What Did I Learn In November…

I am really having trouble processing that tomorrow is December 1st, so work with me people. I mean really”¦2012 is 31 days away? I honestly shudder at the thought. The days go by so quick. And during this busy time of year, it goes by faster than usual anyways. Not fair. I do’t want a do-over, but I would like things to slow down just a little.

With the turkey holiday over, I have some time to sit back and think about the month that has gone by. In general, it was a good November. What did I learn? Let’s see”¦

1) Everyone needs a white lip gloss.
I tend to wear moisturizing lipsticks in the winter more often than any other time of the year. The only thing I miss about them is the great shine. Even though I have a variety of clear lip glosses, sometimes a shiny frosty white can look totally chic during the winter, holiday months. Grab one to go over your regular lipsticks, your long-wear lip colors, or your lip stains to keep your lips extra moist during the drier months. That plus a crystal shine will certainly give you a gorgeous look that’s kicked up a holiday notch! Sassy’s Pick: NYC Kiss Gloss in 5th Avenue Frosting ($2.99)

2) Ease your senses with soothing scents.
Great smells are’t just from perfumes you know. Nowadays, there are so many different ways to keep your environment smelling nice, with aromas that will relax you. Some can even make you drool! In the evening, when I sit down to write, watch TV, or to just chill out, I always light my wax burner next to me so I can enjoy a scent of the season or just something that I love. Of course, with any candles, use extreme caution when using them and always make sure you blow them out when you leave the room. But if you use them safely, this can be a great way to ease the mind”¦ through your nose! Sassy’s pick: Better Homes & Gardens Scented Wax Cubes in Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar and Ginger Spice Cake. ($2.00 each)

3) Protect your leathers!
Winter precipitation will be falling sometime soon (if it has’t already) so you want to make sure you favorite leather and suede items””boots, coats, skirts, purses“”are protected from the wet and cold to prevent cracking and fading. Even if you protected them last year, you should give them an extra shot of protection to make sure they are still safe. If you are buying something new, ask the sales rep if they suggest something specific for the item. If it is something you have had a while, visit your local dry cleaner that does leather cleaning for a suggestion. Sassy’s Pick: Kiwi Protect-All Leather and Fabric Protector Spray ($6.99)

4) Take advantage of great summer fashion clearances!
Of course it is too cold here in NY to wear just a floral cami or graphic tee around town while it is snowing outside. But these items can give last year’s stylish cardigans and sweaters a whole new look! A chunky piece of jewelry with a nice ruffled sweater can turn a clearance top into a whole new fashion look this season. Do’t be too quick to pass by those sale items just because warm weather is gone. For the price of a one trip to the bottle return, you can have a new look to add to your winter ensemble AND a nice summer top for next year. Sassy’s Pick: Kohls Mudd Slubbed Crow Tee ($6.00)

November is done and December is ready to go into full effect–shopping, visits to Santa, storms of all sorts, cold, wind, malls, parking. Sounds a little overwhelming, does’t it? Do’t let it be. Make sure you make a plan for the month, write down appointments and parties ahead of time so your scrambled mind does’t get overwhelmed and forget, and remember to pace yourself. Germies are flying around like crazy this time of year, and being run down only leaves you open to catch some kind of bug. Take it easy and enjoy the month””including all its sounds, smells, sights, and beauty. Soon it will be 2012, but for now, you have a whole month to finish your year off right. Make it happen!

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  1. soothing scents are my favs, too. they keep me always relaxed and chilled, i always wait for the end of the day, when i can drink a glass of red wine, listen to some jazz and enjoy the exotic aromas. that’s the real wellness for me:)

    • It’s amazing how we use the scent of smell to keep us in our own little comfort zone. I think that’s why I wear a different perfume each day too. It all depends on my mood. OR if I’m in a bad one… it becomes my mood changer! You’ve got a good routine going, sounds perfect, Cindy!

  2. This month has gone by so fast. Partly because my husband and I are going away for Christmas. But I feel like I definitely need to sit back and sniff the roses a little bit because the couple of weeks of December that we will actually be here for are jam packed with things to do. Christmas parties, birthday outtings, finishing touches on shopping, early Christmas dinners to celebrate with my family I won’t see at Christmas….etc. You get the picture. I have my favorite holiday candle (smells like pine) that I always bring out at Christmas time and burn. You just reminded me of it. Thanks for that. And thanks for the reminder to slow down.

    • I have a pine one as well and it comes out Dec 1st…. TODAY! It really helps to get you in the holiday mood! Take a deep breath and enjoy!!

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