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how are you?

in the past I tried Egminerals's foundations but I didn't find a match.
can you help me with that?

I'm wearing Medium olive and Light martian in EDM.
and light medium 2.5 and medium 2.5 in Joppa minerals.
and Fawn and gold pure and soft in Lauress.


thank you so much!
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Re: Egminerals

In Joppa, I wear same like you.So in EG minerals I can wear Adya & Janelle in youthful glow.I can also wear Mia + Amico in youthful glow, mix together.And Helene + anna mix together.Hope it's help u
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Re: Egminerals


I self tan a lot so my color changes so much it isn't funny. What I started with is far from where I am now but I would try

Sheila, Carla, Sheena in Cover Me

Malinda, Trudy and Amber in Youth Glow

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Re: Egminerals

I wear Pure Gold in Lauress and MediumLt3 in Joppa

EGM YGlow - Trudy or Malinda

EGM CoverMe - Carla
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I wore Veronia in the winter but why buy with them being so dishonest. I get email I believe is true about not telling truth to customers about what they use to make everything.

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A medium to light tanned Olive foundation for women with Olive complexions (green undertones) that also have some warmth or golden hues visible in their coloring.

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