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My most embarrassing story had to be in the summer of 7th grade. We were leaving on vacation and I got my period a day or two before we left. I was wearing jean shorts (kinda light) and I was wearing a pad only, to me I could see it through my pants so I decided to cut the pad in half, bad mistake. As I was sitting in the seat in the air plane for two hours I got up when the flight landed to notice a red stain on the chair and my entire back side drenched with blood. Most embarrassing day ever!!
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Worst day of my LIFE! I was in the 5th grade and we were going on a field trip that day... I was at my grandmas house so i only had the pad i was wearing so just in case something did happen I put on 2 pairs of pants smile.gif so i got to school and we get called down for an assembly and there she was the girl I've ALWAYS HATED playing "Someone Like You" on the piano this REALLY bothered me mostly because I can play piano too! >frown.gif
So then we get on the bus and what do ya know i have to sit by her all the way there... Not kool. We get there and my BFF lauren says "your bleeding" i told her i knew but i didnt but I AM SOOOOO LUCKY I CALLED MY MOM THE NIGHT BEFORE i called her so she could bring my tennis racket that day she came and i left with her i came back though and by the next day everyone knew... EVEN MY BOYFRIEND :O
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Mine was when I went to cancun with my family, I got my period on the plane, and since I was fairly new to getting it, i didnt carry any in any of my bags. so bad news on the plane when I realize I got my period way earier than expected. I always seem to get mine when I travel.  Then one day, we went to see a mayan ruin far away from the zona turistica, and I bleed through my pants, which were white sweat pants/shorts I used over my bathing suit since it was a ruin off of a beach. I was so embarrased! Im much more organized now, but it was so bad, because we all left the ruins because of me. scared.gif

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My most embarrising period was when l was in seventh grade. It was the end of the day and we had just said prayer when my friend came over and told me l had a period stain on my khaki pants. I was wearing a pad and all and everybody was starimg at me😁
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Yeah, I know what's it's like. My best friend, dont wanna say her name, she got her period in 5th grade at my pool party. This happenes in like like every period story! Yeah, she was getting her period and didnt know till the pool water started turning reddish brown. She never got it before, just discharge and full size breasts. She was kinda expecting it though. Yeah, but my sister had pads, she just started her period. My friend couldn't go swimming at the rest of my party :( She had to change into her clothes, too.

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i am 11 and i got my 1 period today does anyone have any tips on pads/tampons and keeping it a secret
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okay so my first story isn't embarrassing.. had bad cramps on a the first friday in october of this year (8th grade) and I'm 13. on sunday night I found that when I wiped it was a brownish red tint. thinking that my period might be soon I put on pink underwear that next morning. last class that day was gym and I went to the bathroom in the locker room. I looked and saw a brown spot and knew it right away. I rolled up a small ball of toilet paper (i was inexperienced. nowadays I would of wrapped toilet paper around my underwear a few times) and stuck it in my underwear. Luckily I had taken the fitness the other friday so all I had to do was count for a partner. strangely enough my mom predicted my period and gave me a pack of pads a week before my first period...weird..

and does anyone else get not just rushes of blood ..but GUSHES of blood when they stand up on a "heavy day" a few days ago (my 4th period) was super heavy and one day I stood up and it literally felt like I peed myself I even went to the bathroom immediately and told my female teacher it was an emergency. that basically continued all day.. ;(

