3 Products We Tend To Skip (And Definitely Shouldn’t)



We may occasionally think that as long as we’re using something similar, we may not need something else. There is a time and a place for cutting corners, but sometimes, we cut all the wrong ones. Certain products will negate the use of other products, but in many circumstances, you’re doing yourself wrong by skipping vital steps in your everyday beauty routine.

Just washing your face isn’t good enough to take makeup off, especially longwearing eye products and all 

700foundations. Because makeup sets to your skin, it can create a layer that facial soaps will only wash the top of, and not remove. That’s right – most soaps will wash your makeup instead of taking it off.
A lot of people with sensitive skin use baby wipes as makeup remover. While they’re certainly great for cleaning up and fixing makeup, as well as removing some products before reapplication to change up your day look to a night look, baby wipes shouldn’t be your only step. They’re not working as well as you may think. After all, a baby’s bottom is seldom covered in makeup, so why would baby wipes be designed to400 remove it?
Get yourself a decent dual phase (oil step and water step) makeup remover to really remove all of your makeup at the end of the day. Leaving it on can cause breakouts and skin damage. Not only that, but if you’re not really taking it all off, you’re just adding layers of new makeup on top of old makeupHow gross is that? If you’re worried you’ll forget, keep makeup remover wipes on your night stand, that way you can take it off while you’re in bed.
Moisturizer is something that, for whatever reason, a lot of people seem to think they don’t need. Especially for those of us who wear makeup, this couldn’t be more untrue. Applying and removing makeup will very much700 affect the moisture content of your skin, whether you have oily skin or not. If you’re using a serum on your face without a moisturizer, the serum won’t be able to do its job effectively.
Body lotion or baby lotion are not substitutes for moisturizers. They’re a lot thinner and lighter duty, and many of them contain fragrances and colorants that, while fine for the body, can be especially irritating to the face. The moisture provided by a normal lotion is often far more topical, and not deep reaching like a facial moisturizer. Even drugstores carry really good moisturizers now. You don’t need a spectacular one, you just need one.
For some reason, a lot of people seem to be of the mind that lip balm is something you wear instead of lip color. In fact, 700we’re talking quite the opposite. Lip balm is something you absolutely must wear if you wear a lot of lip color. Lipstick being taken off and reapplied sucks all of the moisture and smoothness out of the lips, leaving you with a rough texture.
You may have lipsticks that you believe are bad in formulation, as though they’re uncomfortable to wear or settle in your lip lines, maybe giving your lips a chapped appearance. If your lips were properly treated with a balmyou’d be able to wear formulas like mattes more comfortably, and no lipstick could give unchapped, healthy lips a chapped appearance. Don’t knock your lipstick, because the problem could actually be your lips.
Is there something you’ve always acted like you don’t need or never bothered to use? Is there something you constantly have to tell people not to skip for their own good? Let us know in the comments section. Maybe you can proselytize for your favorite products. In addition, you can become part of the conversation on our forumsFacebook and Twitter