Third Day of Summer- Faves Part 2!

Here continues the Summer essentials that I love so dearly. I hope you enjoy!



Part one of this post included more skincare based products. Now lets get on to the good stuff…makeup, of course! Like many others, I tend to lean towards tinted moisturizers to cover my blemishes in the sweaty summertime. LORAC’s ProtecTINT SPF 30 is one of my favorites! It has a mousse-like texture and blends and covers quite well. No matter which tinted moisturizer I use I always have to use a concealer to cover my unsightly blemishes, so this lighter formula works perfectly in sync with everything.




If I am just running a few quick errands or going to the pool I don’t like to wear anything on my face. In my opinion, the longer you can keep your skin free of makeup the better. Of course, I don’t do that very often especially being the makeup guru I am. When I’m going to be baring it all in the sun I like to dust a little of bareMineral’s SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen. It is a fabulous on the go tinted powder with a heavy dose of SPF.






Beyond lathering up in sunscreen are hats- floppy hats! I love floppy hats for the summer time, and this Aqua Straw crochet floppy hat is perfect! This is great for laying at the pool or beach or just making a quick run to the store. Sun protection has never been so stylish!









Beach bags are a must for summer. I tend to carry one with me even when I’m not going to the beach. You can fit everything you need for a full day of fun in the sun! I adore this CALYPSO St. Barth Straw Tote With Silver Sequins from Target! It’s a mere $16, and is so so cute! It has a nice closure at the top so stuff won’t be flying out, and the silver matches anything and everything!




A stylish cover up for your swimsuit is a must! This River Island Jersey Ada Sailor beach dress is adorable, and can double as a simple dress to go to lunch in! I love it! Plus, the sailor trend is in full force this summer.





Summer fun is what it’s all about! Don’t be caught looking frumpy- use some of these ideas to create your own perfect summer look! What are your faves for Summer 2011?!




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