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SOYJOY Cranberry Snack Packs

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Soyjoys newest whole soy and fruit bad are a Cranberry bar. According to Soyjoy's website it's all natural, gluten free and contains real cranberries. Personally I LOVE cranberries but my November Birchbox did not contain this so I ordered a box from Birchbox's website. This Cranberry bar will be in boxes 5, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 21 and 28. Do you like Soyjoy? Which flavor do you like most?

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I should be getting a bar in my box on Monday/Tuesday and I'm actually glad to get it because it's gluten free and I love cranberries as well. I've never tried the brand before but I really hope I like this because I've been looking for different types of gluten free bars I can take to uni as snacks to get me through the day.

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I like the snack bars as extras..haven't gotten my boxes yet, but I'm due to receive one. Never tried before, but have seen them in stores.
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Honestly, I never really liked soyjoy bars. But the cranberry flavor intrigues me... I may have to drop by a store to try some... Hopefully target has this flavor in stock, because I would rather pick up a single bar, and try it. If I like it, then I might just buy them on Birchbox.com just for the points lol.

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So I bought a box of these from Birchbox and yuk. I love soy products but these are dry. The flavor is okay - not that great but not bad - but it's sooooo dry. And it's so small. I didn't think these bars would be so tiny but you know what it's okay because it's dry. My rabbit on the other hand loves Soyjoy but still at $6 a box ($1.20 a bar) oh so not worth it. Yuk.

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Years back I had a bunch of soyjoy bars in a bzzkit from bzzagent. not one person who tried them liked them. There was something off putting about them. It might have been their texture. I remember one of their fruit flavors had cheese powder listed in the ingredients, which I thought was odd.

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I think you're right on the money about the texture. It's the oddest thing - kind of dry, kind of moist but more dry than moist. I rather eat a Fig Newton than another SoyJoy.

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