btw can someone help me out with tampons I think I have tamponaphobia lol
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i am 11 and i got my 1 period today does anyone have any tips on pads/tampons and keeping it a secret
keep your stuff in your
-compression shorts/spandex (I wear them for extra protection and they hide the huge overnight pads)
-tampons sometimes come in cute little boxes
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Ok lady's this one is bad...
I was in 7th grade and I wore a skirt that day and when I got to school I found out I was in my period thankfully I had pads so I out one on and about two classes later I went to my locker and I had a botten locker so I scrunched down and when I got up I saw my pad had fallen out. I left I there because my locker door was closed my hands were full and the bell was about to ring, it was a small school and there wernt a lot if options and I was young and embarrassed so I left it there, I honesty feel bad for whoever found it... I just walked away and went in to class I don't think anyone knew it wa me and it wasn't like some big gossip if the school but I was still Petrified for a week...
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I was getting off the schoolbus and i was on my period that day with no pad, so i had used lots of toilet paper. I thought i should walk to the snack store first to get something quick to eat, then i'd go home, right? So as i'm walking i feel the toilet paper, well.. riding up the back of my underwear as i walked. I had to get rid of it so i took it out without anyone around me outside, and had to put it somewhere. I figured that i could just put it in my black bookbag pocket, right? So i did, thinking i'd remove it later. I forgot to remove it though. Days pass, i'm sitting on the bus waiting for my stop. This boy in the seat next to me.. ugh. He's so annoying and of course likes going through my stuff and all that crap when i don't notice. So he opens that bookbag pocket and i didn't even notice til he said "Ew why do you have a tissue with blood on it!? DID YOU GET YOUR PERIOD..?" i tried to play it off and act like "No O.O! That wasn't blood!" He goes, "Fine, then pull it out then." i try to like ignore that and it was barely working. He kept saying "WHY DO YOU HAVE A BLOODY TISSUE" and "Fine just tell me what the blood's from" and basically 3 other guys around him are laughing...... and stuff..... i'm cringing when i think about it. Biggest mistake ever. So humiliating. 


Thing is, it happened today. I'm in some deep sh!t when i get back to school tuesday.... :cccc

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Travelling in trams when i have my periods wasnt an easy task, specially if i was wearing white pants! I have got stained a couple of times..fear of stain was a usual problem for me . I got to know bout adira period panties from friends and google, and I gave it a shot. I never regret using it today. You can use any sort of technical pad in it,and it makes me feel very comfortable :)

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Okay, here's mine:
I was 12 and I had just started secondary school and my period. I knew I had it, but I didn't know the white pants rule thingy, so I wore white. I was only young so I wore pads and everything until a teacher noticed that I had a period stain. I was clueless and she walked up to me in the playground thing and asked me if I was on my period. I said I was and she called my mum and asked her to bring me some new clothes and pads. smile.gif hope that makes everyone feel better: D
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That's all pretty bad, but I honestly think that I got y'all beat ;D

Okay, so I'm 16 right... Don't have a period yet.
Not like, irregular, I mean total lack of.
Anyhow, every time I go to the doctor they ask when my last one was, and I say that I don't get one.
So they look at me funny, and Mom starts making up crap about how my panties are smeared and how it's really light. Both are lies ._.
Anyhow, some girls were playing with a tampon in class, and they dared me to show the guys how to use it (my my hands) because "They'll need to know foe their future girlfriends sake", and I'm known for being shameless. But I didn't know how to use it :'(

And then one of the girls that has almost every class with me (since 8th grade, too) put it together, because I never carried pads or tampons, I don't like to talk about it, apparently it's strange to never complain about periods, among other things.

So pretty much everyone was talking about it, like I was some freak. I think that the only good thing that came out of it was that I got a lot of male attention, probably because they think I'm infertile or something.

My worst worst moment though. I'd been really sick, like really bad, when I was 12. And there was blood in my urine. And I'm freaking out, right? So I go get Mom, and she's like, yay, you got your period!
But it wasn't my period ._.
Long story short, my Mom never asks me about anything like that. One time she told me to mark them on a calendar, and I told her no. But she threatened to take me to the hormone people if I didn't (I've had it checked out before; there's nothing wrong with me) So I agreed and just didn't mark it. And she never brought it up again. We go to buy pads and stuff for her, she never asks. Because she knows that I'll just be like "Naw, I'm good".

I have my prep stuff though, tampons and pads for when I DO get it. I bet she checks to see if I've opened the boxes, too XD

Now, my Mom's most embarrasing period moment since my birth.
She was supposedly past her periods cause she's old ^.^ right?
Well she wasn't, and after like 2 years she bled all over her bathroom and the carpets and her chair. Like, I was terrified. And she hadn't even noticed it happened! So Iwalk back to the living room, and I said "Um... you need to clean the bathroom." And she was like "Huh? Why?"

"Beeecause you-bled-all-over-it ._."


And she got up to check it (she has split feet, that also bleed, so she was super surprised) and didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. But like, I don't know if she broke her bladder or something, but there was SOOO much blood. Like, to where I asked if she needed the hospital.

