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Originally Posted by FooFooShnickens View Post



aside from her old-lady hairdo, you'd never be able to guess her age.

lol--Gotta love 'em rocking that Myrna Loy 'do for 75 years. 



TCM recently showed a Tarzan movie marathon, and all I could think was what awful hair Maureen O'Sullivan

had. Her hair looked 95 years old. Back then they wanted it all bunchybunchybunchy. wassatt.gif

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nopes..its gud as a lip gloss...why use it on face...

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Vaseline is very effective for dry skin... and also good for oily / combination skin but only in winters. I used vaseline on my face, lips and eyelashes every night.... its a very cheap and wonderful product for complete body ......

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trying this now..

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The Natural Beauty Store website has an all-natural Vaseline alternative called Beeseline, made from coconut oil, wildflower honey, and beeswax.  Not as cheap as good ol' petroleum jelly, but I have rosacea, and I know coconut oil is wonderful for that.  (Tried it once, but didn't use it long enough to see if it worked.)  There's a strawberry variety, a vegan variety, and it looks like they'll be coming out with vanilla and mint.  It's a Canadian site and shipping is usually expensive, but right now they have free shipping on orders of $25 and over - full-sized items only - through the 21st.  I've ordered a few of the large original on the sale, because I really want to use it for my face through the winter.  And hubby's a guitar player and his fingers split in the cold, so I figured one jar for upstairs for my face and one downstairs for hands or feet or stuff.


They have a new beauty box you can buy once a month for $20 that has a bunch of all-natural deluxe samples and small full-sized products.  They said in a video today they'll have a small Beeseline in the October box, which is up for orders now, but did not say what scent.  I know they've already done the regular and strawberry in previous boxes, so one of the others I guess!  (If anyone's interested, there's a thread on the sample box on the boards here.  The company posted an unboxing video of its September sample box this morning, and I linked to it in that thread.)

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I lied!  Checked the video again.  They didn't say there will be one in the October Natural Beauty Box - the Beeseline will be in October's Green Grab Bag.  (Which doesn't mean there won't be one in October's NBB, just that they didn't say anything about it one way or another.  I don't know if they'd consider a different variety a repeat item or not.)

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Vaseline was the only thing that kept diaper rashes away when my son was a baby. Now my baby is 18!

I don't think I could use it on my face though, but I do use Argan oil in my eye area and around my lips and olive oil on my hands. Sometimes, well usually, natural and simple works best.
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I use vaseline every night for my lips. When I feel like my feet is super dry in the winter, I also put on a thin layer and pull socks over it and go to sleep. The next morning I wake up with soft feet!

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I wouldn't use it for my face... I would use it for my lips...as a gloss. I saw an episode of Tyra Banks talk show. On the show they applied vaseline to the lips and then scrubbed the lips with a tooth brush. It helps to moisturize the lips. 

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I use vaseline every night and it's great for my skin when it's cold outside.

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I use vaseline every night under and around my eyes and on my eyelashes and it keeps me from getting any fine lines.

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I use it on my feet and the vaseline really soften them up :) but I'm too afraid to use it on the face, it might make me breakout.

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I think Vaseline is one of the best things ever invented.  I use it every single night under my eyes, on my eyelids and on my eyelashes and I do not have one eye wrinkle because of it.

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Use any thing.

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i used it for face only in winters night and for regular i use it as a lip balm...and i don't think so it has any side effects.

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Vaseline is made from petroleum. It is toxic, and your body absorbs it, causing health problems. I would never touch the stuff! You wouldn't rub motor oil on your body, would you? :o)

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Vaseline is made from petroleum. It is toxic, and your body absorbs it, causing health problems. I would never touch the stuff! You wouldn't rub motor oil on your body, would you? :o)

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I have an older later I take care of 90 yrs old. I rub Vaseline on her face daily she barely looks70.
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I ll prefer to use on my lips rather than using it on my face.

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I am using it as lip balm and sometimes use it in my body. But I have never tried it in my face skin, because it is little heavy and oily, So I don't prefer use it on my face.
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Originally Posted by lorega View Post

I use vaseline every night and it's great for my skin when it's cold outside.

I agree with you.

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my 6month old had horrible excima since birth scrathing his face till it would bleed, up every night scratching colic, it was horrible now using vaseline all over his face twice A DAY WITH STEROID CREAM AMAZING ALMOST ALL GONE used steroids and tried every moisturizer under sun nothing else worked like VASELINE AMAZING THANKYOU GOD AMEN TO VASELINE!

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Its great for removing eye makeup and longwear lipstick. Actually better than somebrands off makeup remover, but I don,t like the greasy feeling on my face lol
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I am 66 years old and just started using vaseline on my face and eyelashes.  I use it as a night cream and a moisturizer under makeup.  I have spent a lot of money on expensive creams and nothing compares to an inexpensive jar of vaseline.  I can  tell you through experience that all the money I have spent for the other products was a total waste of money and I have never gotten as many compliments as I have lately on my skin. Vaseline is a wonder product and I wish I had found out about it years ago,  Oh, my eyelashes are getting longer and thicker too!!icon_razz.gif

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My skin is acne prone and moody. I'm really cautious to try products, my skin seems to get angry with me and flare up if I use something new or if I leave something out of my usual routine. Vaseline clogs my pores, especially on/around my nose, but works wonders on my lips. I use Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Jelly on my face and eyes at night after moisturizing and haven't had a problem with it at all. It is very similar to vaseline minus the petroleum.
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I use it every night and gives very good results.

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Originally Posted by Ken Doll View Post

I'm on night 5 of sleeping with a full Vaseline mask and already my skin feels great. I usually have super dark circles around my eyes, but i looked in the mirror, and they appeared to be lighter. And my skin now feels supple. I didn't even now that my skin wasn't supple until i started using Vaseline and my skin suppled-up! My skin is oily, but around my mouth the skin is dry and tends to have excema like dry patches. This treatment keeps my skin moisturized with only a little moisturizer used during the day time. I have acne and it doesn't irritate my skin. A definite must try.

OOh i should try this out ..... see if it works for me

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Wow so surprised to hear this. I may be the only one but I've never felt that Vaseline actually moisturises, it just sort of glosses my lips or skin for 30mins or so and then disappears without any moisture benefit.  But that might be a good thing when it comes to this mask, minimising the risk of breakouts whilst increasing suppleness

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Nice Post





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I used a rose lip balm on my face, and I'm serious:wink.gif The results were fabulous!!! My skin looked so much clearer, radiant, and smooth! But vaseline works too

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