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What made you join Ipsy?

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I was just wondering what made you guys join ipsy? Was it a certain Youtube guru or were you just wanting to try out the service? Have you tried out other subscription services?



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I looked at previous bags that had been released and it all looked great so I subbed.

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When I have extra money and want to have fun with beauty products, beauty sub is a good choice.

It's not really a 'deal', or a chance to build up your beauty cabinet because you never know what you will get. In most cases, it's an extra surprise to daily life.


Among all the services, Ipsy has the most (or second most) subscribers. This shows a guarantee of service quality.

Among all the major businesses(birchbox, glossybox...) Ipsy seems to consider more for customers. Though with a $10 price tag, they can't always bring high-end or wow-effect products, they tried best to find good stuff from newly started brand or cost effective brand(love nyx) instead of left overs from expensive brand. They stopped putting unpopular colors into the bag(like green nail polish or light blue eye liners, though I miss them lol). They listen to the voice of customers and added more make up.

It's also creative. Ipsy provide tutorial for each bag and encourage people to upload pictures.

These all make Ipsy stand out of so may subs

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Originally Posted by Maddiegirl View Post

I was just wondering what made you guys join ipsy? Was it a certain Youtube guru or were you just wanting to try out the service? Have you tried out other subscription services?




For me I was a Birchbox subscriber and at the time also had experienced Go Go Girlfriend and Eco-Emi. At that time there really wasn't anything else so I figured why not (I also joined around the same time Julep). That was in November 2011 and here it is a few days before 2013 and there are a plethora of subscription services but only a few are - in my opinion - quality services.

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I wanted to join when I saw the first bag on youtube videos, but there was a waiting list or something and then I saw the next bag, and was no longer interested.  Further bags didn't entice me either.  Then starting about 5 months ago or so, their bags started getting good.  Still held off in case it was a fluke, but finally joined last month for the December bag.  Glad there was no waiting list.


I did just recently cancel, though, along with canceling Glossybox.  I guess I'd just rather use that money for a Little Black Bag.  I think I was more interested in a good bargain, than in testing out miscellaneous products and samples and/or being a *paying* participant in what seems to me to essentially be a focus group for consumer research.  My December LBB haul makes me feel somewhat foolish were I to continue spending the money I've spent on sampling programs. 

Not to say that I didn't get my money's worth from Glossybox or Ipsy (if we want to be technical about it) or that I won't sign up again for either in the future, but if I do it will be because spoilers or something enticed me into believing I'm getting a bargain on products I was already interested in, or if there's a good promo or something.  But there was only one product I've enjoyed from my Glossyboxes that I would consider purchasing, and zero from the Ipsy bag I received (tried them all once, no desire to use any of them again).  I also had Sample Society a while back, and zero products from them I enjoyed or would consider purchasing as well.  

It just seems like a lot of money for these programs given the very little I've gotten out of it.  I think most of my enjoyment came from the anticipation leading up to getting the packages in the mail and the interaction on MUT, and in that respect it doesn't feel like a complete waste, I guess.  But I can get that same anticipation and interaction on MUT with my LBB sub, and get drastically more worthwhile things for my money from one bag with that sub than all of my sampling subs combined could provide.  

I guess sampling and testing just wasn't what I was looking for, it does make sense if you're in a rural area (though, I'm also in a rural area) and enjoy trying before buying and whatnot.  It does seem Ipsy gives the most bang for your buck and the most fun products as far as sampling programs go, though.  I would probably recommend it over Glossybox if getting the most value and trying out fun products (one's you can actually play with, i.e. makeup) are what someone was most interested in getting out of a sampling sub.  

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I joined when Michelle Phan made a video about myglam, coming from a small town with no Ulta or Sephora  I thought this was a great deal. For $10 a month I would get to try out brands that weren't from the drugstore :) plus I didnt know about MUT before so subs were non existent to me.

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Thanks guys for your responses! I was just wondering because I heard some bad reviews about Myglam/Ipsy and seen a lot on their page. I am currently a Beauty Army subscriber. I first joined because of their Lashem (eyelash growth serum). I've gotten some pretty good samples from them. I just hope they start putting things in like mascara and eyeliner. I have gotten lip glosses/lipstick and eyeshadow. They have a lot of skin care items and just added some mens...I try to get the full size samples, lol.

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They had a rough patch for a while but I kept watching the monthly topics about them here, and I decided to join Ipsy when I saw that they started sending out a lot of makeup, and a lot of good sized samples (I don't think I've gotten a single foil packet in my 3 months of being subscribed?). Plus I like that they send out a variety of brands, some lesser known and some well known high quality brands too.

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I used to watch missglamorazzi unbox birchboxes and drool. I finally had the opportunity to do it but saw videos from previous months and was unimpressed. Although I love the little treats and beautiful packaging of birchbox, I like the products in ipsy more...so ipsy it was!!!
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I first heard about ipsy a month ago when I caught a Michelle Phan video on youtube and she advertised it at the end of her video.  "What's this?" I thought.  I have a friend who loves her Birch Boxes so I was familiar with the concept, but what intrigued me about Ipsy was it seemed like mostly makeup products.    The idea of getting "lifestyle" or food items randomly chosen for me just seems not particularly useful, and I'm very picky about skincare products so I don't want random samples of those either.  


