Evening Beauty Ritual

So you have just put in an 8+ hour work day, and now you have dinner reservations with some friends, along with a stop at a local club.  Your hair is a mess, you have bags under your eyes, and you look like you are just getting over the flu.  What do you do?

One main thing I like to do is put on a face mask.  My favorite is the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask.  It doesn’t need to be scrubbed off, or chiseled off as some other masks do.  In five minutes, it makes my face feel soft, clean, and full of…well…oxygen.  This pairs well with the Bliss Instant Energizing Eye Mask.

What about hair?  Perhaps you may need a little dry shampoo (I prefer TreSemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo).  This is an easy, spray-in product that soaks up your days worth of oils and smells.  Aside from the look you get before you comb it out (literally looks like you have the grays of an 80 year old), it does a great job of refreshing your hair!  Or, you may just need  a few pumps of a leave-in conditioner to soften up your dried hair.  My go-to leave-in conditioner is It’s A 10: Miracle Leave In Conditioner.  I “treat” my hair with this twice a week, and occasionally use it if I’ve been out in the sun or if I am using heated styling tools.

And nails?  Well, a friend of mine introduced me to a little top coat called Sally Hansen Insta Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat.  I typically give myself a manicure on Sunday evening (wait…what time is it?), and I have started using this on TOP of my go-to OPI top coat.  Yeah, I know, too many coats of nail product!  But, with that being said, I RARELY have to touch up my nails during the week when I use this system.

So what do you do to give yourself a “fresh start” in the evening?  I’m always wanting to try new things, and would love to hear your suggestions.

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