3 Steps To Learn Make Up Makeup To Transform Into Your Natural Beauty

1 star mask is the best first aid, including sheet mask in a convenient and efficient, while the sludge or cream applied to the skin-type mask grip as well, will bring inconvenience to the trouble of cleaning, not at all suitable Use before makeup.

2, in the makeup before the maintenance, the worry about the skin susceptible to the oil people, you can try a cold dry towel in the face, this will instantly reduce the skin surface temperature, shrink pores, makes a lot of oil had improved, but also can reduce Tuozhuang problems.

Step 2, to light up around the eye

1, choose the background is pink, peach or yellow mac concealer, eye socket and can be green and blue in the eye socket. When the eyes were brown, the use of yellow lines would be better concealer.

2, if the black eye is not very serious, do not have to paint the whole side concealer now, just to the liner from inside the 1 / 3 can use a small amount of concealer. This will make eyes look bigger.

Step 3, to create a flawless looking finish transparent

1, if you want to cover the local defects, the proposed end of the first decorated with pearl milk, then the local Concealer, this time revealing a pearl from the bottom, you can reduce the sense of flour, and pearl with a mirror reflection effect, be able to fine lines invisible.

2, to create a young, vibrant-looking, may wish to concealer, choose No. brighter than the color of the foundation, applied in the T-bit, forehead and cheeks, to create a sense of three-dimensional makeup, and then brush up and down circular motion before and after modification , mac make up So that full integration with the skin foundation. Harmonic liquid foundation or base milk pearl ornaments can also improve the skin’s luminosity.