The Importance of Underwear

I am not talking about your unmentionables, but your makeup underwear! All of the face primers, lip primers, and eye primers have a role in keeping you beautiful and radiant with and without makeup.  Nail polish base coats are also included in this category because even your nails need their underwear. I still remember the age when I applied makeup right on my face and would have breakouts. I soon learned how important they were to maintaining my natural beauty. I want to share with you what I have learned over the years about the importance of the products and why you should start or continue to use them.


Foundation primers are usually the first step women take to apply makeup after the cleansing process.  Face primers are supposed to hydrate your skin and be the protective barrier between your skin and the makeup. Not only that, foundation primer is the foundation to your foundation. The primer smooths out your skin and keeps your foundation in place. If you could use but one kind of primer, it should be this one! Smashbox has a whole collection of primers, and I suggest going to them if you have specific needs. For me, it is oily skin, so I use their oil-free primer. Fellow MuT members have done numerous review on these primers, so go check them out.




For people who really love to do their eye makeup, eye lid primer is a must!   Eye primer provides a solid base for eye shadow. Your eye shadow will be less likely to crease and the primer will help keep the makeup in place, especially if you have oily lids. The only primer I have used is the Urban Decay Primer Potion . I heard so many good things about them, and when I got a sample, I loved it and bought the full sized version!






Next on the list of primers, are lip primers! Lip primers are really good moisturizers if you are using lipsticks, lip stains, and matte lip colors. Lip primers also help keep lip color from fading. I use MAC Lip Primer, and it has been working fairly well for me.  There are a few MuT members who have tried Smashbox Lip to Lid Primer , which is a combination of the two kinds of primers. To combine two into one is a big money saver if you are a smart spender.


Finally, I did not want to end without touching up on nail polish base coats. Like other primers, base coats can do numerous things depending on what kind you get.  Nail strengtheners are great base coats if you want to keep your nails strong and healthy between the numerous polish changes. Ridge filler base coats are for people who may have a lot of curvatures on their nails. This could be due to the use of acyclic nails that really damage your nails when you take them off. Almost every company has ridge fillers including OPI, Zoya, and Deborah Lippmann. Then there are rubber base coats that take more emphasis in holding the nail polish to the nail, which can help to prevent chipping.  Best type of this base coat is Orly Bonder . Regardless of what type of base coat it is, they all help to prevent  your nail polish from staining your nails.



As I have said before, primers are very important in your make up routine.  A lot of makeup companies provide samples for their customers. Ask some companies for a sample and try out different kinds of primers to find what works best for you.  Once you find your perfect primer, I promise you wo’t be disappointed. If you do use primers, what are your favorite primers? Until next time!

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