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Help me decide...

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So I made my first trip to the Sephora in our local mall today and have to say I am pretty disappointed. frown.gif


First they didn't sell any Lancome or Laura Mercier products which I wanted to try both of, second of all they had no idea how to help me with what I wanted and ended up giving me items I had to keep putting back and telling them it wasn't working for me. Ugh, anyway...I finally settled on Amazonian Clay 12 hr foundation by Tarte. I'm not sure if I will like it but after reading some reviews I see it tends to work better with people that have oily skin. I have incredibly dry skin....is this going to be a big mistake, or can it still work for me.


Here's what I told them I wanted


All day lasting foundation

FULL COVERAGE (This one was a biggie for me)

I have dry skin, so something not drying

Something that won't show all my fine lines and marks



I had been thinking about getting Lancome 24 hr foundation but like I said they didn't have this. So I settled. Should I try it out for a few days, or should I just go to the Ulta in town and get the Lancome? Which would you suggest with the things I listed above? Tarte Amazonian or Lancome.....or something different all together, I am open to suggestions. smile.gif

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I'm not sure what you are wanting to spend on foundation, but pretty much anything that is expensive - is long lasting and gives great coverage! Some cheaper ones can even do the same (some! not all...). But, usually for me, if I'm interested in a certain foundation, I go for it. So go for whatever you feel like trying! Ulta should have Lancome too. That's weird that Sephora doesn't have it, because basically all Sephora's do. You could always go online and order one if you are good at just eyeing your shade. Good luck!

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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is fabulous... One I'm using now that is just as great is Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour foundation... Beautiful products!

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