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Poll Results: Have you liked most of the ELF products that you have tried?

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  • 15% (14)
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I'll admit it, I've tried an obscene amount of ELF products within the last few months:D I was really impressed with some, and disappointed with others. 


I thought the liquid eyeliner and concealer were awesome! Pretty disappointed with the eyeshadows, very chalky and had barely any pigment.


What have you tried lately?  I really want to get some of their Vanilla Coconut lotion wipes...

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I just got two polishes at Target last week and I LOVE them. There aren't any names on them and I can't find them online... One is a black/charcoal gray with silver rainbow sparkles that I ADORE. I don't wear polish much and lately I can't stop myself and this I've had on my nails constantly since I got it. The other is a gold glitter with a larger gold glitter in it. I like it but not as much as the other. For $2 a piece I can't be happier. The lids are hard to get off though and the brushes are small but again $2...

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I really like their concealer, too! Works well, and the price cannot be beat!

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I've tried a bit of elf products and I have to day I am not a fan of the hypershine lip glosses mostly because I hate sticky lip glosses and I find the colour pay off to be bad, I am also not a fan of the eye shadows for the most part they are really chalky and not that pigmented. On the other hand I really love my all over color stick in pink lemonade as a stick blush, I also really love the studio blushes especially in candid coral. I haven't tried many studio line products but I defiantly want to try some more products out because for the money the products can be pretty good.

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love their studio blushes (I think they're actually better than those $30 benefit blushes, but that's just me). but I'm not a huge fan of their eyeshadows.

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I love their kabuki brush.  I also have the Sephora one, but I find the ELF one fuller and softer.  And I agree about the all over color stick in Pink lemonade.  Most of the other stuff I've tried has been meh.

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I haven't tried a ton of e.l.f products. I mainly have stuck to the brushes...

I do have their 100 pc eyeshadow palette and I use it mainly for fun makeup looks, but not daily (:

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The Vanilla Coconut lotion wipes have a very artificial smell...I thought I would, and I wish I can love them. Now they sit on my counter, I guess I'll use them in Winter.

Their glossy gloss are great but tend to smell funny.


I have yet to try their eye shadows because I heard that they are very chalky, not sure about the baked and the new pressed ones. I do love their blush though. I am about to order the HD blushes, but I don't find $25 worth of stuff I want. I definitely don't want to spend $6 on shipping for 2 $3 blush.

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I love the primers, concealers, brushes, blushes, and eyeshadow palettes (some are a bit chalky, yes, but I get enough use out of the large palettes when it comes to color variety that it makes it worth it...and I've always had good luck with them with primer and/or applying them wet). I don't have the budget to buy every color I might possibly want in higher end eyeshadow, so I keep one of the 100 palettes on hand for when I want to play with different colors. I also like the polishes for the price!


I dislike the lipglosses and lipsticks. I like the mineral foundation formula, but they don't have a shade light enough for me. :(



In all, I think ELF is a great cheap option.

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I've only tried a few things from ELF, but I love their eye primer, cream eyeliner, and kabuki brush (I will probably never buy an expensive brush again now that I've found ELF, lol).  I ordered an eyeshadow palette and was disappointed in it.  The color didn't show up well (except for the shimmer, which I'm not a big fan of), but it only cost $2 so I can't be too upset.  I didn't like their eyelash curlers either. 

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Their cheapo eylash curler cut off part of my eyelashes about a year ago. I do like thier eyebrow wax and powder but on the whole it seems that I get what I pay for with elf, which isn't much. 

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Originally Posted by TacomaGirl View Post

Their cheapo eylash curler cut off part of my eyelashes about a year ago. I do like thier eyebrow wax and powder but on the whole it seems that I get what I pay for with elf, which isn't much. 


Aww :( I have that curler and use it daily, haven't had any issues...I hope that doesn't happen to me! lol

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Love their mineral shadows. Hate their mascaras, lip glosses (though I use to like their lip glosses until I began to use different brands and found theirs to be sticky) and I hate some of their pressed shadows (the darker the shadow the better pigmentation). Hate their liquid liner just because of the liner itself being that hard poky plastic instead of a soft brush, the actual liquid liner isn't bad for a buck. Brushes... hate their dollar line brushes, those fall apart fast but it's good when you need something cheap and disposable.

