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Newbie here. :)

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Hello, all!


I love samples, I love beauty products, and I love my Birchbox. I also subscribe to Beauty Army but they aren't making me terribly happy lately with the selections. I ended up leaving eco-emi because it just wasn't for me. Too many liquid vitamins and not enough beauty items. BUT I know people who love it, so if that's your thing? It's not bad. :)


I have undecided-wavy-not-quite-curly-but-not-quite-straight hair and I've been on a mission for the perfect WAVE enhancing cream/gel/spray. So far, no dice. Devacurl is next on my list of products to try.  If I continue to fail into the new year, I'm going to start blow drying my hair again and my mission will be for anti-frizz products.  At least I have a plan?


Anyway. Hello. :) 

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claps.gif Hello and welcome to MUT! claps.gif


So glad you found us!! There is so much information here and a great way to teach, learn and grow! If there is anything you have a question on, please feel free to contact me or any of the mods to help you out. :)


Hope you enjoy the boards!

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Thank you! :)

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Welcome to Makeup Talk. It's nice to have you with us. Sounds like you will fit right in!


xmas.gifHappy Holidaysxmas.gif

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Ah, the dilemmas we beauty lovers face!! Welcome to the Makeup Talk community! Yes, as Dalylah mentioned, you'll fit right in. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you on the threads. smile.gif
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Hey :) Also glad I found this side :)

I love to get all dressed up and to try out new make up. Hope I found here many tips and styles!

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Hello and welcome! I think you'll feel right at home in the subscription and sampling section of the website flowers.gif

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