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SWATCHES -Glamour Doll Eyes!!

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Hi everyone!!


For those of you who know who Glamour Doll Eyes are, you would probably know how awsome their cosmetic range is!! I was lucky enough to discover them on this wonderful site and try their eyeshadows and glitters and now I cannot stop using them! They truly are amazing, I know what good quality makeup is and Glamour Doll Eyes is just that!!


I have been using most of their eyeshadows and glitters in the lookS I have created that I have uploaded in my album. Today I am going to show you swatches of the samples I received. Btw pictures do not do justice for these gorgeous colors!! Honestly I cant wait until I purchase full size jars of all of their colors!! For anyone that hasn't yet tried these I highly recommend that you do..Honestly this company is now on top of my favorites list!


All swatches were done with Nyx eyeshadow primer underneath. Enjoy!!





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Beautiful swatches, thank you. Those warm fall colors are calling to me.

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*Makes a note to order Her Revenge, Cotton Candy, Ladies Night, Pistol Pistol, He Loves Me Not, Chocoholic*

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Oooo! Gorgeous and look at that shimmer!! O_O lolthanks for sharing Amarah!
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PRETTY!!! I'd love to try them all out...

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OMG! I'm in LOVE! wub.gif Show off, Big Brother, Shamrock and Bruised. I need you, 

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They are all gorgeous ladies! It is a MUST to try them if you already haven't! Theres heaps more colors I have my eyes on that I haven't tried yet..but this time i am going to buy all full sized jars :)  I think there are like 92 loose shades available plus they have more products avail...also if you buy sample packs and you like it they will remove the money you paid for the sample packs if you decide to buy full sizes!! How awsome is that!! ahhhhh my dream atm is to own all of them and have them spread out on my bathroom table *sigh*

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I picked some sample bags out of the circular swap box and really liked "graves in may". I have not tried the other 2 yet, but will soon. The GDE site is a little overwhelming because there are so many colors to choose from!

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Yes I agree it is overwhelming! I literally had to spend a few hours on their site going through colors and what to choose because theyre all beautiful you want all of them!

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Those colours are very pretty :) I prefer all those warm colours :)

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I neeeeeeeeeeed he loves me not.

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Dinospotz and her revenge I LOVE wub.gif

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Love all these colors.!(:

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Looks amazing!

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