Three Glamour Goodies For Under Four Dollars…

We all know that times are getting better”¦but they are still tough. Money is tight for many, and even if it is’t then getting a good deal on great products is alluring as heck. I will admit, I pay a decent price for a few things in my beauty regimen, but when I find a deal I ca’t pass up, I do’t! And you should’t either.


So recently I found three things at a price I could’t let slip out of my hands.  At the time I bought them, I was’t sure how much I would like the products. Now that I’ve used them, I realize they are things with which I will get my money’s worth and then some! So what are some goodies that you can get at a price that will make you smile? Check these out:


Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Lip Gloss in Coca-Cola ““ Ah, kick it old school ladies and grab a goodie for lips that takes you right back to your teens. And if you are already young at heart and beyond, then treat your lips to a treat right out of the soda aisle! Bonne Bell has been around for-ev-ah! Some of the best flavored glosses have come from Bonne Bell and this one is no exception. It smells and tastes just like your favorite red label Coca-Cola which is just an added extra. You’ll really be happy with how soft your lips feel and how conditioned they are after using it. And the brown cola-hued gloss will keep your lips shiny with a nice nude tint. A yummy cheap treat! (Walmart, $1.89)


Softsoap Body Wash Coconut Butter Scrub ““ Exfoliating is essential to keep your skin soft and young. This includes not only your face but your body too. Softsoap’s ultra-rich formula with jojoba butter and crushed coconut extracts does just that, and gently too. This coconut scrub body wash renews your skin’s surface, while moisturizing at the same time. The jojoba butter also gives it a light scent which is’t heavy or overpowering. Safe and subtle enough to use every day to keep your skin soft and glowing, this great little find is a must have for the shower & bath! (CVS, $3.49)


Garnier Fructis Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray ““ When you think of glamour, you have to think hair too. Turn on the shine to your luscious locks with this great, inexpensive shining spray. My daughter has been using it for months and with the static cling in the house turned up mega-watts, I decided to use it to keep my style in check with lots of sheen. With fruit micro-waxes, Garnier’s Glossing Spray locks in a healthy shine plus moisture to give your hair a long-lasting, lustrous sheen. This is definitely different from other glossing sprays, as it leaves your hair with a shine that is non-greasy & not sticky, without losing its luster and softness. I must have item all year ’round. (Walgreens, $3.99)


Keep a few dollars in your pocket this month when you are thinking glamour by taking advantage of these mega-awesome beauty products that wo’t leave you broke. It’s always nice to find a great goodie that can help you step up your beauty routine without breaking the bank. How about you? Do you have a few secret items on your dresser that you think are a steal of a deal? Share, share away!!

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