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Most embarrassing period stories

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Have you ever gotten your period in a public place and didn't have a pad at the moment and got stain and didn't realize until somebody tells you.whats your story?Heres mine

I got my period in the mall I was with my dad I did not have a pad I did not have nothing to cover my butt with I had big red circle in my butt.My sister called me in my cellphone and found out we were at the same mall I told her what happend and confess to my dad.My sister told me to meet her at the restroom she bought some cheapie sweats at Mervyns and she had pads in her purse.She saved me.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

The first couple years were embarrassing!!!

I was always panaroid that people knew and felt like I was wearing a diaper!

And I HATED changing my pad in the bathroom at school. or in a public bathroom.

There were times I just didn't do it until I got home...Bad idea!!! You can guess what happened. To painful to talk about. lol.

I've had mine since I was 10 or 11 years old (too young IMO,I was still watching cartoons! )
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

I was 10 and having to take a purse to the bathroom horrified me. I was the only girl out of all my friends for like 2 years. Of course the only one with boobs too. I hated it.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

i got mine when i was 14. thank goodness that day i was wearing black pants, so it wasn't too bovious and i had the possibility of hiding it with my coat.
but guess what happens when you wear a white skirt...you get a nice red circle. >.<
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

The first time I ever got mine was the most embarassing. I was 13 and I was wearing white pants and in school. Till this day I don tknow if anyone ever saw it. I guess I wouldve been teased though if people at school did see it. I was still so embarassed.

One other time was when I had to ask my dad to go to the store to get me pads. I had to call my dads girlfriend at the time and ask her to call him. He handed them off to me and i ran into the bathroom and slamed the door and couldnt look him in the eye for hours...lol...I was about 14....talk about embarassing.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

i had only used pads until i was 15. I went camping one summer and started my period. I went into the water, and of course the pad filled with water as well, and leaked out everywhere... in front of boys. that was the day i was introduced to the tampon.

Oh I would have died right there.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Luckily the only time I've been in public without feminine products was when I was 15 and I was working at subway. My male coworker pointed in out and I was mortified. But at least he didn't tease me or anything, it was just awkward.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

mine was when i was at a party at a hotel & i had started my period and didn't know it! i didn't have any pads or anything, and by the time i discovered it i had a huge spot on the back of my pants. . . i couldn't leave right at that moment, so i put a big hoodie on and tried to cover it up and not stand up that much. one of my ex's moms was there...and she noticed it! as drunk as she was, she was laughing about it with some guy. talk about embrassing! what a b*tch!
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

One time I didn't know I started my period and I was at a friend's house and I was sitting in her chair and left a stain on it. Cleaning it up was soo embarassing.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

lol, i don't really have any "showing" period stories.. the one I have isn't that embarrassing.. well mabey to some, but i don't get embarrassed THAT easily

One time i had to go buy tampons in a hurry at the grocerie store.. and ofcourse the ones i buy were out of my reach (i'm like 5'2" ).. there was nobody around other than a guy reading a magazine and a guy walking by... so i had to do it.. i asked the guy walking by: "Would you feel really awkward reaching for the pack of tampons up there? the ones i use just happen to be out of my reach"..
He had no problem grabbing them for me and we all had our little laugh and went on with our evening.. hehe
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

I was in grade 7, having my period...

I went into the bathroom to change pads. Back then, the pads came in a blue box with safety pins.
I thought I had secured the pad with the pins. I finished dressing and walked out of the bathroom.
Much to my chagrin there was a line up of boys waiting for gym class.

Back then I was uncomfortable being around boys. Walking past them was no fun. But I had no choice so I started walking.

All of the sudden I can feel the pad shifting. I stopped and quickly realized that all the boys were watching me. I started to walk again. I could feel the pad slipping from my underpants and heading down the inside of my thigh.

I froze and tried to think about my options:
do I continue walking past all these boys and hoping to find another bathroom before the pad falls to the floor or,
turn around and walk back to the bathroom.

I decided to keep walking. Well that darn pad was just hitting my knee. The only thing saving it from falling to the ground was the jean material.

I turned and shuffled back as fast as I could, into the washroom.
I made it just in time to have a girl witness the pad fall from the pant leg onto the floor. She just stared at me in horror.

