Wake Up Those Eyes For The Holidays!

Your eyes can make or break a makeup look. They can be overdone, underdone, the wrong colors, messy, not blended well…and worst of all, tired! Even if you have gotten your eight or nine hours of precious sleep your eyes can still appear sleepy. There’s nothing worse than going to a holiday party (or any party for that matter) and looking like you haven’t slept in years! You always want to look your best, but this time of year that is especially true. Some days I wake up and look like bricks are tied to my eyes. They will also puff up like a balloon, get super red, and get those awful black bags. None of this flatters anyone’s beautiful face, so let’s learn how to fix it! Keep you’re face looking fresh and rested with these simple sneaky tips!


Even though I am only a teenager, I religiously put on eye cream of some sort every single night. I do it to fight tired looking eyes, but the added benefits of possibly putting off wrinkles is nice too. I am currently slathering on Mario Badescu’s Ceramide Eye Gel. I had used this a few eye creams back, and I honestly couldn’t tell you why I stopped. It’s so so amazing and it feels even better! I thoroughly apply this under my eyes every night and when I forget you can totally tell. The gel goes on super smooth with no grease. Another great tip: if you’re having a late night go ahead and stick this in the fridge. When you wake up apply a dab of the chilly gel to help instantly diminish any puffiness!



Before applying my moisturizer and makeup every day I roll on Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. I seriously can’t go without this baby! Apply it in circular motions around your eyes for a mini massage that will leave your eyes pleasantly refreshed and awake. It does such a good job at cutting down on the dreaded puffies and dark circles.  I love it!





Now we get to the actual makeup part! So I am sure many of you have been told to use a white liner on your waterline to brighten your eyes. This is all fine and dandy, but sometimes snow white liner just looks a little too costumey, especially when you’re only wearing a simple neutral eye. To fix this problem use a nude eye pencil instead! It has the exact same effect, but it doesn’t leave me looking overdone. I currently use a discontinued MAC eye pencil but this Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener works just as well!




Similar to the nude waterline is applying a champagne eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. This brightens your eyes and adds the perfect glow to really waken those bad boys up! You can do this with every single makeup look out there, and a little goes a long way. I would recommend a creamy stick like Benefit’s Watt’s Up! This texture makes it hard to mess up and it won’t look too dry or cakey like powder might.




The last little trick is curling your lashes! I know this seems silly to add, but some people have never even picked up an eyelash curler! Curling your lashes adds an instant lift to your eyes and face. Plus, it gives your lashes awesome length! This Sephora Collection Amethyst Eyelash Curler would be more than perfect for this simple beauty must!





There’s nothing better than looking bright eyed and bushy tailed! And there’s nothing worse than sleepy eyes for everyone to see around the holidays. Ditch the puff and the sag with simple steps! What do you do to wake up your peepers?

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  1. I totally agree ! Specially on this one “There’s nothing better than looking bright eyed and bushy tailed! And there’s nothing worse than sleepy eyes for everyone to see around the holidays.”
    I usually apply champagne eyeshadow in the inner corner on my eyes, and on the bone under the brows, little bit of eye pencil, and of course, always curling my lashes. I am especially addicted with eyelash curler. It really adds an instant lift to your eyes and face.

    Beauties Factory UK

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