Back to me, though. I kinda hope I don't get one, because you all make it sound really bad ._.
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Well, since I'm 49 and peri-menopausal, I won't be dealing with anymore period stories in a couple of years, LOL!  My stories weren't too nightmarish - pretty much like the rest of you ladies, I've had the occasional embarrassing moment in public, etc., but nothing major.  However, my most embarrassing period story was actually a PMS story - the period itself didn't arrive for a couple of days.  


This was only about three years ago, but let me preface it by saying that when I PMS, I'm completely teary and emotional. When the PMS is bad, I cry at the drop of a hat!  


So, I'm on my way home from work, and I decide to stop at this pizza place in my neighborhood and get a couple of slices to bring home for dinner. I place my order, and I'm standing there waiting for my slices - keep in mind, I had totally forgotten that I was due to get my period in a couple of days, and would therefore be PMSing.  So, they had the radio playing on the loudspeaker, and "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor came on.  I mean, it's a lovely song. It's a little bit of a sad song.  But it's not a song that ever moved me emotionally. I've heard it about a zillion times since 1970, and I never reacted to it one way or the other.  Until, it seems, I was completely PMSing and didn't realize it...


I'm waiting for my pizza, the song starts up on the loudspeaker, and I freaking BURST into tears!  In the middle of a crowded pizza place at dinner hour!  And I swear to you, the first thing that crossed my mind was - "Wait... what's the date today?"  I grab my iPhone and hit the calendar, and sure enough - I was getting my period in two days, right on schedule!  I'd just completely forgotten about it.


I mean, I was dying - I paid for my pizza and hurried the hell out of there, trying to compose myself till I got to my apartment!  Probably one of my most embarrassing moments (period-related or otherwise!) ever.

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Ok I have two really embarrassing stories!!


#1- This happened last week...I was in my 8th grade wing in school getting ready to go to my health class. The next thing I knew my boyfriends bestfriend came up to me and said "Are you on your period?" and then slapped his butt...I was soooooo scared/nervouse that i ran to my friend Izzy,Grabbed her, and ran to the bathroom! Luckily for me I didnt bleed through but I had a big bulky spot on my butt where it looked like I was wearing a diaper!! Thank god my boyfriend didnt see! >.<


#2-This was back in december (december 21st to be exact!) I was in the RV with my mom, dad, and sister and we were ion our way to florida for christmas vaycay with my grandmother. My mom also happened to be on her period at the time too..So I was sitting on the chair at the "kitchen" table in the RV and i didnt know I had my period because it cam a week early! When I got to take a break and go out side at the rest stop in south carolina I had bleed through my black jeans!! I obviously didnt notice because of my jeans being black but my dad saw the stain on the chair!! :s He asked my mom. my sister, and I who it was and I told them it wasnt me because they didnt know I had my period yet (yes i did tell my mom when we got to florida). So my mom thought it was her and she changed her pad...I had to use toilet paper as a pad that day!! .-. It was all over the steps of the RV too because i sat down when i was putting my dogs leashes on them!! UGH most embarrassing story ever!!!! blush.gif

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Well this is did not happen to me it happened to my friend. We were in pe class and we were doin this fitness test.and all the pe classes for that period were there cause it was raining .so she was doing a push up and when she stood up her leg was dripping with blood.the ass of the teacher we have said in the microphone "ALYSSA UR PERIOD STARTED "everyone there was laughing.she ran in to the locker rooms and started crying.i ran after her an so did my other bffs.we stayed there till school ended.the pe teacher got fired.her crush actually came up to her and said he felt sorry for her and asked her out.now she's 16 and is still dating him.note:she's pregnant with his baby.and he is happy,
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In 7th grade, I was sitting next to my boyfriend at lunch and his friends. Of course my crazy bf suggested we play truth or dare EXTREME. One guy dared another to walk up to a teacher and stare at her boobs for exactly 15 seconds. My boyfriend dared another guy to go to the nurse and pretend to have diarhhea. It was crazy, so I went with truth. One guy asked me my first period story. I didn't want to tell! Then my boyfriend told them! It was really not that embarassing when he told it. I was at gymnastics in a leotard and blood gushed out. The man teacher wouldn't let me call my mom. Eh....

