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Vaseline for the face?

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Ok I'm only on page 10 of the sticky vaseline but, I have a few questions.

Is anyone still using it?
Did they get any negative effects?

I used to have very oily skin and went through a bad breakout. I ended up getting fraxel (a laser) done so now i only have indents not many, but will they help them? I also don't have oily skin anymore. My skin is dry be/c of pills that I take now. I don't breakout at all now.

Anyone having good results?
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Re: Vaseline for the face?...

Why use vaseline? It is quite heavy. It's good as a lip gloss though.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?...

I tried it once and it was okay but I think I'll be using it as my regular facial moisturizer when I'm reaally broke lol.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?...

I actually use it all the time and I've never had any problems, I do it before bed and I also use it to take off my makeup when I use dark colors.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?...

i don't use it, only as a lipbalm, or on my cheeks when it's reeeaally cold outside and windy. on a more daily basis, i'm afraid it would grease my skin too much and my t zone don't need that lol.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?...

My dermatologist thinks Vaseline is as good a moisturizer as any - at a fraction of the cost.
He recommends washing the face, lightly drying, then applying a very thin layer of Vaseline. The Vaseline will 1) retain some of the moisture from the water and 2) keep the skin soft.

I have oily skin so I only follow his advice in the cooler months.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?...

Vaseline is great as more of a treatment or mask, as opposed to a daily thing. What I do occasionally is wash my face as usual before bed, cleanser and toner, and then instead of my usual moisturizer I put on a thin layer of Vaseline. It feels a bit greasy (but is non-comedogenic so don't worry) so I let it set for a minute, then take a tissue and dab it all over my face so there's only a veeery thin layer left.

Then - go to bed!! Wash your face as usual in the morning and the results for me have always been glowy, buttery soft skin. You literally notice the difference the next day. I had people asking me how I got my skin to look that good - and these were my classmates in makeup artistry class, so they saw my skin up close and personal every day!!
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

I use vaseline every night. Keeps away dry patches on my cheeks,
and it's great for my skin when it's cold outside.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

I still use it sometimes, but not every day. I put my regular eye cream or night cream then a thin layer of vaseline. It helps seal in the product and make it work better because it doesn't evaporate from the skin. I've never had a problem with it.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

I use it every night. If I skip a night my skin goes back to being flaky. My face continues to feel like a babies bottom every morning....I don't get break outs besides the occasional PMS pimple. I have tried to stop an use regular night moisturizers but none of them are moisturizing enough.......oh and my T zone is now definitely way less oily.

I'm so glad I came across the Vaseline thread!!
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

I think the biggest thing that steers people clear of using Vaseline is the misconception that it will clog your pores and break you out. Now, I'm not saying this is IMPOSSIBLE, everyone's skin is different and some people just react strangely to something out of the blue. But if it were to clog your pores/cause breakouts, that would NOT be the norm. I think if we get that information out there, we'll have a lot more Vaseline converts!!

I just put it on the night before last and as usual woke up with soft, glowy skin! Was gonna do it last night but I had a glass of wine about an hour before bed so I felt too tired.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

i have a big jar beside my bed that i use every night on my eye, eyelashes and lip
i don't think it does anything for my eys, i have these really fine line just below my eye from my skin overdrying from acne products (ppl beware!!), but my eyelashes have grown noticeably longer and thicker, and it's the only moisturizer that works for my lips
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

Agree with the above post about the eyelashes, my sister has commented several times that my lashes are growing thicker and longer! I havent worn mascara in a few weeks now, can't wait to try and see if there is a noticeable difference!

I use vaseline over my face cream everynight. I have very oily skin, but no breaks out from this. I smear a dab of vaseline on my palm, run water over my palm so its wet, rub my hands together with the vaseline, then apply to my face. That way its never greasy.

As for whether it will help with indents, I have no idea. But it does help to plump up the skin, so may help in that way...
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

i have put it on my face one and it was a disaster. it iritates my skin :I
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

I have done it before. It was alright.
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Re: Vaseline for the face?

i've done this before, and i broke out like an hour after, there was a little white head on my cheek. but it could of been a coincidence. then again i didnt but it on thinnly. maybe i shoudl try it again b/c my skin is soo dry.
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I've been on Claravis - the modern day version of Accutane - since December. My dermatologist highly recommends Vaseline for my face. It's the only think that gives me relief from the peeling. My skin has never looked better.

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I used Vaseline while on Accutane.

I totally agree that Vaseline is fabulous for dry skin.

It was the only thing I used that actually made my skin bearable.

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Its a great skin protector.  I use it if my skin is feeling especially dry or irritated. 


I'm very acne prone and have not had issues with breakouts from this.  It doesn't penetrate your pores however some may issues with it since its occlusive.

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I don't like the feel of it. I'm sure it works, but I'm more likely to choose Cetaphil lotion or cream, than I am Vaseline.
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i use vaseline every night. always it gives good results

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I have purchased multiple skin care products and everytime I use them i breakout. My skin is very oily and it always breaksout. I recently started using a product for my pimples but my skin dried up even moisturizer wouldn't break in. I started using vaseline. I put it as a mask and I just leave it on. One night, after 30 mins that I had placed the vaseline in my face, my nose itch and I scratched my nose and it felt as if I had sand in my face. I started rubbing my cheeks and it felt as if I was exfoliating! From that day on I have been using it as an exfoliator then I clean it with a wet towel and then I put my breakout medication. I had never had such a beautiful, smooth, clean breakout free skin! I feel wonderful because my skin looks fantastic! I should had done this years ago.

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I sometimes use it when I go running outside. When it's windy and cold, i try to protect my skin around my eyes/mouth.


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Vaseline is great for all weather and skin types and also helps with removing makeup. I use it for my hands and lip conditioner

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I'm on night 5 of sleeping with a full Vaseline mask and already my skin feels great. I usually have super dark circles around my eyes, but i looked in the mirror, and they appeared to be lighter. And my skin now feels supple. I didn't even now that my skin wasn't supple until i started using Vaseline and my skin suppled-up! My skin is oily, but around my mouth the skin is dry and tends to have excema like dry patches. This treatment keeps my skin moisturized with only a little moisturizer used during the day time. I have acne and it doesn't irritate my skin. A definite must try.

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Hmm I think I wanna try this out...but doesn't it get everywhere at night

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You couldn't pay me to get that stuff anywhere near my face. Not in a a million years.

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I have a small jar of vaseline that I bought. I use it for my lips only since I get really chapped lips.

I put on a thick layer in the night. I have been tempted many times to put some on my face but I'm afraid of getting breakouts.


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Vaseline is very heavy and smells like gasoline. And it doesn't have any anti aging property so no I would not put it in my face.

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made from the same ingredient :)

Originally Posted by glossygloss View Post

Vaseline is very heavy and smells like gasoline. And it doesn't have any anti aging property so no I would not put it in my face.


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