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Foundation advice!

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Hey, so I finally started a job & I now can afford to try out a new (a little more expensive) foundation! I really don't stick to just the same, I like to try a lot of different ones! One thing I am really looking for is a long lasting kind that doesn't wear off just after a few hours. Expecially when it comes to work, I work sometimes up to 8 hours a day and I can't touch it up often. I am using Revlon Photo Ready right now & I notice after a few hours it slides off. (I don't really sweat either, I'm just on my feet; walking around tons!)

So any good advice?

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I really like Mac Pro Longwear. It stays all day. It can be a little drying to my skin, so I use with a good moisturizing primer. I like the Bobbi Brown one, but there are others that are good be a lot less expensive. smile.gif
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Oh autocorrect....there are other primers that are good AND a lot less expensive! biggrin.gifwink.gif Hope that helps! Good luck with your new job!
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Congratulations on your New job! i understand at work it is very hard to retouch your makeup, its a nightmare. but one thing you can try if you cant carry your purse with you is if you go to the bathroom you can take a piece of toilet paper (NOT THE FIRST PIECE OBVIOUSLY) and see if you can split it to make a fine sheet and blot your face with it, it will absorb the oil off your skin, the less oil on your skin the longer your foundation will last and reduce it sliding around. 

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Lancome teint idole ultra 24 hour is really good.  I find it doesn't look cakey, has good coverage, and last forever.  It also doesn't break down in any noticable way.

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The Covergirl Olay one works really well.

For me it's high coverage, and when I put powder on my TZone, it stays put all day long and looks almost just like I just put it on at the end of the day.

I was really surprised by how well it held up.

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Congrats on the job!


You should check out the MUFE HD Foundation or the Bare Minerals Original/Matte Foundation. I don't use the MUFE foundation anymore (switched to BB creams) but I never had issues with its wear when I did use it. The Bare Minerals one also never gives me any trouble! You can grab samples of both at Sephora! If you're interested in BB creams, there are a few of those I can recommend as well.

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