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In 4th grade, (not actual period) I had put a used handwipe like for lunch in my hair as a bow. Later that day, I had dance class with 4-8th graders. In front of a mirror, I realized how bad it looked. I took it out and put it in my skirt cuz I had no pockets. We did different positions and then we went to the bar where we had to put our leg on the high bar. The wipe pointed out. Then I realized what I it looked like, a tampon sticking out! No one noticed, but I was the only 4th grader so... it was kinda awward.

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The only reason i think mine is so bad is because everyone was probably thinking she should kno better. Anyways i was 15 9th grade at a new school it was 2nd semester but still barely knew anyone. So my period usually lasts for 4 days but it was going on and off for a week. It was the 10th day and i havent leaked that night so i thought i didnt need to wear a pad i wore a thong and very light grey sweats. I was in second period art so i was only at school for about 2 hours. I asked to use the restroom and when i pulled my pants down a huge stain on the front and a line up the back of my butt. I had tears in my eyes i was so oblivious. I wasnt sure how long the blood had been there but now i knew why my male art teacher was looking at me weirdly, why this very nice male kept saying uhm hi and why these two girls were pointing at me. I covered my butt with my hoodie and when i got back to class i noticed blood all over my seat i tried to sneakly wipe it off and it was mostly gone. After class i went to the nurse and got new pants underwear and a pad. I cant even imagine how many people saw, it was bad.
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Well , this isnt my story but my Bestfriend. We were in English class and she asked me to walk by cassually and see if she leaked . i walked by as told and she didnt . Well , about 30 minutes later she was asked to pass out papers to the groups . When she handed me my paper and walked by i realized she suddenly leaked on the back of her pants . and it was running down her leg . the boy next to me wispered to his friend " hey , i have to tell you something funny " . So i figured he was talking about her ! So i pretended to drop my pencil next to her desk and i wispered to her and said " hey , you have a stain " and she jumped up because thats never happened to her . She asked to use my hoodie and i allowed her to wrap it around her waist ( she bought it home and washed it herself ) . Our teacher ( who luckly was female ) walked over and slipped us her cell phone ( we arent allowed to bring cell phones and the teachers arent allowed to let us use their cells ... strick school ) . i guess she figured what was happening . so we walked out went to the bathroom while i covered her just in case it ran down her leg .. he mom said she was stuck in traffic and didnt make it for an hour . so we snuck in the girls locker room and i patted her back while she cried . this has never happened to her EVER and she was shaking HARD .

