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Lancome Aquacils

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Did anyone ever use Lancom mascara called Aquacils? It is waterproof. They stopped making it and I bought several tubes when I found out they were discontinuing it. I just opened up my last tube in March. While I was in Hawaii for my wedding, the container broke right at the base of the screw on cap. I was furious. My last tube of my favorite mascara and over $20 wasted. I only got to use it 4 times. Uggh!

If you used this mascara and loved it, what do you use now? I have this trick for curling my eyelashes and it won’t work with this Mary Kay mascara. I use my curling iron. It’s a small one because I only need it for my bangs to straighten them. I have curly hair and the bangs are unruly unless I use the curling iron. After it is hot, I open it and slide it in the opening of the metal eyelash curler. Slide it over the surface to heat it up and then use it to curl my lashes. Apply the mascara and repeat on each eye. This is the only mascara I found that hold the curl and gives good coverage the first application.

Any suggestions about what I should use now?

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Re: Lancome Aquacils

have you tried Lancome Hypnose? It holds the curl very well.
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Re: Lancome Aquacils

sorry about your mascara :(

we have tons of threads on mascara already, so take a look through these and hopefully you'll find something you love more than aquacils :)




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Re: Lancome Aquacils

I love lancome hypnose waterproof mascara..may be you can give this a try!
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Re: Lancome Aquacils

Will be trying the Lancome Hypnose. Thanks for the heads up on holding the curl.

And thanks for all those great links to other posts on the subject. I really appreciate it.


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After just trying the 15th gazillion kind of mascara I decided to google again about Aquacils. Have you ever found anything you like as well or even close, if so, please tell me!!

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