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More and more companies are jumping on the band wagon to create mobile applications for on the go and the beauty industry definitely is no exception. Application developers are really moving forward to harness the beauty industry with the creation of these mobile apps.

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First of all, what exactly is a “Mobile App”?
Most of you, I’m sure, have heard words from friends like “it’s the greatest app” or “you have to download this cool app”, or just simply the word “app”. Well, I’m sure that there was once when you hear, or even said “what the heck is an app?” Well, in a nut shell, an app is a small computer program(yes computer) that will run on a digital assistant(iPod) or cell phone as in an iPhone or Blackberry. The procedure of developing software add ons for mobile phones, person digital assistants(iPod touch), and industrial digital assistants(shipping company UPS hand held) is called mobile application development. Mobile app can get onto these types of of devices in one of two ways: They can be either pre-installed on our device(cellular phone) manufacturing, or simply downloaded by visiting the app store(as in iTunes) that your device supports. Most of these devices use either the Apple app store or the Android Market.
iPhone Makeup Applications?
With beauty gurus and insiders tightening their belts in this recession, the mobile apps industry finds itself looking for inexpensive apps that are available online and through iTunes. We will try to showcase some mobile applications to keep beauty gurus and insiders salivating with information at your fingertips regardless of where you are. With beauty fanatics, beauty bloggers and makeup guru insiders scouring the web for the latest and greatest info to talk about, these apps will keep you beautifying your looks for years to come. This was originally going to be posted on MakeupTalk as a wiki, but we’ve decided to post this up as a blog post to really blog more about this subject. Our basic idea here is to showcase some mobile applications that are available in the MAKEUP or COSMETICS category. I’ll be following this blog post up with other mobile application categories such as general beauty hair, fashion, and nails.

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For now, I’ll be showcasing iPhone applications in the Makeup Category.

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1. Modiface Makeup App

MakeUp allows anyone with an iPhone to take a photo and instantly try on over a 1000 real-life cosmetic shades (including lipstick, shadow, mascara, blush, foundation, and more) on their photo instantly. Once their makeover is done, it can be saved to their phone or emailed with a full product list.

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2. Celebrity Makeup Looks – Free Beauty Videos

Welcome to the celebrity-inspired makeup app. These 27 videos give step-by-step instructions on how to apply makeup to look like your favorite celeb.

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3. Cosmetique

Cosmetifique shows you the quality of the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of your cosmetic products. You will finally know if the cosmetics that you have bought or those you are going to buy are really valid and above all if they are

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4. Lancôme Make-Up

Discover a new Make Up experience with Lancôme Virtual Palette.

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5. Modiface Makeup Live

MakeUp Live is the world’s first Augmented Reality virtual makeover tool.

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6. Lookz ““ Barry M ““ Makeup, Beauty, Fashion and Style

Lookz is the world’s first “˜made for mobil’ make up and beauty stylist. With beautifully produced, made for mobile, make up VIDEO TUTORIALS, Lookz is the essential guide to looking great. And, including LOADS of stunning fashion mobile wallpapers, it’s ALL FREE!

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7. Makeup Tutorials: See How to Apply Makeup (Celebrity Inspired Looks)

This app brings you the best video tutorials on how to apply makeup. See the easy tips for getting celeb inspired makeup looks.

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8. mark. Beauty & Fashion Trends

Love beauty? Love fashion? With the mark. Beauty & Fashion Trend application you can view key pieces from our seasonal collections in an instant. From lip color, to handbags, to dresses””each item you see is an up-and-coming trend that w’ve translated from runway to real-life in record time.

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9. Skin Match by Modiface

With Skin Match for the iPhone, you just snap a picture of your skin and it instantly finds the best foundation shades for your skin-tone, recommending real-life products which you can buy online or in-store.

10. Glamzy
Glamzy is an app inspired by the art and creativity of applying makeup. Glamzy is a makeup app that allows you to create your own looks from a variety of face charts. The application is now available for Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Coming soon to the iPad.


In conclusion, I found most of these apps worthy.  My description of worthy is that they are inexpensive, either free for .99.

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  1. Aw, I’m sad that they don’t make many good beauty apps like these for Android phones. The only one I have is the BarryM Lookz one. I would love to try that Skin Match app.

  2. Wow I was so sceptic about this but when I started reading and looking at the pictures some of these applications would be great to have while going home on the underground or bus.. 😀 I want the BerryM application but first I got to get an iPhone XD

  3. I agree. The android market needs to get up to speed with this. I wish I could access apps like this on my phone 🙁

  4. I dont see Glamzy on the list. Its available on Android and iPhone.

    Glamzy is an app inspired by the art and creativity of applying makeup. Glamzy is a makeup app that allows you to create your own looks from a variety of face charts. The application is now available for Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Coming soon to the iPad.

  5. Great article! Just wanted to add that we (i.e. at Modiface, where I work) have added two new apps. First, Makeup is now available on Android (see link below):

    And, we have just launched our most advanced/feature-packed virtual makeover tool on the iPhone/iPad, which we call the Ultimate Beauty app:

    Hope you like them!



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