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On Black Friday, Origins was offering $10 off of $25 with free shipping.  I came very close to buying two $12.50 creme blushes, even though I don't really like creme blush and wasn't particularly fond of any of the three shades, because I actually do need blush options.  I also looked at their lipsticks, which were $16.50.  I have a really hard time paying that for lipstick, since I have at least an 80% fail rate with picking a good color.  On the web it's worse, since I can't tell a pink swatch from an orange swatch to save my butt.


Then I remembered that I'd found Jordana's site a few months ago, and had put off placing an order.  Some of their line is at KMart and I've heard you can sometimes catch products at the Dollar Store.  17 shades of blush for $2.50 each, around 100 lipstick shades for $1.50, free shipping over $25, and the products tend to get really great reviews.  They've got great nail polishes, too - my favorite nude, Pearl, is available at KMart for $2 and often BOGO50%.  There are DOZENS of glitter polishes on their site!  (Fairy Dust is GORGEOUS over Pearl!)  No Black Friday sale, but still I ordered 5 blushes and 9 lipsticks for $25.86.  =)


If you haven't tried this brand, or if you always think of ELF but forget Jordana, you may want to take a look:  http://www.jordanacosmetics.com/default.aspx

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I bought my daughter a Jordana mascara at Walgreens and she really likes it. Very affordable at $3. Let us know how you like their other products - I hit pan on a blush last week and will need to be replacing the color.

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I got a lip balm and mascara to try from them...both get great reviews. Will update after testing them out, although I have a ton of opened mascara tubes, so that might take a while lol.
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Bought a lipstick during the summer. The packaging and color is great for only a dollar.

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Today I got notice that my package shipped - and I also received my package.  =)  Nine lipsticks and five blushes, all correct and packaged well and intact in 5 days.  Put on the Pink Brown shade to go out.  Very my-lip-but-better.  Good texture and color payoff.  This is the one I accidentally bought two of, and I'm not sorry!  One in my makeup box and one in my purse (or desk!  I almost wish I got three!) and I'm happy.  That and the All Spicy are the regular colors.  In matte, I got Cafe, Natural (LOVE), Honey (a bit beige of a nude but not their fault and when I try it I may very well love it), Terra Cotta, Tangerine Tango and Mystery.  The blushes I got are Coral Sandy Beach (VERY bright.  Carmindy would be proud of me), Sunlit Bronze, Sandalwood, Sienna, and Stardust.  Swatched, they all seem really nice!


Yesterday I was back at the site and found that if you hover they give you a description of the color.  Missed that before I ordered, 'cause I was just looking at the pix.


I'll let you know how I like all the other colors, but so far I'm pleased with everything and expect I'll be placing manymany orders (just large enough to overcome the shipping charge!) with them again.

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I'm really enjoying this purchase.  Around 4 of the lipsticks I don't care much for, or haven't found how to wear them yet.  The other 5 I like lots (Cafe is my fave, Pink Brown is second, All Spice is great for oranging something that's too pink, Mystery and Terra Cotta are quite nice).  They have a little bit of scent - slightly like watermelon. And I'm enjoying all of the blushes.


Their glitters are on Christmas sale at the site for $1.99.  They've got bunches of 'em!  =)  Fairy Dust is my fave glitter ever (of any brand).

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I haven't purchased a lot of Jordana in the past, but my favorite lip liners are my Jordana Easy Liners.  They might help you with your lipstick issues.  Rock N Rose goes on really nude and I find helps the lipstick color I put over it to really pop and be true to color.  I have Plush Plum which is quite red and helps my red lipsticks stay put longer.  Baby Berry is probably the one I reach for the most.  It's just a soft pink, not bright or deep in color, just sort of neutral.  Again it just makes a nice base for pinker lipstick to last longer and help their color stand out.  I would love to try more of their products buy my Walgreen's only carries some lip products and a few eyeliners.  Thanks for the review on the blushes.  I think I may give them a try.

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Now's your chance!  25% off + free shipping!



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They also have a 12-Days-Of-Christmas contest going on Facebook, and you can enter every day to win products.

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I decided to try some of the Jordana products when they had the 25% off and free shipping offer. I purchased two eyeliners, a mascara, two blushes and one lipstick on 12/14/12. I received a shipping notification on 12/19/12 and received the products via USPS on 12/22/12. I like that the products are all made in the USA (it is prominently printed on the packaging). My daughter likes the mascara (Best Lash Extreme). I bought two of the 5 1/2" eyeliner pencils. The colors were pretty (mojito and taupe) but the pencils were so hard that I could not apply them to my lash line. I sharpened them but they are still too hard to use. I like the blush - good pigmentation and it stays put for most of a day. I was not a fan of the lipstick. It is hard to explain but it looks like lipstick is sitting on my lips. Does not seem to adhere well and feels somewhat heavy to me. The lipstick color on the website appears much darker than the shade I received which ended up being brighter and lighter than I thought it would be. The blushes were darker than the image on the website but not significantly. I would purchase the blushes again and my daughter would purchase the mascara again. The lipstick and eyeliner were a no go for us.