I also remember another friend of mines had leaked in the CENTER of her pants and for some reason the stain was in a perfect shape of a heart . so imagine a red heart on the back of your pants !!!
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Not exactly sure if this has already posted (on my iPod touch and I'm sorry for any inconvenience, I.e this being the second version of this(I copied what I previously wrote))
Hey! I'm 12 and soon to be 13 and I've had my period for almost a year now.
Maybe not embarrassing per se but it was today at school, during lunchtime and I needed the loo. I left my bag with my best friend and went to the toilet with another of my friends. And as I entered my form room where a couple of people were and I had been eating my lunch in, my best friend and a couple of other people looked at me said, 'He found your fluffy bunnies!' And there I am, confused as can be. I laugh a little and ask them what they mean.
A boy had picked up my bag and started looking through it, my best friend tried stopping him and as he came to my 'secret compartment she yelled 'Don't go in there!'. Just to add in an extra note here, thankfully my form tutor wasn't there and there were only two boys! So he didn't and my best friend grabbed my bag as the boy said 'does she have fluffy bunnies in there?' By which I currently assume he meant tampons.
Anyway, as I entered my form room they all said that then elaborated on what had happened and explained what the boy meant by fluffy bunnies. In the end I laughed at him and said 'They're not tampons! They're pads!'
Extra note: having previously read this post, I learnt that when things like this happen I should be confident, all girls go through this!
And he goes 'Oh' speechless after laughing at me. I then go (sarcastically) 'Would you like me to demonstrate?' And of course he had no answer to that!
All I wanted to do in this post is tell you my sort of funny story and tell you that being embarrassed by it can be quite a downer! Be proud of your body and certainly be confident smile.gif
P.S it's kinda funny since I actually happen to be on my period today and he chose today out of all days to prod around in my bag! I hope he learnt his lesson! biggrin.gif see ya! xx
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My story isn't really embarrassing but it happened when I was in the mall. It was my first time and it was heavy. I told my mom and so she bought some pads for me. But it just so happens when my crush walks by and sees my mom handing the bag to me! Boy, it was embarrassing and I was only 11. I was young.
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I got mine when I was just turned 11 and I remember it to this very day. I had just come home from a sleepover and a long day at an amusment park with my grandparents. I got home and went toilet. I saw the blood and started freaking out silently (i was a shy kid). I went into my bedroom, changed my panties and got out the period proctection kit i got from Sex Ed at school. I was about to put on a pad and my mum called out "get your togs we're going swimming with auntie!" Worst thing that could happen!!! I stuffed my panties with toilet paper and put 2 tampons in my bag. When we got to swimming i went into the toilet and managed to insert one if the tampons because i thought i would leak while swimming. Then after swimming i pulled it out and there was no blood so i didn't put the second one in. I didnt have pockects and i was scared someone would see it in my bag so i put it in the waistband of my skirt. We went to my aunties house and i sat on the counch next to my mum. The tampon fell out and my mum noticed. She picked it up and mouthed to my auntie "is thus yours??" As she was pregnant she answered no. After my mum called me into the kitchen and i told her. It was so embarassing. She was excited but i made her swear secrecy!
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I guess my most embarrassing period story would have to be I was in 4th grade (I got my period at 8 yrs old) anyway I was in my Science class and doing a project on the floor with some people in my class and I started to feel this weird liquid feeling and I thought ok well maybe I had an accident cause I thought I had another week or two until I was supposed to have my period. So anyway I get up and go asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. So she let me go and I go in there and saw there was blood and I was like oh my god what am I supposed to do I don't have anything and so I wrapped up toilet paper and put it in my underwear and I was wearing a white dress that day and I had a sweater so I wrapped that around just incase I bled through. I was in the bathroom for prob 15 or 20 mins. Because in an elementary school bathroom they don't have machines and it took me a while to decide what to do. So I came back to the room after everything and as I walked in my teacher came over to me and was like "are you ok, is anything wrong." I didn't know what to say. I decided to say its a personal prob and she took me outside the room and talked to me and I soon broke down and told her and she was so understanding even tho I started crying and so she went into the classroom grabbed her purse and came back out and handed me a tampon and said to go back to the bathroom and that it was ok that I would get to use to it. Now after nine yrs I got used to it. But it was so embarrassing at the time I mean when ur 10 yrs old its still scary and confusing confused.gif

