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Re: Teeth Whitening..

I went to one of those teeth whitening kiosks that recently started popping up around the mall....for $54 I thought, sure why not! They guarantee that it will be white for 2 years, but hey, you get what you pay for....after the treatment was done (which was 20min) it was noticeably white, but it never upheld...its been about 2 months, and that brightness is long gone!
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Re: Teeth Whitening..

Originally Posted by RepOslow View Post
I've got a hold of some peroxide now, but that's only 3% peroxide, is that enough? Also, for how long should I "hold it in my mouth"?
Any suggestions?=D
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Re: Teeth Whitening..

I order Day White 9.5% hydrogen peroxide formula from Amazon. It's strong, a little goes a long way, and I find that I get less "bounce back" color with it than products carbamide peroxide. As a person who drinks TONS of coffee, getting my teeth white can be a challenge and Day White is the one most up to the task. Rembrandt was awful- gave my teeth a weird, pearly gray cast that lasted for months. Crest did nothing at all.

I may eventually get Zoomed in the dentist's office, but I'm extremely apprehensive. It's reported to be very painful and it is very hard on your enamel. Also, I would just always prefer a safe at home treatment. Just more convenient. I'm lazy.
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Re: Teeth Whitening..

Originally Posted by RepOslow View Post
Any suggestions?=D
Still looking for an answer to it haha
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I use 'Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid' twice a year (in December and then 6 months later in June). And then I use 'Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid' toothpaste, or 'Crest 3D Glamorous White' toothpaste as my regular toothpaste to maintain the whiteness throughout the months I'm not using white strips. It works pretty well. I've had a friend who got it done professionally and said that it's not worth it, you get the same results from at home whitening. But that was just his experience I can't say if it would be the same for everyone.

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Thanks for all of the above suggestions (especially the strawberries; it's so interesting that they can whiten teeth)! I am a coffee drinker, and I need to do something about my teeth. I do use a whitening toothpaste, and I occasionally use the whitening gel.

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oh ~~I love this suggestion

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I agree that Zoom is kinda painful. I had mine a month before my wedding last year. There are 4 sessions for 15 minutes each but I really had to be tough to finish all four.


It is strongly recommended to have teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months, accompanied by regular brushing and flossing.


I wasnt able to maintain the whiteness of my teeth after Zoom. When I went back to my dentist for my crowns two weeks ago, she told me that my teeth are still white and normal in color.


I cant explain it much but the way i understand is like this : My teeth after Zoom were of that 020 (Bleach). After a year (due to staining) they became B1, which accdg to the dentist is the most normal looking teeth a person can have.



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Originally Posted by pinksugar View Post

I will be interested to see what people say. Since I had a root canal on my front tooth, it's gotten pretty grey. I'm looking for a solution myself

Root canals are actually unsafe.  You should definitely have a dentist look at it.

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Originally Posted by PurpleStrawberi View Post

Root canals are actually unsafe.  You should definitely have a dentist look at it.

I agree. It's still the dentist who will give best advice with regard to teeth issues.


For the past year, it seems like I did all the dental procedures from Zoom, scaling, extraction, root canal and crowns. Since I started my mouth makeover, I had to stick to a regular maintenance since dental procedures are expensive. Thanks to hubby and my dental insurance.


I had multiple root canals done in two months and one is in front. The tooth is still alive but its best to save it since sooner or later, it might get infected. She saved it by doing a root canal and a week after, I got my permanent porcelain crowns. I still have two more to go. The thing is if the nerve is already dead, tooth will turn grey, therefore, a crown is needed because the tooth become fragile.

Whitening cant save that tooth, crown does. Veneers are also option if the tooth is healthy, again, it's dentist's discretion.

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Hello everyone!

I've been whitening for about ten years now since I'm pretty rough on them with coffee and wine.

I order from a company in California that has a laboratory in the US, so at least I know where the product comes from.  I did try ordering from a different company and the product showed up as water, not gel, and did not work whatsoever.  I was later told that a lot of the teeth whitening products ship from China and many expire before they even reach the country of destination.

I noticed a difference after the first usage and a huge difference after a week.  Now I just whiten about once a month and my teeth stay very white!

I order the complete treatment at www.brightwhitesmiles.net and it seems to always have free shipping.

Not bad for under $40, since my first treatment was at the dentist and cost me close to $500 for the same results.

I hope this can help someone!

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I always get my gel at www.brightwhitesmiles.net  They offer Hydrogen peroxide as well as carbamide peroxide.  They gave me my pearly whites. :)

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Try the five minute whitening gel that Walmart and Walgreens carries. If you go on youtube, you can find Kandee Johnson's video on it. Use the tray with the gel in the shower instead of just just for five minutes. I can leave it on for 30 minutes, a few days in a row. Once I achieve the shade, I just maintain by using in the shower once a week. I haven't been doing the routine much now, so my teeth are looking a bit less than white. I have sensitive teeth, but if they start getting sensitive from using it, I just switch my toothpaste from sensodyne. Doing it in the shower helps with that messy foaming at the mouth you do from having it in your mouth. It's super cheap and easy to find. =)

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Loving this thread!! I'm a black coffee drinker and I like my diet coke too (bad, I know :S) and my teeth are starting to irk me! I'll have to try some of these tips. I've used crest white strips to good result, I'm just so broke right now -_-
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