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I am a big fan of the Royal & Langenickel makeup brushes. Their synthetics are amazing and very soft. No shedding and they have a wide variety of styles not to mention they are very reasonable in price.

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I would go for the coastal scents set. Great brushes for beginners and professionals alike.
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I usually reach for my Sonia Kashuk and Real Techniques brushes. The Eco Tools bronzing brush is pretty great for buffing.

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I'm a BIG fan of real techniques. They have a few sets, but if you are looking for just one I'd grab the core collection (it's the gold set). It has a buffing brush, a highlighting/contour brush, a foundation brush (some people say they use more for concealer, but I find it great for the thick liquid foundations I use), and a detailer (use it as a lip or possibly liner brush). These brushes are incredibly well priced for how amazing they are! Also if you just wanted to try out one to get started in the brand (just one brush as an intro if you will), grab the expert face brush. I can do just about everything foundation and blush wise with it!

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I am using ELF set and Sonia Kashuk makeup brush for my client and as per my experience it is best brushes for me and my client.

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I like MAC brushes, my favorite one is the 217 blending brush, it is amazing. I love it! I also have some brushes for powder and foundation also from Mac, however I often see that girls have much more brushes, than just three as me. I found this post about 8 must brushes http://beautytricks.freeiz.com/8-must-have-makeup-brushes/. How do you thing are they really MUSt have Once? 

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I want to try out a MAC brush or two but I am skeptical since they are pricey.  I hear they are amazing, and I currently am using Stila brushes. Are the MAC brushes really worth the cost?  

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I use MAC brushes but a few months ago purchased the Real Techniques Foundation brush.

In my opinion it far exceeds expectation ,I cannot believe I haven't tried these brushes sooner .

Provides excellent coverage ,the bristles are very dense and after having washed the brushes ,I didnt have a problem with bristles falling out .

I've now purchased other Real Techniques brushes ...best of all it doesnt come with a hefty price tag and in my opinion better than my MAC brushes .

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You are so lucky .

I too have the Real Techniques expert face brush and it is far superior to my MAC 187

I absolutely love these brushes .

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I'm not a fan of MAC brushes- I had 2 of them and the black bristles kept coming off on my face- it looked like dark hairs- drove me crazy!!

I personally really like sephora brushes- awesome quality!! Also, I just got a couple the balm brushes and the foundation brush is amazing!!

I personally think its better to buy the brushes separately than a set- this way you can get exactly what you want- I'm super picky and I like what I like.
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Sedona Lace <3

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I second Sedona Lace smile.gif
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I have Sedona Lace too and they are awesome! They currently have an ongoing sale if you decide to buy. I might do that as I really like the brushes so much!

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I have a small (large) addiction to brushes. lol  Right now, I'm loving the ELF blending show brush. I am not sure how I managed before finding this brush.

It isn't like the blending brush I bought a few years ago. It's shorted, and more packed, but not so much that it doesn't blend. I'm loving it!! And, I found them at Big Lots for .95 a piece....Winning! lol :)

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:icon_smil Yes,maybe you can custom or create a one loved set as your own collections

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I love the ELF Studio brushes. They are all very soft and I've never had an issue with loose hairs. The stipple and flat top brushes are my favorite. And at $3 a brush, it's worth checking out.
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I recently made a purchase for Sonia kashuk brushes Im so in love with them my makeup looks alot better would love to try sigma brushes next also Eco tools and elf studio brushes are really good
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Originally Posted by MarlaC View Post

Looking into buying a set of brand new makeup brushes and wondering what the best ones were for the best price? I dont really need the sets that have 25+ brushes, I'm not that advanced.

Thanks!! smile.gif
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Hi , I just brought some brushes from Crownbrushes.UK. They are quite reasonable prices, and you can choose the different types of brushes you want. Not broking into budget, if your a new MUA.
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You can try Lakme make up brushes kit.It is adjustable for all make up and skin.:smilehappyyes:

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I got some Real Techniques brushes and I've fallen in love with them...I want to get the rest of the line!

