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Best foundation brush?

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i recently just purchased my first liquid foundation from Mac and I'm having some trouble on what kind of foundation brush to purchase.I heard that a stippling brush is perfect for applying foundation but i need some more opinions as to what brand. I own a dupe beauty blender can that be used to apply foundation? i just need suggestions.

*i am willing to swap for a brush!

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I prefer to use a flat synthetic foundation brush to apply liquid foundation, then blend it out with either a beauty blender or stipple brush or sponge (depends on what is readily available). 


In regards to which brand... I suggest shopping for the brushes and actually touching them to see how you feel about them... some people prefer a stiffer brush and some like 'em supper soft... it's personal preference.


I got my brush from Sephora... in one of their travel kits and it turned out to my favorite.


Good luck!

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Ahhhh, I looove brushes lol I use the 187 & like it ALOT better then the 190. Heres why (my opinion)... The 190 is ok for applying but not to blend. I tend to get brush streaks when using only this. The 187 is great for applying and blending, a win win! lol Just make sure you wash the brush before using it to prevent shedding. Good Luck!

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I love flat top kabuki brushes for my foundation! I have a knock off beauty blender that works great too but i prefer the brush. mine is the F80 from Sigma and It rocks!

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I have several that I use. All are synthetic but like another poster said, I blend it out with my sponge. Makes it very smooth and a little less streaky on my cheeks. I have flat, stippling and rounded head ones. The rounded ones I find blend a bit better than a flat one.
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Real Techniques stipple brush! It's only $10, and it's awesome. Honestly, the first day I used it, I got complements on my skin, both from people who see me every day and saw a difference, and from a stranger. I only stipple with it, not the stipple-then-buff thing a lot of people do. I don't see the point of stippling if you're going to buff it out, but your face isn't my face, so play around and see what works.
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synthetic foundation brush with flat bristles 

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