5 Essential Makeup Products for Your Daily Makeover

For all the ladies out there, makeup is an essential part of their daily routine. When it comes to look presentable and beautiful, many of the women would not step out without their makeup on. Makeup helps you feel confident by enhancing your natural beauty. 

Whether you are a lot makeup wearer or perhaps you are a newbie who is just thinking about starting to use, there are certain makeup products that are essential to have in your kit. Take a look below to know what they are:-





• Moisturiser or Sunscreen

It is necessary to apply moisturiser or lotion before applying makeup because it keeps your skin hydrated and use of makeup over dry skin is like painting the cracks of the deserted floor. You need not to buy very greasy or heavy lotion because it may block the pores of your skin. Always look out for the ‘oil free’ label on them.  Many of the lotions also contain SPF, which will protect your skin from harmful effects of sun.


• Concealer

Concealer hides the imperfections of your skin such as dark spots, blemishes or dark circles around your eyes making your skin smooth and flawless. It comes in various forms such as liquid, sticks or creams and you can choose one depending upon your skin type. Liquids are right choice for dry skin while sticks are hard and suitable for oily skin.


• Mascara

Highlight your lashes with a few swipes of mascara to give them curly look and you can see the alluring effect on your eyes within a second. Try to choose the mascara whose wand has dual sided bristles.


• Eye Liner

Give your eyes well-defined and fuller look with eyeliner. You may select it depending on your face complexion.  If you are fair, you may try chocolate brown coloured liner instead of black one.


• Lip Gloss

You can highlight the fullness and softness of your lips with the right quality lip gloss. For daily use, you can choose pink colour or some neutral shade or depending upon your complexion.


It is equally important to choose the right makeup products for you because cheap quality products or too much makeup can have bad impact on tenderness of your skin. Moreover, if you are not getting much time to recreate yourself in this busy professional lifestyle, you may also opt for the semi-permanent makeup treatments.