What Did I Learn In June?

The end of the month is here, and as a writer, I think time goes faster when your days-weeks-months are gauged by your work. It was an eventful month for me. I watched my first born graduate from high school which made me feel pretty damn old. But I also was selected to be a blog writer here on MakeupTalk which, for me, was a dream come true. Ever since I watched my first season of Sex and the City, I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw, complete with the closet and the shoes. I’m not there yet, but according to my husband, I’m certainly on my way!

So with the first month of summer behind us, I’m wondering, what did you learn in June? Did you discover any new eye shadows? Stumble upon a striking nail polish shade? Maybe you found a pair of jeans that are your new best friend? Have you mastered a sexy new way to do your eye liner? I think in the world of glamour and fashion, we discover new things almost every day. And while styles are constantly changing in the industry, it just enables us to keep learning new things all the time!

So here is what I learned this month:

1. It is okay to try a brand of makeup that you may think is too expensive. I had been in love with Lancom’s Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara for almost two months now. I’ve been using every last drop of a sample that a friend of mine who works at Macy’s gave me. It was an instant love. When I looked up the price of one tube of mascara, though, I lost my breath. My “regular” mascara was less than half the price. Still, when I wanted drop dead looking lashes””which is almost every day””that was the brand I reached for. As a nice gift, my family gave me the mascara along with a fabulous “gift with purchase” which was a gold tote filled with lipsticks, glosses, a blush/eye shadow pallet, brushes, the works! It is all just gorgeous. Will I buy everything Lancome from now on? Umm, no. But it does mean I can get an item or two that I think is above and beyond the rest, even if it does cost a little more. Hey, I’m worth it!

2. The color red IS my friend. ““ For years”¦ I mean YEARS”¦. I was afraid to wear the color red. I felt that with my hair being such a bright shade of auburn, a general flat red would look terrible on me in regards to tops, shoes, and especially lip color. WRONG! I actually discovered if I wore a true, neutral red, I really could rock it out! In addition to getting two fun tops for summer in the color red, I also found a great red lip color””L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Plumping Lip Gloss in Plumped Red“”which makes me feel uber sexy! Next purchase?…. red heels!!

3. It is fine if you do’t wash your hair for two days”¦ or even three! Since I color my hair at home, trying to get it to last without fading is always a challenge. I make sure I use the right shampoos and conditioners to keep the color bright and I hardly ever use hot water to wash my hair because it can strip the color out much faster. Recently I discovered a great product called Icing by Samy which gives me slammi’ looking hair even after two or three days without washing. This helps to keep my cut and color looking great even longer. And for those days that I’m feeling LAZY, this is the best when I still want style without all the effort!

4. Do’t knock The Biebs. Today, while in Macy’s I also had the opportunity to be a “tester” for Justin Bieber’s new perfume, Someday. I’ll admit, the bottle is cute, but it kind of reminded me of a Marc Jacobs’ Lola with a teen spin. The perfume IS fresh and forward with notes of mandarin, pear, wild berries, fresh jasmine, creamy flowers, vanilla and soft musk. I expected it to smell overwhelmingly like a 16 year old””a combo of vanilla, cotton candy, and Lov’s Baby Soft. I have to say I was highly impressed with the scent. It is perfect for summer, with its light and flirty nature. Without telling them what the perfume was, I asked my daughter and her best friend what they thought. My daughter wrinkled up her nose and gave it a “blech!” Her friend said she really liked it a lot. Final test””my husband. His response? “Reminds me of the perfumes the sexy girls wore in high school.” Hmmm. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad, but the bottom line is I like it. If you are out and about, give it a whiff yourself and see what you think.

5. If you want to pierce your ears–or any other part of your body–have it done professionally. Do NOT do it yourself. (Do’t ask!)
Hope you June was fantastic! Did you learn anything this month? If so, let’s hear it! The summer is finally here everyone”¦. so enjoy! Be safe, have fun and do’t forget your SPF!!!!

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