5 "Double-Duty" Makeup Products

Finding new ways to use your favorite cosmetics can be a great thing; you can save money on buying different products, pack lighter during travel, and come up with unique looks! Always helpful MUT members list some of their favorite “double-duty” products +, but there are even more ways to get multiple uses out of your go-to cosmetics.



1.) Eye Lid Primer = Concealer (and vice versa!)

If you have light to light-medium skin, then the chances are that you can use your favorite eye lid primer as concealer; simply dap some primer on whatever you want to conceal. Not only that, but it goes both ways: use your concealer as eye lid primer the next time you run out.


It’s important to remember, though, that your eyes are much more sensitive than the rest of your face, so use caution when using concealer as eye lid primer. Make sure you look at the ingredients list for anything that could irritate your eyes.Try testing a small amount of product on the lid first! If nothing hurts, then apply concealer as you normally would eye-lid primer and add powder to help increase staying power.



2.) Lip Gloss = Cheek Tint

Lip gloss can be lots of fun, and it comes in so many colors! Did you know that you can apply it in places other than your lips? If you want a dewy look, try using lip gloss as cheek tint. Simply dab a three dots of lip gloss on your cheek with the applicator, then rub and smooth in with your finger to blend.


You can use any type of lip gloss you’d like (and there are so many awesome brands), or, you can purchase a product that is meant to work as a lip gloss and cheek tint. For example, The Balm’s Stainiac comes in different shades that will tint both your lips and your cheeks. A newer product meant specifically for both is Benefit’s Fine One One.



3.) Blush = Eyeshadow

Speaking of blush, you’d be surprised at how versatile this one product is. Besides being great for lips, you can also use blush as an eyeshadow, especially if it’s the powdered variety. Use a makeup brush – or your fingers, if you’re feeling adventurous – to apply just like you would with a traditional eye pigment.


Just like with concealer as eye primer, make sure you use products that won’t irritate your eyes. If you want to double up your blush but are afraid of getting too close to the eye, try using a lighter or more bronze-y blush for under the eyebrow highlighting!



4.) Eye Shadow = Nail Polish

Maybe you no longer like the color, or perhaps the pigment cracked and spilled everywhere. Whatever the reason, if you have some old powdered eye shadows lying around, you can create your own custom nail polish. All you essentially need is loose eye shadow and a clear nail varnish.


You can find an in-depth tutorial here, but for a shortened version, simply poor some loose pigment into a bowl, making sure to de-clump any stuck together bumps so your polish will be nice and smooth. Add in the clear nail polish and mix together. Viola! You’ve got a custom new shade that all your friends will be jealous of.



5.) Lip Balm = Body Balm

The final product you can give “double-duty” powers to is lip balm! Think about it: if lip balm is great at moisturizing your lips and keeping them from being cracked and dry, why can’t it work on your skin? Use your favorite balm to moisturize cracked heels, elbows, or other places on your body that need some love.







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