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On the Wild Side - Color Club and Matte me Crazy Top Coat - NYC


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Question, I have small finger and toe nails so I don't wear nail polish because I think that it doesn't fit my toe and fingers.  =/ Also, if ever, what color do you suggest I wear? I am brown skinned so I am having a hard time thinking what color to wear if ever an occasion calls that I wear nail polish. Thanks!

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I'm wearing Nail Tek foundation to try to strengthen my nails and over it Amoresse  Flamingo. It's a shimmery light pink.

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I'm wearing Sea Dust from Urban Outfitters. It is a near-dupe for Deborah Lippman Mermaid's dream. I do not have the Lippmann to compare, but upon looking online, it looks like the Lippmann has a more foil iridescent sheen in natural light, and the little sequin thingers are more teal-blue. As far as the finish, the Urban Outfitters looks more polished upon drying, whereas the Lippmann looks more rough. Overall it is really beautiful, and so worth the $5.00 for $1, $8.00 for 2 price tag when the Lippmann is $18.00, though I do see enough of a difference to just get the Lippmann if you truly like it and can justify spending $18.00 on polish, which i think is laughable.






^ My hand, Sea Dust by Urban Outfitters.



^ My hand, Urban Outtfitters Sea Dust.







 ^ A Google image of the Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's dream.




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MJust did a manicure with Loreal Paris #115 Notting Hill Blues, just bought it yesterday from CVS. They had a display for Loreal's new London Fall collection. It's a vibrant almost cobalt blue cream with a hint of pearlessence that shows more in the bottle than on the nail. Im liking it so far its really intense without being too bright and the formula was great! I couldve almost gotten away with one thick coat but did two plus top coat. The bottle is nice too: square bottle with simple label and a gold top. This was my first Loreal polish and I think ill pick up some more colors! Has anyone else tried these polishes? I've never really noticed them before now!
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Im wearing Circus Reverso, which is a white and Circus Spectacle a neon orange. Love this brand of polish!

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My first attempt at nail art:



I have a new appreciation for some of the designs I have seen posted here :-)


Circus Reverso, Nailtiques Red, WnW Blue Moon

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love em and leave em - color club

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OPI Fly + Save Me


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China Glaze--Adventure Red-y.



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I got the Sephora Tireblack yesterday. I <3 it. Soo gothic.

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I made a jelly sandwich with my new Zoya Frida and a Sinful Colors glitter in...Nail Junkie biggrin.gif

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Hi.. Sorry for the long absence - I've just got to put my priorities in order once again..  So I'll try to be in here far MORE OFTEN..

Re nail polish...   I'm a big fan of OPI - and am wearing  OPI's "I'm Not Really A Waitress" - on both hands and "peds"..

Again, please accept my apologies for being away far too long..

As you all well know, I'm a crossdresser, and many times my mind is like a grasshopper - all over the place..

(EMail deleted per Terms of Service) Thank you...



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Illamasqua - Glory

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Where can I get Kleancolor from?


Originally Posted by Scooby384 View Post

Kleancolor - Neon Pink + Barbed Wire Stamping



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I'm wearing Sephora by OPI Chamomile-eon to One (light goldish beige color), topped with Nina Ultra Pro Holographic topcoat - a really pretty glittery gold base  with multi color glitter.

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Originally Posted by Beautiijunkii View Post

Where can I get Kleancolor from?


Amazon & Ebay!

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I see Kleancolor at the flea market all the time....

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I've been obsessed with L'Oreal's "Because You're Worth It" all summer (it's a gorgeous, gold color)!

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WetnWild clear base+gold glitter, and Sally Hansen "Marine Scene" on my toes(if that counts). 

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Grrr, I am wearing Nicole by OPI in Orna-ment For Each Other and it's chipping like crazy. I've had to re-do my nails twice in two days!!! I think I'm going to try Sinful Colors Courtney Orange and apply Orna-ment For Each Other over it for a similar look. 


My base coat is Avon Nail Experts Silk Wrap Treatment (which I LOVE!). Generally it's so matte, dries quickly, and the polish adheres well, just not working nicely with Orna-ment For Each Other. 

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Fall manicure using Orly Buried Alive and Julep Popova. I have my toes in Popova as well. 


1 coat Avon Nail Experts Silk Wrap base

2 coats Orly Buried Alive (no bubbles, nice & shiny 2nd day)

1 coat Julep Popova on tips


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Off-topic .. but Butter London is BOGO free today only at Ulta!!

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 L.A Colors - Triple Play Base, Top, Nail hardner

Color Club- Rule Breaker

Color Club- Wild at Heart

L.A Color Art Deco- Black

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China Glaze 'Life Preserver' with a Zoya 'Myrta' accent

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Originally Posted by effigie View Post


China Glaze 'Life Preserver' with a Zoya 'Myrta' accent


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Insta-Dri in red =)

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Wet n Wild Megalast in "2% Milk".


I got a $1 coupon in the Sunday paper+Walgreens was having a sale on WnW merchandise. All in all, the original price was $1.99 and I paid $.61 rocknroll2.gif

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butter London -- The Full Monty.  My first butter polish and I love it ... not as pretty in the picture as in person!

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After I saw your post I looked for the coupons to see if I had tossed them and found them. I found it! Went to Walgreens and got polish for 49 cents plus tax!! So glad you posted or I would have missed it. I was a bit late so some of the colors were gone, but I still scored a bargain.

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