Better her expression than if the boys had seen it emerge from my pants.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

I've never had any accidents at school were anyone saw lucky it was cold and i had a coat but i was burning up and a couple girls gave me weird looks this was my freshmen year of highschool so i just wore that until i got home...i always carry tampons or pads with me even if im not on my period....but i have had a friend spend the night with me and she wore a pad and when we woke there was a blood stain on my sheets that we both saw....ick. Anyone remember the pad check? When your friend was on her period and wearing a pad she would walk by you and you would make sure she wasn't bulky in the butt hahah
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Several times in school - not sure if anyone saw... I use to wear sweaters that cover my ass back then. Both times I was wearing khaki colored pants... why I was wearing khaki pants during my rag time - no clue.

But I've converted to tampons and no worries ever again.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

britany spears has the whole world watching her and she got out of the car and her white panites werent so white anymore, poor girl, they took like a million pictures and no one said a word to her.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Mine was at the Bombay Airport, when I was getting ready to come back to The States. My ex mom inlaw and my parents had come to drop me off. My ex inlaws (esp dad in law & sis in law) used to be very mean and taunting if I failed to stay over at their house and I was sick of it. I didnt really like stayng there and to avoid having to do it, esp since I wanted to spend the last two weeks with my family, I blatantly lied about having gotten my period.
Anyways, two weeks later, here I am, at the airport, getting ready to go thru customs to come back and I get these awful cramps. I went into the bathroom and discovered I got my period. I was in a total panic. For one, no pads, and secondly, I had just said I got it two weeks ago to my ex mom in law. Now what ??!!! Anyways, my sister ran to the phramacy at the airport to get some pads and they were out. Some lady traveller overheard her and gave her a couple. That saved my butt at the time. I stocked up in the flight.. helpful stewardess. As for the lie, well, I am sure she knew.. and since I was not going to be around to "listen" I eventually got to not caring. Ever since, I ALWAYS keep a pad/tampoon in my purse.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

I've never gotten a stain or anything like that, thankfully. In 8th grade, I was at my locker pulling books out of my backpack and I had forgotten that I had a pad in there from camping that past weekend. Well, it came out with my books and fell on the floor next to one of the "popular" boys. And he said loudly, "OH HEY, IT LOOKS LIKE YOU DROPPED YOUR TAMPON." It was horrible. I picked it up and rushed to class. Once there, I decided I was too traumatized to spend the day at school, so I asked if I could go to the nurse. To get to the nurse, I had to walk through the gym and past the "popular" guy's friend... And the friend saw me and said, "Need a tampon?" and everybody laughed. And I ended up staying home for about a week. It was horrible for little ol' 8th grade me.

Now I kinda laugh about it, but jeez... People can be so mean sometimes.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Okay. so i was hangin out with my friend and i knew i was on my period. it was raining so i went to his house. after i was already drenched. [bad idea!!] and so i get there and his mom has us sit on towels. i get up to adjust mine and notice a red stain on it. small but noticable. i fold over the towel and go to the bathroom as quick as possible. i look around but cant find ANY lady products in there. i quickly get TP and bunch it up after i wash out my underwear and pants in the sink. i walk back and he gets up to go to the bathroom. he comes back and tells me there was red in the sink. Talk about embarassing. i went straight home.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Okay ladies... here's mine!
I was in Oceanside at the mall with a guy I was dating when my period started (two weeks early at that!) I had a tampon, but by the time I could get to the restroom I had a stain on my pants. To add to the embarrassment, my male friend also bought me a new pair of panties and helped find me some new jeans LOL He's the best
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Wow these are pretty bad, haha the only time I leaked over was during class in college, but luckily no one noticed but me
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Well, i don't have anything that embarrassing thank god. But back in high school, i remember that one time a guy just wouldn't stop flirting with me but he would always try to mess with my back pack, opening it and taking my pens out. Well, one day i had my period and i always kept my tampons in the front pocket of my back pack.

