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What is your favorite Shampoo?

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I need a new shampoo and the last couple i spent big bucks on were no good.

A sales lady convinced me to get was she claimed to be Jennifer Anistons shampoo called Leonor Greyl, which i spent almost 100$ on.

I have blonde thin, dry hair that is highlighted.

Any suggestions?!

Thank you : )

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I'm a big fan of Phyto, even though it is pricey. My salon routinely brings in a consultant who will do a scalp analysis, conditioning treatment, and product recommendation. If you have something like that available (check phyto-usa.com for a listing), I would recommend checking it out. I have thin, dry (but not colored or highlighted) hair and was matched to Phytodensium. I use an added leave-in conditioner for extra moisture.


I mix it up with Avalon Organics Olive & Grape Seed shampoo & conditioner, which runs $8-$10/bottle, and occasionally deep condition with oil treatments and whatnot.

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I use two shampoos and alternate. I use a cost cutter brand and Schwarzkopf. They both work great on my processed hair. In fact, my hair looks and feels very thick and healthy.
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I love Klorane's Chamomile Shampoo & Conditioner. It cleans my hair without drying it out, and the chamomile brightens blonde and keeps it from looking brassy. It's around the $20 mark I believe. :)

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I really love the Aussie brand shampoos and conditioners. I never buy expensive shampoos and conditioners. Instead, I put my money towards hair treatments (masks, leave in conditioners, oils).

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I LOVE biolage by matrix. I've used tons of other salon shampoos, none smell as good or make my hair as nice they do. I especially love the shampoo, I use both but sometimes I use cheaper conditioner because I can get away with it but I just love it, it works great. You have to try it. Its like 20 for the shampoo and 20 for the conditioner, you can get it at your local salon or cvs. 

Here's a picture :) 

I have the hydrating (purple) and strengthening (green) one in my shower. I like the strengthening one better, haven't tried the other ones. 



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Originally Posted by lovelywhim View Post

I really love the Aussie brand shampoos and conditioners. I never buy expensive shampoos and conditioners. Instead, I put my money towards hair treatments (masks, leave in conditioners, oils).

I love their conditoner and hate the shampoo though, it just makes my hair so dry if I use both :( I LOVE the way their products smell though

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I don't know/care much about shampoos (lol I have super low-maintenance hair, straight, black Asian hair) but my friend/co-blogger Rykea reviewed Evolvh recently, which was in the October Glymm box, and she had good things to say about it. She's actually considering switching to it permanently. I'm not going to plug her review because I'm pretty sure that's not allowed, but my blog URL is my link.


Also a pricey shampoo, but it's on sale at Coterie for $50 (...instead of 90...). I don't think the $25 off coupon is working anymore, but I think someone had success with it recently.

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I'm currently using Oscar Blandi instant voluminizing shampoo, paraben and sulfate free. I really like it - found it at TJ Maxx for 7.99/bottle. My color treated hair is noticeably less dry.
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My #1 favorite is Fekkai Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner, their mask is great too. Another plus to it is the smell, LOVE IT! :) (around US$22) The next one would be CHI Ionic Color Protector System, it really help with my colored hair. The smell isn't as great, but it does make your hair all soft and silky. ($11-27)

The price is just what I've seen, maybe you can find different prices.

Hope this help! wink.gif

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Oddly enough lately the Suave Almond and Shea. So cheap and effective!

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I used biolage by matrix and loved the smell! Although I found a new shampoo that my scalp just loves - Clear! 

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You want to go sulfate free for blonde + highlights so that it doesn't fade your color. The Ostia Collection shampoo is amazing for your hair type. It is sulfate-free, paraben free, and sodium chloride free (all chemicals that dry out your hair that are found in most shampoos). It is very moisturizing and also safe on hair extensions. The best part: It is not $100! http://www.amazon.com/Tony-Odisho-Extensions-Collection-Shampoo/dp/B007ZSX9FI/ (url shortener removed)

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Frankly Biolage is not meant for me, doesn't worked for me well, so switched to Loreal

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I don't have a favorite one since I use so many different ones. I do like Michael O'Rourke Rock Your Hair (smells yummy), Miss Jessie's products (but warning it has to be used sparingly otherwise one's hair can look greasy from overuse). TIGI's Catwalk is another one I like the smell of. I also like Rusk's Deepshine, I like it but like the Miss Jessie's it has to be used sparingly, the reason I like Miss Jessie's more is because of the smell.