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I love the eye primer and eye lash curler! Also the brushes are good, my favorites are the studio powder brush and stippling brush. I have had them for over a year and no shedding when I clean them. 


What I don't like are the eyeshadows they are chalky and the lip glosses smell funny.

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I love ELF Cosmetics! I was a makeup artist for Chanel Cosmetics for 6 years, my makeup collection is all high end until I discovered ELF. Not a fan of the eye shadows thats for sure but I use just about everything else. Absolutely LOVE the concealer, High Definition Powder, liquid eyeliner, blushes, and the bronzer! I just bought a ton of stuff off there website and cant wait to try the HD blush, some of the new studio brushes, the new Maximum coverage studio concealer. The lock and seal makeup sealer is awesome as well I use that with my cake eyeliner instead of water and it stays on all day without smudging it is just like Benefit's Shellac which is 30 dollars. I also use it to seal my eyebrows, I have really oily skin and if I don't seal my eyebrows they will smudge off! 

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I like ELF, but I agree there are some hits and misses.  Here is my personal likes and dislikes:

Likes: high def powder, lipstains, shimmering facial whip, studio line brushes, defining eye brush (from essential line), luscious liquid lipstick, and the 144 palette (it did have some chalky colors, but overall I have been able to use 85% of it without having to pile it on)

Dislikes: translucent matifying powder, tone correcting powder, studio and essential line tinted moisturizer, and the regular and waterproof mascara duo

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I think the mascaras are a miss, for sure. I love their studio blushes and have heard good things about the hd blushes, but haven't tried. I've got a few brushes I like using: stipple, kabuki, smudge, eye shadow c, angled blush/face brush.. all from studio/bamboo line. I ended up getting double brushes when they had a BOGO promo earlier in the year. The eye primer is good aaaand shadows are hit or miss. I'd agree, a lot of the lighter shades appear like a soft wash and aren't very pigmented, but the darker shades are better.
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I've only tried a few things but I really like their Studio Concealer Pencil & Brush - I don't use concealers on a regular basis (or foundation/powder/blush) but this is great for if I have a spot that's really noticeable since I can just dab a little bit on to tone down the redness. I also like their lip stain in Red Carpet.


I have their 144 shadow palette as well and have barely used it since I got it since I have a ton of UD shadows to burn through, but it's such a low price I couldn't help but snap it up. I'll have to experiment with it more to formulate an opinion on it though.

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  • HD Powder - translucent - want to try the new color ones....
  • Eyeshadow brushes - They work awesomely and they are so cheap to replace, I just keep a few on hand to use for different shades to decrease color cross-over.
  • Studio blush in Candid Coral - Very pretty, natural shade that is not too glittery. Allegedly a NARS orgasm dupe but I have never used that so who knows...
  • Clear brow/eyelash gel - I just use for the brows but it's a nice (CHEAP!) brow tamer!
  • Hypershine lipgloss/Liquid lipstick - The lipstick is pretty much gloss. Nothing amazingly special, but for $1 it's fun to have a lot of colors to mix and match and the stickiness doesn't bother me. Ruby Slipper is great!



  • Eyeshadows - read above posts haha.
  • Facial whip - I think these are a love or hate. For me personally, they are just too glittery/sparkly when applied
  • Concealer - I know some people like these a lot, but for me, blends poorly and doesn't last long. But hey, it's $1.
  • Eyeliner/Shadow stick - Wanted to love this, but it absolutely will not stay on, even with udpp.
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Loved: The eye lash curler, the eyelid primer. I actually like the $1 brushes. And my most loved item: my Cruella de vil palette! I've only had it a couple of weeks but I'm obsessed. 


Dislike: The regular/waterproof dual ended mascara. I did the Elements custom compact thing, and I thought the shadows were very chalky. May just be the colors I bought, though.

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So far I just have a few things from elf. I like the set of three elf eye primers I have. Skin tone is my favorite because it doesn't have shimmer. I like to add my NYX base over it and my eyeshadow stays. I the beauty clutch that has eyeshadows, blush etc. The blushes are alright but I'm not much of a blush person. The eye shadows in it are a hit or miss. I don't mind the ones that don't have a lot of pigmentation because sometimes I just want a little wash when using the bright colors.


