Valentine’s Day Gifts- Guys Edition!

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! You have nine days, ladies! The man in your life deserves a little appreciation, even if his jerk level sometimes rises above his more gentleman like qualities. Guys are always tough to buy for in my opinion. They more than likely won’t give you any ideas or suggestions, so we are left out to dry wracking our brains for something he might be into. I talked to a couple of my guy friends and created this nice little mix of boy appropriate gifts for the day of love. Here is my spread of options that will hopefully remind your guy how much you really do love him! 



Your guy might act like he loathes shopping more than anything in the world, but he has to have something to wear over his hot bod! I think this Heart Skull Print T-shirt by Paul Smith Jeans w0uld fit almost any man’s style. Every time he slipped into this sexy tee he would be pleasantly reminded of  you. This is also a great way to vamp up your guy’s wardrobe if he doesn’t have an overly fabulous sense of style. And heck, if he doesn’t end up wearing it just steal it back for yourself!




Boys secretly (or sometimes not so secretly)  love to relax and feel pampered just as much as we do! These Detox Mud Man Bath Salts from the Wild Man shop on Etsy would be a perfect gift for your guy! They are described as “a manly essential oil blend traditionally used to regenerate overworked muscles and draw out stress and other toxins. A unique mix of Himalayan Salt and Bentonite clay for a full-body detox”. Sounds great to me! Your man will love these after a hard workout or stressful day at the office!




Guys are known for living in man caves that are messy and very very far from chic. A soft little pillow like this PJ by Peter Jensen French Bulldog Pillow would be a great gift to help him spice up his space! It’s manly, but it isn’t lacking in the style department by any means. Gift this pillow and treat your guy to a cuddle session on the couch with his new decor!







Wallets are another one of those things that people hardly ever actually purchase for themselves. This Jack Spade (Kate Spade’s masculine alter ego) Playing Card Leather Wallet is quirky and fun but it still serves the purpose of toting around his cash flow. It is so much more exciting than the same old worn out brown or black leather wallet. Your guy is sure to love it!





Just like I mentioned in the Girl’s Version post, you can never go wrong with fragrance! There is nothing better than a guy that smells good, so do your man a favor and pick him up some Givenchy Play Intense! It smells incredible, and the bottle is super cool too. Guys like it when you pick a scent for them.. that means that you will always love how they smell!





Lastly, this Belkin Wood Grain Case for iPhone 4 and 4s would be great for the tech savvy beau! Some guys can be clumsy and careless, but he definitely will want to keep his iPhone in tip top shape. I think this case is so cool. It’s a greyish shade with red wood grain print fading to the bottom. Again, it’s so much more fun than the average black case! And maybe with a case from you he will remember to pick up the phone and call you back for a change.



What are you buying your lover for Valentine’s Day this year?! You have nine more days to order or pick up one of these great options!



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