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Wet 'n' Wild: 2012 Fantasy Makers

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NOTE: I haven't gone out to look for these yet so my information is based on what's posted on Wet 'n' Wild's website along with information I've gathered around the internet.


Image from Wet 'n' Wild


Wet 'n' Wild's Fantasy Makers are out in stores now. Back these year are the Coloricon black and white eyeliners (99 cents) along with three Fantasy Makers eyeliners in purple, silver and teal (if I recall correctly last year these were $2.99 each). Not returning this year is the gold eyeliner and instead it's been replaced by a black one.


2011 eyeliners


Also returning this year are the Bewitching Eyes false lashes ($4.99 - $5.99) marking the third year that I know Wet 'n' Wild has released these same eyelashes under new packaging.




Image from Wet 'n' Wild


New this year are the lip glosses but it appears to be that 11065 Black and 11142 Geisha's Kiss (red) are making a return this year from the Kiss of Death & Wicked Pair. If the price is the same as last year then the lipsticks - if full size - should be $1.99 each.


11065 Black vs 12417 Poison.jpg 11142 Geisha's Kiss vs 12419 Venom.jpg

2011 lipsticks.


Also making a return this year from the 2010 and 2011 Fantasy Maker collections are the Wicked Look kits (among the Wicked Look kits my favorite red and black eyeshadow duo have made a return and this time not in a round split compact). Vampire's Mistress from the 2010 line has been updated this year and is simply called Vampire and is similar to the 2010 version (I don't recall what the 2011 packaging looks like). Among the returning kits are the Hauntingly Hip sets, Pretty Wicked cream sets, Glitter Gel and Shimmer Powder but it looks like the glitter gels and shimmer powders are new colors this year. Returning from last year are the four pan palettes of cream face paints but in new colors this year. Once I'm able to track all these items down I'll update this post with more pictures. What I haven't seen from various blog reports are the Witch Craft body crayons,


2011 Wicked Look sets vs the 2012 Wicked Look sets

ADDED 9/20/2012

2012 Wicked Pair

  1. 12484 - black lipstick & nail polish
  2. 12485 - black lipstick & glow in the dark nail polish
  3. 12486 - red lipstick & nail polish



The 2012 Wicked Look sets are very similar to last year's. The difference between the two sets, other than the exterior packaging are in the colors of some of the items. The Siren and Vixen are two new sets while Witch and Witch make a return with similar colors. In 2010 there was a Vamp Vixen look which was changed in 2011 to Wicked Vixen and this year it's simply Vixen. If you notice last year's set and this year's set are very similar if not identical to the 2010 set.


2012 Pretty Wicked

12470 Pixie Dust

12471 Fairy Flight

12472 Meteor Shower

12473 Stars & Stripes


All four are new colors this year HOWEVER these look VERY similar to last year's Halloween and Holiday cream palettes. Last year's Fantasy Makers cream shadows were eight pans while this year it's six pans which is more similar to the Holiday ones from last year... in fact the pink, purple and cream in Pixie Dust is identical to those colors in Tinsel Mall. I haven't say down to actually compare the rest though.


2012 Wicked Nail


I don't recall the Fantasy Makers having nail appliques last year or not, if there were no one in my area had them.


2012 Bewitching Eyes

These look identical to last year based on photos.

2012 Wicked Hair

These are new this year, if not then these are new to my area.  I didn't catch the numbers of names of the colors in the pumps but I bought the mascaras which are:

  1. 12514 Love Spell
  2. 12515 Magical Mixture
  3. 12516 Blue My Mind
  4. 12517 Dark Night



2012 All That Glitters

  1. 12451 Mystical (purple) - returns from 2011
  2. 12452 Whimsical (silver) - renamed from 2011 or a different silver, not sure which
  3. 12453 Magical (teal) - returns from 2011
  4. 12454 Fantastical (black) - new





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I can tell you the glitter liners are there. The lippies, too.. falsies, palettes with three cream colors for makeup/face and body painting.. I thought of picking those up, but they said not to use around eyes. I didn't notice that the polishes had tombstones... There were 4 pack polish kits, though and individual bottles.

I wanted to get pics, but the employees had a ladder and cart blocking the display lol. I had to stick my arm in and snag two polishes really quick!
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Did you see if the body crayons are back? I don't recall if I have pics of the ones I have from 2010 on my blog or if I posted the pics of those here but they're jumbo pencils. The pasts ones were a black and a dark red.

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A black, a dark red, and a GITD, IIRC, are in the current lineup.

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Just used the "Petrified Pink" spray to put a pink streak in my daughter's hair.  Looks awesome, but took all day to finally wash a bit of it off my hands, so not sure whether this will wash out of her hair very easily.  She'd rather have it stay, but I would have preferred to have it be temporary.  Couldn't find any info on the packaging or on the internet regarding permanence, but I had assumed that something marketed as Halloween makeup would have been temporary...


Update:  the hairspray did wash out of her hair, but I would be very careful using it around scalp/hands as it is much tougher to wash off.  Nice product, though, and they have the full line at Bartell Drugs in Seattle.

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I just saw this collection at CVS! I got so excited!!! I also saw that they have nail wraps, like the Sally Hansen ones but they were only $3.99! So excited to try them. 

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The red gloss is probably the darkest red gloss I've ever seen.

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Well that was a fun afternoon. Not.


Walgreens has the display... in the back... and won't have it out until this weekend (maybe). I know they'll have the four pan palettes and lip glosses plus other things that the other stores won't have.


ShopKo had more displays out so I bought a ton of stuff to see how it compares to last year. Looks like the colors are new this year but just repeats of last year's motifs.


RiteAid, least the one I went to, had only five displays but I bought a few things because it was on sale there.


I didn't check Fred Meyer because I didn't feel like driving across town in the hubby's truck as I hate stick shifts.


So I'll update the original post to include the info I have.

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Thanks for going on a hunt for us. I saw a few things at Walgreens the other day (purple lashes, lipsticks, etc) but last year CVS had a load of Wet n Wild Halloween stuff.

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I bought a couple of these kits last month. My stores got a lot of this stuff in really early.


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I bought this kit for my 6 year old daughter and I to try out, they have them at the Walgreens by my house. 

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Be careful with their stencils. If these are the same sticky one as two years ago it rips easily. Hated those stencils.

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Spotted at Fred Meyer (Pacific NW).


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I've already posted the lashes in this thread but here are the 2012 Fantasy Maker lashes.







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More Fantasy Makers. This year's Painter's Palettes.


12501 Zombie Walk


12503 Franken Monster


12504 Mummy Daze


For those curious two of the three palettes look identical or similar to the 2011 Painter's Palettes which are below. I took these photos last year but don't recall posting them on my blog or Facebook but I think I did post these last year here, I'm just not 100% sure.


11336 Ghost


11337 Glamour


12441 Dramatic

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okay, so i got the same color today , and there are no directions whatsoever ! how did u apply it ? and do u need to wash it out after or just spray it in and then leave it ? would much appreciate the help ! plz and thank you :) 

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Originally Posted by sierramonetsims View Post

okay, so i got the same color today , and there are no directions whatsoever ! how did u apply it ? and do u need to wash it out after or just spray it in and then leave it ? would much appreciate the help ! plz and thank you smile.gif 

That's a good question, as the palettes on the above pics look like creme based paints or water colour based paints.

For seasonal specialty items like these (Halloween) for the public, they usually don't include instructions, yet they will print "for professional use only" on it, the theory being that you'll hire a pro MUA for the application. I know... Doesn't make sense to me either.

As for the "how do I... " well, some make-up experience is an asset, but I'll leave the lesson for another forum member to explain.
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