The ‘C’ Word

At Look Good Feel Better, we believe that an improved self-image can help lift women’s spirits and nurture hope, helping them face their illness with greater confidence. We like to call it a ‘makeover for the spirit’.

The above quote is the motto of Look Good Feel Better, a charitable organization that empowers women who are suffering from the effects of cancer treatments related specifically to their appearance. When you hear the word ‘cancer’, your mind doesn’t automatically go to anything other than survival.  Most people would say that as long as you are ” fighting the good fight” then you need not worry about something as trivial as how you look. However, many would argue that when you look your best you feel your best. I believe this to be true.
In 2009, I got to put this theory to the test when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. While I was in the hospital for surgery, and then later for treatment, I made sure that my makeup came along for the ride.  I wasn’t going to let my inside dictate what my outside looked like. So, everyday I made sure I got up out of bed, i.v. pole in tow and trusty makeup bag in hand.  I would wash my face, brush my teeth and then take inventory.  If I was feeling up to it I would apply the works; concealer, foundation, blush, powder, eye shadow, liner, mascara and last but not least, lip gloss.  The days when I wasn’t feeling so hot, I would skip everything but the foundation, powder and gloss. While this seems like a small thing, it was a huge help in my recovery. When you look in the mirror and see sick, you feel sick. When your reflection, although made up, belies the illness inside you just feel better.  Cancer is not fun and it kicks the crap out of you inside and out. Most of the time you feel powerless, but when you take some time to pamper yourself, it brings back the ‘normal’ to your life and allows you to gain back some power. You must use every resource available to keep on keepin’ on my friends!

Organizations such as Look Good Feel Good and the US Cancer Society are providing women with the necessary tools to make the most of their appearance by offering free workshops where women with cancer can get hands-on experience in makeup application and hair alternatives.  This is an important opportunity for these women to regain their pre-cancer appearance and boost their confidence to continue their fight against this devastating disease.
If you wish for more information on these organizations click on the links below.

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  1. Great post! Thank you for providing some insight to what it’s like to be a cancer survivor. Also, thank you for providing some links to help those in need. This post will be a God-send for some!

  2. Thanks Kris, I have been wanting to post something like this for a while. I am not affiliated with these organizations, I just think that what they are doing is special. Glad you liked it!

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