3 Ways to Beat the Heat with Your Beauty Routine




There are so many things to look forward to during the summer – laying out by the pool, eating popsicles, and looking forward to your favorite brand’s summer collections, to name just a few. But summer months can wreck havoc on your beauty routine, from the heat to the humidity. Don’t let the elements keep you from enjoying the weather; check out these tips to find out how to battle the three major problems caused by the summer. 



Frizzy Hair

Depending on where you live, there’s a strong chance that any hint of summer heat means even more summer humidity; where there is humidity there WILL be frizz! For a quick fix, try using a defrizzying spray that will last you through the day, like Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Spray (it makes you hair shiny, soft, and frizz-free!). Just add to damp hair and let air dry or use your favorite blow dryer like normal.


Still seeing some frizz? Experts recommend that you refrain from brushing your hair once it’s dry; otherwise, the brush will ruffle the cuticle, causing more frazzled fly-aways. Already facing the frizz? Add more water to your hair! Frizz is caused by dryness, so smoothing down the frizz with a little bit of water can make a huge difference. 



Oily Skin

Whether you’re cursed with dry, combination, or even shiny skin, don’t be surprised to find your face becoming as slick as an oil spill during the summer months. If you find you’re out and about with an oily face, try blotting the skin. You can use something as simple as a paper towel or toilet paper, but for real effectiveness, try specially made blotting linens. 


The best way to avoid oily skin all together, however, is to add a simple step to your morning routine. Try Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray; simply add a few spritz before and after applying product. Not only will your makeup stay in place all day long, but you’ll also see a decrease in shininess, too! 



Leg Stubble 

Hey, if you don’t want to shave your legs, you don’t have to. But if you feel uncomfortable with hair legs showing with your short shorts and fun summer dresses, it might be time to shave. To get a nice, smooth shave, make sure you always use shaving cream. It may be tempting to skip, but without using shaving cream, you hair will be tougher, and you’ll be more likely to nick yourself.


Another great shaving tip to delay hair stubble on your legs is to wait until the very end of the shower to shave. The run-off water from rinsing your hair free of shampoo and conditioner will make your legs even softer. Just make sure you apply sunscreen to your legs if you plan to go out in the sun a few hours after shaving; the razor will slough off dead skin, making skin more likely to burn! 


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Written by Courtney Brown

MakeupTalk Blogger