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Have you tried K-Pak from Joico? I currently use this one and it works perfectly. Note that my hair looks usually like a hay ball if I use regular Herbal Essence (shitty shampoo btw). I am about to switch to Organix Macadamia Oil only because it's been few years I am using K-Pak and feel it is time for a change. I am currently trying out the Cherry blossom ginseng Conditioner from Organix that a friend gave me and I love it (but still using my K-Pak shampoo). My bf told me yesterday that my hair are softer than before. What can I say against that?!

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Well My favorite one is which m using these days, Loreal Prefessional Hair Care Shampoos

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I too have thin hair that's been colored (blonde in some parts). My hair stylist's brand in Paul Mitchell so of course they are always trying to sell me that, and for a very long time I wouldn't purchase any of their shampoos because I felt they were overpriced. However, once I got my hair ombre'd I decided I'd buy some Paul Mitchell shampoos from Sally's opposed to my salon, since it's quite a lot cheaper there. I picked up their Tea Tree brand which has some good, natural oils in it, and I used this for a while. I realized (because I was sort of clueless as to what works with my hair) that I needed to alternate between more shampoos since I got my hair treated, ones specially formulated for treated hair. I called my hair stylist up and she recommended the Super Strong Daily Shampoo & Conditioner by Paul Mitchell, as well as Shampoo Two by Paul Mitchell. My hair isn't as flaky and dry at the roots as it used to be and I rarely EVER get build up anymore. I noticed my ends seemed kind of dead, which concerned me because I hadn't applied heat or any products to it, so I switched up my routine a bit and purchased Aussie Three-Minute Miracle conditioner, which has literally done wonders for the ends of my hair, it makes it feel silky and gives off a nice shine, and TA-DA my ends were way less dry since the conditioner was the nourishing boost my hair desperately needed. Before I got the highlights in my hair I used Mane & Tail Shampoo & Conditioner as well as Nioxin, which I actually believe may have thickened my hair up significantly, but since the highlights I haven't gone back to these original products just because the routine I'm doing now has worked very well. I hope this helps, I'm no expert but I can definitely relate to your hair type!

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Organix brand Moroccan Argan Oil. I love the smell. I shampoo twice every time I shower and I put the conditioner in my hair and leave it in while I shave my legs. That takes a few minutes, so it's kinda like a hair mask, I guess. I don't like Organix Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioner. I alternate with Head & Shoulders, currently the Green Apple scent shampoo, but keep the Argan Oil conditioner. My hair seems shinier and healthier than ever before. I used to use Suave and cheap dandruff shampoo. I'm blonde and I don't do coloring or heat on my hair.
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In these days there are so many shampoos in the market but i always like the head and shoulder .It makes my hair long and thick for always .
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I found my best results with a 4:1 ratio of Nexxus Therappe to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree on my scalp and just Therappe on my length.  The Therappe works great for cleaning the hair, but doesn't have the strength I need for my scalp.  This works for me and lets me go 4 or so days between washes (unless I really get dirty or sweaty).

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Kerastraight Straight Maintain Shampoo= Super Shiny and Sexy hair

It's what's used to maintain a Keratin Treatment.

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I love Klorane's Chamomile Shampoo

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My favorite shampoo is Philip B Russian Imperial shampoo. I think it costs $150.00 for the 12 oz container and $60 for the 2 oz container. The shampoo itself is super moisturizing. It looks, smells and is textured like CARAMEL and the smell lasts all day! It is sooooooo good!
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I use the tea tree tingle stuff from trader joe's. It's cheap, but I've used shampoo that costs 10-15x as much and not liked it any better

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Depends on the week! It's generally a good idea to rotate shampoos and conditioners, because they all leave certain residues on your hair that can build up over time. Therefor, every time I run out of shampoo or conditioner, I make a point to buy a different brand and a different scent! Right now I'm on the garnier fructis train, but it's been everything from suave, to Paul Mitchell, to Aussie, to Biolage, and on and on...

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I've been loving the new one from Kerastase - elixir ultime something it is just great!

My hair is thin and dry and this shampoo is just perfect! it's very moisturizing and nourishing.

Would weigh your hair down/make it greasy though if your hair is normal

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I like Suave, Clear, and Head and Shoulders... honestly ... I figure its just taking oil out my hair.. 

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I alternate between two Shampoo & Conditioners: Fixx Argan Oil Shampoo & Fixx Argan Oil Conditioner most of the time, and Royal Spa Chamomile Shampoo & Royal Spa Tri-Protein Plus Deep Conditioner for a occassional change up.  Fixx Argan Oil products run around $20 and Royal Spa are about $13 They both last a long time  I buy Fixx about every 5 months, & royal spa 8-9 months

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