Sampling many different brands and colors of makeup is exactly what I love to do, and this seemed like a really economical way to do it.  And I thought it was cool that Ipsy had professionals do tutorials with the products in each glambag.  Also, I LOVE that you get a new makeup bag every month with Ipsy, I have this thing for small, cute bags (which the December glambag definitely was adorable).


In a nutshell, I love makeup, and I love cute little makeup bags!

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I actually *do* live in a city with Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy's, Ulta, and a few more great options, but that's part of the problem:  I have a history of buying a *lot* of makeup that I never quite get around to wearing.  I would go on a shopping spree, get something, wear it a couple of weeks, and then go on another shopping spree.  Each shopping spree would run around $200 every week or two (I had a much higher income at the time).  I threw out thousands of dollars' worth of cosmetics-type stuff (makeup, Lush stuff, lotion, etc.) when I moved four years ago (it was a very traumatic move, and I needed to purge my life of a lot of *stuff*) and didn't wear any makeup beyond nail polish and the occasional lipstick/gloss until this past fall.


So.  Now I use these subs as a replacement for my sprees, and ipsy injects a little bit more makeup in there than the other subs.  It might not be all makeup every month, but that's fine with me because variety is good, and if I get makeup for three months in a row, I am usually looking forward to getting something non-makeup and more body-oriented, which usually triggers a Lush shopping spree, and that gets *really* expensive *really* quickly.

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At the time I was subbed to bb & glossybox. I was stalking all the forums on this site to see all the different subs and their boxes. My glam had great bags from the 1 I saw so I decided to be put on the wait list - my name came up in 3-4 weeks & I've been subbed ever since. My first month was September & they've all been awesome- best product so far for me was the mirenesse lip bomb
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Originally Posted by meaganola View Post

Now I use these subs as a replacement for my sprees, and ipsy injects a little bit more makeup in there than the other subs. 


I couldn't have put it any better meaganola rolleyes.gif Though I'm still a newbie when it comes to the plethora of makeup products out there, I'm uncontrollable when you put me in a mall... sooo in order to satisfy my curiosity in all things beauty & to not go completely broke, I figured a subscription would be my best bet.


I've actually just recently subb'd so I haven't yet gotten my first bag, hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

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I joined last February from all the hype, and endured half a year of mediocrity before they started to get better. They really take consumer input to heart! I love how they've reinvented themselves :).

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I looked around at the different subscription services and this one was one of the lower cost ones and also seemed to be the only one in that range that had only beauty products and not other things. I thought/hope it would be a nice way to get some make-up samples of things to try since I am still very experimental. January will be my first month. Unfortunately it seems a lot of people have complained and looks like there will be no make-up this month. I really hope there is some make-up in the next two bags as I am giving it a 3 month trial. Not sure what I will try if this one does not work out. I really like the idea because I think it will satisfy my cravings to buy products and will probably save me some money. We will see ^_^

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I was looking into learning more about make up/ beauty products and found this forum. I have never heard of subscription boxes and from reading from everyone here I choose to try out Ipsy and I'm still waiting to hear back from Birch Box for a subscription. I'm super excited to see what I get for my first Ipsy bag!!

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I subscribed cuz of the price and I just saw how much they boosted the quality of their boxes!!

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Hey, here's a review of Ipsy since December 2011!  I think it's a clever idea for reviewing a subscription company since its inception.  She reviews a lot of the products that she got and I think for the price, Ipsy/MyGlam sent a ton of great cosmetics over the course of a year. 


Here's the link:  to her video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFM7yXcINh0


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I joined Ipsy, Beauty Army, and Allure Sample Society. I wanted to see which was best. So far, I can't tell, but Ipsy is probably the most generous with sample sizes. Ipsy also comes in a cool shiny hot pink wrapper, and gives you a free makeup bag with each order. It's definitely worth the money.smile.gif

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I used to be on Facebook, where I was a member of a candle lovers group. A few ladies in there had sub boxes, and one of them had posted her ipsy bag, before name change. It was still in its rough patch, but I still was intrigued by the idea of a surprise makeup bag in the mail. I researched to find out what the previous bags had been and I loved them all -- for 10 dollars, it's the perfect starter sub I think. It's only gotten better and better in my opinion!

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One of my sorority sisters is subscribed to it, as well as a few other beauty subs, and she recommended trying them. I didn't want to join too many subs, so I figured I'd just pick one, based on what I read about them.


I narrowed it down to ipsy/MyGlam and Birchbox. I saw reviews of the October 2012 bag and saw how much they've changed from their earlier bags, so that convinced me to join. Over the past year, ipsy's grown a lot and have improved greatly from their earlier mistakes. From what I read about Birchbox, it's extremely hit or miss.


November's bag was my first and I don't regret joining at all. I can actually use everything I've gotten more than once and has gotten even better since. The products are things I could actually buy full size versions of and everything is completely beauty related.


have no use for food or random lifestyle items in a beauty sub, which I actually didn't know Birchbox had those items besides beauty, until I actually read reviews of other people's boxes. I still look at Birchbox reviews and what they're getting pales in comparison to ipsy.

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My sister is a member of a lot of subscription services, and she told me Ipsy is by far her favorite.  I totally agree- they haven't disappointed me at all!

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The Pink Sith did a review on her December Ipsy bag and she's pretty picky about her subscription services.  She gave it a great review and I figured for $10 you can't really go wrong.  Plus they have urban decay products which I love.  I'm also really excited for the Josie Maran products.

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I joined b/c Ive been watching Michelle Phan on you tube since i think she started doing videos in 2006 so i figured why not

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