I have the oil blotting sheets. I have yet to use......I'm going to finish up my clean and clear ones first.

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The HD blushes and the concealer are my favorites from what I've tried thus far.


The eyeliner pencil was no good, smears easily.

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I actually don't like the eyelash curler. It actually cut into and broke both of the curling pads that came with it so I don't doubt the girl up above who said it cut her lashes off.


I HATED the pink lemonade all over cover stick.. it added NO color to my cheeks at all and looked horrible and chalky on my lips.


I LOVE their $3.00 brushes. They work great!!

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I love their Mineral Infused Face Primer, Custom Compact (holds 4 shadows for $1), Vanilla Coconut Body Butter which is now discontinued (grumble), Studio Blush in Candid Coral, and their Mineral Eyeshadow Primer.


I like their Shine Eraser (blotting sheets), Nourishing Cuticle Pen, and the $1 Eye Shadow Brushes.


I dislike their All Over Color Stick, Shimmery Facial Whip, and Lip Primer and Plumper.

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Originally Posted by Dalylah View Post

I love their Mineral Infused Face Primer, Custom Compact (holds 4 shadows for $1), Vanilla Coconut Body Butter which is now discontinued (grumble), Studio Blush in Candid Coral, and their Mineral Eyeshadow Primer.


I like their Shine Eraser (blotting sheets), Nourishing Cuticle Pen, and the $1 Eye Shadow Brushes.


I dislike their All Over Color Stick, Shimmery Facial Whip, and Lip Primer and Plumper.

They have Vanilla Coconut Facial Lotion wipes now!

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Originally Posted by PurpleStrawberi View Post

They have Vanilla Coconut Facial Lotion wipes now!

They don't have the same scent or feel despite sharing the same name.

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I like their Studio brushes a lot, and that's it. The mineral lipsticks are just ok...I haven't thrown mine out, but I wish I hadn't bought them when I can get something I love for a couple more bucks. I don't find myself using them much. I think the eyeshadows, blushes, and lipglosses are crap. I bought a bunch of the Beauty On The Go Studio palettes that contain those around Christmas and I never use them. I might have thought they were great if I was in high school and had never tried anything better. But even for the low prices they charge, I think these are just a waste.

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Really like:

  • essentials eyelid primers
  • essentials foundation brushes for clay masks and facials...I can abuse them without guilt!
  • blush/bronzer duo - that thing is lasting forever!
  • studio brushes: smudge, angled eyeliner, crease. Firm but not scratchy


Not so hot on:

  • eyeshadow palettes - random color payoff and textures...too inconsistent from batch to batch
  • Lip glosses and blushes in the "studio on the go" palettes
  • studio stippling brush - very loose...not good for stippling on foundation...good for loose powder where you need to a very light hand.


Never tried, kind off scared to, but would like opinions on:

  • studio flawless finish foundations
  • studio concealer pencil w/brush
  • studio radiance enhancer (dupes for high/moon beams?)


Just ordered and excited to try:

  • small stippling brush
  • Gotta Glow (dupe for NARS albatross?)
  • Jumbo eyeshadow sticks (dupe for NYX?)
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I absolutely LOOOVE their cream eyeliner (I use it for everyday occasions). I hate their eyeshadows cause no matter how much product you put, you will hardly be able to see the colors. Their nail polishes are kinda meh. The colors are never what you expect of them to be. I'll say that right now. icon_rolleyes.gif

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  • Studio brushes
  • Lip Exfoliator (loved)
  • Lg Brush holder
  • Small Compact (stored my ipsy color)
  • Essential blending, eye shadow brushes, defining eye brush even though i never use the brushes for what they are intended for.




  • All over color stick
  • Conditioning lip balm ( I actually threw out the product burn the h*ll out my lips and because I loved the container so much made my own lip balm to put in)
  • Essential all over face brush (scratchy)
  • Essential blushing brush (scratchy)


And since I just had the 50% off code I ordered the zit zapper, blemish control power and mineral concealer want to see if it really works

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