to get more info for you guys tomorrow!

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Annelle does it work the same as false lashes?

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nope.  False lashes are a physical item that you glue to your lash line giving you the instant appearance of lashes. 


Grande Lash is a clear liquid that you apply like a liquid eyeliner, and you won't get an instant change like you do when you use false lashes, but with a growth serum, you have to wait for the hair to actually grow longer, so it typically takes over a month before you'll really notice a difference.  (It's got the same idea as all of the other eyelash growth serums out there.)

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