It was in the very small packaging that Tampax came out with so it literally looked like candy. The guy pulled it out thinking it was candy and i didn't noticed when he had opened it out or anything. Next thing i know he's shoving it back in my hand saying sorry. i look at him and he's beet red in the face and in my hand is the tampon halfway out and hastily shoved back in the packaging. I felt a little embarrassed but not really. I started laughing my ass off by his expression. It took him a week to talk to me again.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

Wow these are some terrible stories.
Mine has to be in middle school, when I had to wear pads, it seems like I would get a stain every month. I couldn't stand pads. I remember I was sleeping at my house and waking up and seeing this huge bloodstain on the blanket. I mean it was scarey huge, like someone had been killed. My mom of course then had to yell at me to make things worse.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

I was with my parents one day, I was young like 12 i think and i started my period i tole my parents they took me to k-mart to get some pads. that was the only things we got so when the guy put it in the bad i was embarrassed and was trying to hid it from everyone seeing in the sack so i started swinging the bag back and forth, well the pads flew out of the bag out onto the floor, everyone looked it was so embarrassing!!
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

OH NO! Ladies these stories are just awful! But kinda funny at the same time.

We all kind of go through the same things!

I can't recall a time when I've been embarrassed really.
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories

i dont recall anything happening to me like that. ive had several instances where it could have became a big deal. haha. thank God the office at our school always has tampons...the kind i like too! pearlsssssssssssloveeee.
they are the only ones that are comfortable for me. but im on 15...i still have some time left where anything could happen. haha. im not so regular. but i pray nothing happens to me. haha. you almost forget that girls have periods every month since everyone gets so good at concealing it.
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One day i was on my way to Miami Florida to visit my mom. I was on the airplane and there was a really hot guy named Ryan. We talked for a while and played a couple card games. I had to go to the bathroom and when i stood up there was a huge blood stain on the first class white leather seat! I didnt notice until i got back from the bathroom until i got back to my seat. Ryan looked at me and said "what the f*ck is on your seat!" I said umm i think you can figure that out...There was a long pause and i asked the flight attendent for a new seat. She said i cant because they were all filled. Ryan then said "its okay you can stil sitl by me". I said ok and just pretended to text one of my best friends. He asked when we get to Miami if we could grab a bite.


Time went on and now i have triplets because he couldnt keep his hands to himself. He ended up leaving me though and last time i heard he has 6 other kids with 4 other women

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Hey, so i was in 7th grade and I didn't have my period yet. I was the only one in my class and i felt really left out. So i lied and told everybody (including my parents) that I got my period. 2 years later in grade 9, I finally got it and I am so happy. I wish I never lied about it! sadyes.gif

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This is soooo embarrassing, but, when I was 12(almost 13). I got my period, it was just another day in gym class, then the guy I've had a crush on came up to me. Then he said( well, more or less whispered) that there was a red streak of blood down my leg. Of course, 'wear short and you'll stay cool meg'. Worst thing ever. Even worse, then my gym teacher came up and practically shouted, " Meg! You got red on your leg! Did you get your period!?!" " yes" I replied in a small voice. But no, of course he is hard at hearing, so he asked me to speak up until I'm practically yelling at him, and by then everyone is laughing except my best friend, the guy I had a crush on and I! Even the teacher! Does anyone have anything worse?frown.gif
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i was in 7th grade and i had had mine for about 3 mounths, and i would carry around a purse to class. and i had left it under the seat in english. then my best friend tols me that some of the boys had opened my purse and seen the pads. and told everyone. then after school one of the boys told me that my purse was in the office (as if i did not al ready know) and that there might be something in there that i need... plain.gif

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Omg, to this day, I remember my horrible period story.


It was the end of the day for Maths, usually we sit on red chairs in class but the teacher moved us all out of class to sit in the commons where the seats are wooden and white. That day, it just so happens to be really really really heavy and so I could feel it every single minute, I had a pad too! I got up and there was period all over the chair... I'm not sure if anyone saw BUT I was sitting quite close to a crush of mine and so I was mortified. I ended up sitting back down and hoped that my black school skirt would suck it all up.. as least that was better than telling the male teacher :/


But.. that reminds me of a funny moment. A guy friend of mine, we were 14, was looking through my bag for interesting things. I looked up and noticed that he was going to touch my pad pocket and warned him to not look in there because "there are things that you should not see". He, being a curious person, opened it and screamed! Lol, I couldn't help but laugh my head off at him which resulted in detention for distracting the class, worth it, LOL!


At least it wasn't as a bad as one of my friends... she had her period for the first time in class without a pad. The period dripped down her legs and all over the chair.... unfortunately for her, someone saw and the room started to stink like period. She was teased for that because after lunch she didn't try to clean up there was still blood all over her legs. Poor girl.



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im currently a freshman now and yes we still do that lol

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