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Top Chef Seattle!

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I'm a fan of Top Chef and eagerly awaiting the Seattle season coming up this November. Seattle is  my backyard metropolis and I can't wait to see where the chefs are going...plus I'm envious of their knife skills. Anyone else a fan of the show?

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I love Top Chef, especially when Bravo has marathons! I'm actually going to be in Seattle next weekend! It'll be my first time there and I'm so excited :-) I'll be staying in the downtown Seattle area - do you have any must see/must eat places??

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TOP CHEF SERVING IT... I love that show have been a fan since Season one when 1st chanellge and the chef didnt wash there hands ewwww. I like to try out some of the recipes from the shows. Top checf def brought to life my love for cooking. I also liked just desserts and life after top chef heart.gifFABIOOheart.gif

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Love Top Chef and can't wait for Top Chef Seattle to start.

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Yep, definately a fan and Seattle is beautiful... when the sun is out :P, lol. :)


Theres a lot to do there.

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