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I had mine at summer camp!! I got it on the second day out of 5 days and i had no idea wht to do! so I had to stuff my underwear with tissue paper!! haha!! im stupid!!
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I've gone through multiple embarrassing period moments, and I think my worst year was sixth grade (where the leaking occurred the most)!
My first story takes place when I was at school. I was brand new to this whole thing having just started the summer before sixth grade! I was always terrified of changing in public, so I would wear 2-3 pads during the school day! At the very end of the day one day, our teacher made us go around the room to pick up trash, and so I did. When I walked back to my bright green chair, I had noticed blood ALL OVER the chair!! So instead of sitting back down on it, I stayed on the floor pretending to look for trash and pack up. I also noticed that the guy behind me kept glancing at my chair! After the bell finally rang, I had to walk all the way home with people behind me (luckily I had black jeans and a long backpack on.)
My second story also took place during school. I was in Math, and I had leaked! (This isn't really that embarrassing, but yeah.) Anyways, I stayed at home sick the next day, and when I came back to school two days later, the stain was still there, and my friend told me that my ex was spreading rumors to his friends that I stayed home because I leaked! And they were all laughing about it! Ugh I was so mad at him!
My final story (sorry this is so long) took place in public with my family. So we went to go visit relatives, and I was on a heavy period that day (but didn't know it was going to be so bad.) I didn't bring any extra pads, and didn't know we were literally going to be out and about ALL DAY! So I only brought the one pad that I was wearing, and we wet to a resturaunt and I was doing okay. Then, my grandma, parents, aunts, and uncles decided we should go see a movie. While we were in there and I was sitting, I could kind of smell fish. Then, when the movie was over, as we were walking out of the crowded theater, two teenage boys were behind me. I heard one of them say, "dude, do you smell fish? It smells like fish!" And the other one was like, "dude what are you sniffing?!" And they were all cracking up right behind me, and I was so embarrassed! Then we decided to hang at my grandmas crammed apartment for like an hour as I'm standing there smelling like fish and leaking!! And my little brother commented on it! Ugh so annoying.
Oh well, at least I've never had any of my crushes tell me I was leaking! That would be horrible! I know my stories weren't that embarrassing, and people go through worse, but just felt like sharing!!
Anyone else wanna share their embarrassing moments? :P
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i am 11 and i got my 1 period today does anyone have any tips on pads/tampons and keeping it a secret
I've never used tampons, but I hear they help! (I have no idea how, I'll also need some advice on those :P) but I think the best advice I can give you is to never be afraid to change your pad in public! It's a girls bathroom for a reason. Every girl goes through it, so don't be ashamed! I always used to be terrified to change my pad in public, but that made things ten times worse! You'll just end up leaking and stinky! What's more embarrassing; having girls who go through the same thing possibly know that you're changing, or having EVERYONE see you leaking like crazy?!!! Trust me, it's better to change and feel fresh and clean than wet, awkward, and embarrassed.
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okay so my first story isn't embarrassing.. had bad cramps on a the first friday in october of this year (8th grade) and I'm 13. on sunday night I found that when I wiped it was a brownish red tint. thinking that my period might be soon I put on pink underwear that next morning. last class that day was gym and I went to the bathroom in the locker room. I looked and saw a brown spot and knew it right away. I rolled up a small ball of toilet paper (i was inexperienced. nowadays I would of wrapped toilet paper around my underwear a few times) and stuck it in my underwear. Luckily I had taken the fitness the other friday so all I had to do was count for a partner. strangely enough my mom predicted my period and gave me a pack of pads a week before my first period...weird..

and does anyone else get not just rushes of blood ..but GUSHES of blood when they stand up on a "heavy day" a few days ago (my 4th period) was super heavy and one day I stood up and it literally felt like I peed myself I even went to the bathroom immediately and told my female teacher it was an emergency. that basically continued all day.. ;(

btw can someone help me out with tampons I think I have tamponaphobia lol
Lol! I totally get you! And sometimes on a heavy day, whenever I even laugh, it gushes out, and it feels like an awkward puddle in my pad! Ugh, I don't like goin through lady problems! And I'm afraid of pads too!! When you get it all figured out, let me know! :P
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Re: Most embarrassing period stories.

Okay so I think I was like 10 when I had my first period. I have a couple of really embarrassing stories to tell...

When I first started my period I was 10 and I was at a friends house at the time she was 11 and (she didn't have hers) and we were watching a movie (laying on her bed with white sheets :/ ). She has asked my to get her the remote so I got up and turned the light on to try and find the remote and then I saw the red patch of blood on her bed and then her mum came in and told her and myself all about it (cause we were young and weren't going to expect it) and then she rang my mum to come and pick me up. (I was crying so much)

Now this is one is SOOOOO embarrassing.
Okay so we were at school right having a sex Ed lesson, (and obviously knowing my luck it was about girls and having their periods, and me being new to the hole thing I hadn't formed a cycle and didn't know when it was coming) so sitting in class for about 2 hours I had a big patch of blood on my chair and didn't realize. The teacher was calling on random kids for volunteers (and again with my luck) I was one of the 3 kids picked. I stood up and everyone was staring at me, I was thinking did I sit in bird poo in the previous lunch break? And I just ignored it and walked out the front. After the lesson the teacher pulled me back and asked if she could have a word with me, I said sure, and she was going on about how I should know all the stuff about periods and stuff. I was getting a bit scared. Then she said have I got it yet an I replied with no cause I didn't want the teacher to know, then she said oh okay well it's okay cause you have got it now, I burst in to tears and then she hugged me. To make matters worse I had to go to the office to get a new pair of pants and everyone saw the blood stain on my pants, all off them called me leaky leaky except one girl in grad 7 she was 3 years older then me and she walked down with me and told them to shut up smile.gif hhaha an when I got dressed she offered me a pad. Ever sense then we have been best friends and would always tell each other our stories and stuff. I am now 15 and we are like sisters wink.gif.
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