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I'm totally addicted to my ecotools brushes. I scope out Walgreens for sales and pick up every line extension.  They're inexpensive, hold up very well to multiple washings, and do a great job delivering color. I find them much more effective than my Lorac, Mac, or UD brushes, even! I also picked up a couple specialty crease brushes from Sonia Kashuk @ Target, my new favorite eye brush is this one:  http://www.target.com/p/sonia-kashuk-kashuk-tools-synthetic-crease-shadow-brush-no-08/-/A-10806934#prodSlot=medium_1_34


I've been contemplating buying the Sigma specialty brush set, mainly because they have some unusual shapes. I'm interested in how they compare to the Sedona Lace. I've never seen either brush in person, just online.

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I need a new set of brushes (mine are getting really old!) and I was eyeing the eco-brush set by BH Cosmetics. It's a smaller kit of brushes, but I think it's plenty for what I need. I saw a review in the Examiner and other bloggers seem to like it... so maybe I'll go for that next! 


Has anyone else tried it? http://www.bhcosmetics.com/products/brushes/10pcs-eco-brush-set 

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I love my real techniques brushes (you can find them at ulta). Single brushes range from $5-$10 and sets are about $17.99 or (usually with 5 brushes in them each). Very often Ulta will run a buy one, get one 1/2 off with them. These brushes are synthetic fibers (so they are cruelty free), with an aluminum handle. They can take a beating and they last a long time. The quality for the price is amazing. My favorite brushes by this brand are the buffing brush and the limited edition duo fiber set. I have multiples of these for personal and professional use.

I will say this, MAC brushes are worth the money, they have a lifetime warranty (real mac brushes, not the fake ones you buy on ebay, there is a difference and if you work for mac or have mac brushes, you can tell in an instant the difference in quality-most of the time). Mac brushes are hand made (with the exception of the holiday brush kits, those are machine made which is why they sell them at a cheaper price point). I dont have a whole set of them, but I do have a few key brushes, like the 217 blending brush, 224 tapered blending brush, 239 shader brush, 219 pencil brush and my 168 large angle brush. I love my mac brushes and are usually my go to for the eyes because I love the way they apply and blend product, but there are definitely cheaper alternatives to theses that do just as agood a job.

I will also say this, for a decent starting set check out the ELF Pro line of brushes, though these dont compare to some others, they still work and are only $3 per brush, I think a 10 piece brush kit goes for around $30, which isnt back and very often them have sales. If you can go to a store and pick a few brushes, make sure you look because they are not cut all the same (even the same brush can be quite inconsistently cut between the models, but for the price they are decent enough to add to your own kit). They are all synthetic and I use the detailer brush to clean up around my cuticles and nails when I paint them myself (I will dip the detailer brush in pure acetone, and it has not fallen apart yet and this one I have used for about a year). The regular $1 line of brushes from ELF are crap, you are better off with the pro line, again, definitely NOT pro quality brushes, but still good enough to through in your own personal kit, without breaking the wallet.

Hope that helps and gives you a few ideas. :)

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I love my real technique brushes. I love th RT buffing brush way more then the more expensive Urban Decay Optical Blurring brush ( and I adored that when I first got it). But for the price I can get 2-3 RT buffing brushes. Have you tried the RT Duo Fiber set? I have 4 sets (2 for personal and 2 for my pro kit, one set each for powder and one set each for liquid). Love the RT brushes so much, I can't wait for her to come out with more! :)

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I have a wide variety of brushes.. some mac, benefit, coastal scents, eco tools, urban decay. I ordered a set of real technique brushes last week and omg they are amazing! I absolutely love these brushes and they are so reasonable.
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I know this is a bit more specific, but any recs for a fine angled liner brush? I've been using one from a Sephora kit that's starting to get a bit tired looking. I had recently picked up an EcoTools set, as I needed to add a few extra brushes as well as replace others and while I love their angled liner for my brows, it's way too thick for me to apply my gel liner properly. 


The only store I really have in my area is a Walmart, so it's been a bit tough trying to pick out a new one since I'm probably going to have to buy it online without being able to see it first in person.

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